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I am not merely a woman.

I am my own person.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, niece, aunt, cousin, and friend.

I am a goddess, and

I will NOT let you treat me as anything less than that.

- Alora S. (me)

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Berk held their breath in anticipation - who would be their next Chief? 

Would it be the youngest, and perhaps the wildest, Afi? So much like her father in spirit and presence, she both captivated and concerned the inhabitants. She was truly a wild fire, as she was affectionately deemed, and equally her father’s champion. It was she who braved the greater seas to bring back what remained of their beloved dragons. She had her father’s gift with the creatures, earning her another title: the daughter of the dragon, to which she received with great enthusiasm.  

Or could it be Olvir, the only son to be conceived? He, too, showed great promise. He had inherited his mother’s tenacity, ambition, and marksmanship. He was one of the finest warriors and a natural leader. He was indeed the pride of Berk and the apple of his mother’s eyes but even the village knew father and son disagreed over many things. Despite the clashing of heads, Olvir was an exceptional leader to lead the charge, as equally qualified as the rest of his siblings.  

Or perhaps the eldest, and recently betrothed, Gale, would become the next Chief? The girl was just as compassionate and devoted to the people of Berk as her parents, or even more so. Kind, considerate, and diplomatic, she ensured an era of peace and prosperity. She inspired motivation, courage, and faith, earning her the cherished title as the Rose of Berk but even a rose has its thorns and she will not withhold hers if danger dares to come to shore. 

Not a Queen, a Khaleesi.

Original Imagine: Sam finds out you love Game of Thrones so he fucks you on a chair and calls you his queen.
Author: danywinchester
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 2931
Warnings: mild language, spoilers (if you can still call them that) for seasons 1 and 3 of GoT.

This is my first fic. It got kind of epic. Hope you all like it.

Your keys were in the door of the small apartment you use as a home base between hunts when you hear your cell phone start ringing. “Shit….hold on,” you mutter under your breath as you rummage through your purse. You find your phone, pulling it out and checking the call ID, you smile. Sam.

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In one gif, a girl is squinting her eyes trying to blow someone’s head off. In the other, we can see Penny from the BBT.

I remember seeing the second gif in my dash a while back. The actress (in a comedic series) tries to blow someone’s head off with her mind. And then a week later episode 4 happened. Reminded me immediately to the first image. Why? Cause the actress pretty much delivered her lines squinting her eyes maybe thinking that made her emphasize she’s badass and is saying something powerful (*squints eyes to emphasize badass line*). It’s like she’s savouring her badassery and needs to express it physically. There are more moments like that in the same scene, as she speaks to the Unsullied.

Not pretending you guys understand what I’m saying here. I just thought it was funny back then.