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They say the Ice Queen is kissed by fire. That her hair is like flames, and that she has a warm smile. But her eyes tell a different story. Her eyes are like ice, like wildness in her veins…

They say the Fire Queen is kissed by ice. That her hair is like snow, and that she has a cold stare. But her smile tells a different story. Her smile is like fire, like madness in her heart…


I am not merely a woman.

I am my own person.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt, cousin, and friend.

I am a goddess, and

I will NOT let you treat me as anything less than that.

- Alora S. (me)

gifs not mine


In one gif, a girl is squinting her eyes trying to blow someone’s head off. In the other, we can see Penny from the BBT.

I remember seeing the second gif in my dash a while back. The actress (in a comedic series) tries to blow someone’s head off with her mind. And then a week later episode 4 happened. Reminded me immediately to the first image. Why? Cause the actress pretty much delivered her lines squinting her eyes maybe thinking that made her emphasize she’s badass and is saying something powerful (*squints eyes to emphasize badass line*). It’s like she’s savouring her badassery and needs to express it physically. There are more moments like that in the same scene, as she speaks to the Unsullied.

Not pretending you guys understand what I’m saying here. I just thought it was funny back then.