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Requested and long awaited by anons, here you have our TOP 5 Khaleesi’s bad acting moments from season 1 and season 2 (so far).

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Starting with:

We’ve titled this: EMOTIONS. She has so many is impossible to show them, literally impossible.


The Spice King won’t give you his ships, then yell at him and repeat one more time who you are, when you were born, what will you take, an how you’ll do it. Not that he cares anyway. 

House Targaryen has the most annoying words thanks to this now.


Your brother was being a bitch to you, then overact and open your mouth as wide as you can. 

(I didn’t even bother to add text to these gifs cause she exaggerates the pronunciation of every word so much that closed caption might not be needed for this scene. :P)


This shall receive the name of: DEAD EYES. Is always important to have dead eyes when they are brutally crowning your brother. 

(I swear the last two are two different moments, I didn’t repeat it. I still had frames left of her dead eyes, I swear).



If you want people to support you and give you shelter then yell at them (even though they have nothing to do with what happened to you, and owe you nothing). And please show us how you are not Targ cray cray. 

And finally give the best derp moments this show has ever had. Thanks for that. 


And no countdown would be complete without an:

Actually this is more a dragon egg, but I just thought we needed to include this particular part, it’s a famous moment cause

this moment is where this gif came from:

Anyway thanks for joining us on this countdown!

I have to say that it was hard eliminating some scenes, and I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes to add more “great acting moments” from our favorite the Great Khaleesi!