khalid el amin

NBA All Klumps All Stars

Had the same name as another John “Hot Rod” Williams. So they called him Hot Plate instead.

Lockout came, got stuck in Portland, fell in love with Voodoo Donuts. Now that he’s in New York Felton’s since switched to cronuts, the only thing in the world that motivates him to sweat it.

Charles Barkley once called his ex-Suns teammate so fat he couldn’t reach the ring even if you parked eight Big Macs on top of it.

Isiah Thomas drafted him to eat all of Eddy Curry’s food. 

Somehow the two managed to share. 

George Mikan’s heir apparent was as good at collecting rebounds as he was trans fats.


Khalid El-Amin is not fat he’s big boned.

Sean May’s not fat, he’s fluffy. 

Almost got arrested for trying to eat Nate Robinson. 

Shawn Kemp blames fatherhood.

Could have been the greatest of all time. Chose to eat nine steaks and a baby horse for dinner every night instead.

Yao Ming’s friends call him him Ho Yu Fat.

Jerome James has not seen his dick since 2006. He also appears to be wearing a training bra in this photo. It didn’t work. His nipples have successfully fought against its suppression.