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Preference 04: Confession

Joffrey Baratheon:

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“You look lovely today my lady.”  He complemented, pulling her closed to his side.

“Thank you, your grace.” You smiled thankfully.

“Joffrey, please.” He spoke kindly, stopping at a bench.

“Joffrey.” You paused, closing your eyes fearing a blow to your cheek but when none came you sighed and look at him, and he flashed you a cat-like smile, “Joffrey, thank you for taking time to walk with me.”

Though it was you who requested my company.

He smiled brighter, growing into a smirk and dropped your arm for your hand, “Yes.. Sit with me.” He spoke emotionless and you obeyed quickly looking at the flowers instead of him, still slightly afraid.

“The flowers are beautiful yo- Joffrey.”

“I’m sure they are nothing compared to the ones Highgarden, I am sure.”

“Neigh.” You forced a smile as the lie fell through your lips, “Everything is more beautiful in the capital.”

“Certainly.” He sighed in a whispered tone as he grabbed your cheek and turned you to meet his eyes, placing his hand under your chin and not moving it. “Y/N… I have brought you here today, to the spot were we first met, for a reason.”

“Yes, your grace.”


“Sorry… Joffrey…” You blinked and portrayed a look of innocence in attempts to hide your fear. But his gripped stronged as he placed his other hand on your cheek.

Joffrey smiled gently, “Lady Y/N Tyrell… I know I am promised to your sister-”

Oh gods… Oh Gods please no…

“And I did love her for her beauty. But then I laid eyes on you.. And the moment I did my world stopped… What I am trying to say is I have moved my bethrothal to you other than your sister and we will be married by months end and I couldn’t be happier.”

You were gaping but you couldn’t hide your shock.

You needed to get out, right now.

“May I be excused, your grace?” You asked, pulling away, standing up and walking off, before getting your response Tears of fear and panic cluttered your face as you bit your lips to stop a sob from escaping your mouth.

Jorah Mormont

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The sand felt nice on your as you walked along the beach, your friend carrying your shoes in his hands.

“You are right, Jorah.” You smiled at him, then at the ocean beside you, “This truly is beautiful.”

He smiled thoughtfully at you, nodding in agreement and a calming silence filled the area.

“How is the Khaleesi?” He asked, breaking silence.

“Doing the best she can I suppose.” You shrugged sadly, “She is so strong and brave. yet so graceful. I wish sometimes that I held her faith and strength.”

Jorah smiled at this, grabbing your hand and giving it a small squeeze as you looked at him, then back out at the never ending sea as it spit in your face.

You sighed, knowing that there was no use in waiting.

If I do not tell him, Dany will.

“Jorah?” You questioned looking at him, he made a small hmmm, and looking at you, your hands shaking and you looked away. I must do it now…. “Jorah I have these feelings for you… And I have to know if you share these feelings at all or if… If I not I would not like to lose our frien-”

He cut you off by placing a sweet kiss to your forehead, squeezing your hand tightly. Murmuring against your brow, he said, “I have found myself loving you as well, Y/N”

Smiling at this, you looked up at him, leaning on his shoulder saying a silent thank you to the gods that you did not make a fool of yourself.

Jon Snow

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Tear flooded your eyes as you looked at his body.

This literally cannot be happening… You thought. Why is this happening…

“M-May I please have a moment alone?” You questioned the men, not looking back to see their response, only hearing the door shut.

It was then when you threw yourself onto the slab and clung to your friends dead body, sobbing uncontrollably.

He is cold.  Cold and bruised and scraped. Something he should never be.

Shaking, you placed your lips to his forehead and hugged him, whispering in his ear silent things that you had kept secret. You whispered of your love for his eyes, for his hair, for his mind, for him, and trembled at the sight of his pale skin.

You barely noticed when a women placed her hand on her shoulder and a man picked you up, setting you on a bed where you fell into a dreamless sleep.

You woke up to warm breath and the tickle of beard against your neck, the sent of pine filling your nose. Looking up, you saw those dark eyes that you had fallen for such a long time ago and reached up, cupping his face with your hands.

“Have I died from grief, my love?” You spoke weak and hoarsely, blinking several times as Jon moved closer to you.

He shook is head, a smile brightly on his lips, one you had never seen in your life. You made a small o with your lips, your voice hurting too much to respond causing both of your eyes to water slightly.

“I heard your words.” Jon confessed.

“Did you?” You asked, too weak to figure out if he was truthful or not.

He nodded, “Aye.” He smiled again giving you a small gentle peck on your lips and pulling your weak body up as to hug you tightly. When at last pulling apart, you placed your forehead to his as he mumbled against your lips, “I feel the same.”

Robb Stark

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“Are you doing alright Lady Y/N? Truly?” He asked panicked as you nodded, grabbing his hand as you knew it calmed him down.

He was afraid, and rightfully so. A Baratheon in the North? It was danger which is why he locked you in his own tent, you sleeping in the day and him at night, though truthfully neither of you got much sleep.

You had told him all the plans you, knew, which wasn’t much but his words fear was one of his men finding you here and hurting you, perhaps even throwing you in a cell with your Uncle Jamie. Who knows what would happen from there.

“Robb your generosity is something I cannot thank you enough for.” You smiled lightly, “I am safer here than I was in King’s Landing.” You squeezed his hand gently, causing him to exhale and kneel beside you, his eyes never straying from yours. “I… I am so sorry Robb.” You sighed gently, tears in your eyes as you looked away. “I wish I could have-”

“You were packing and on your way to me, Y/N. There is nothing you could do.” He sighed to quickly, something you assumed he was doing to mask his tears. “I am sorry about your father as well.”

Smiling at the memory of your Lord Father, you looked down and sighed, “He died justly. Peacefully. It was the only way I could imagine him going I suppose.”  Robb and you both chuckled at this and silence once again fell until Robb broke it.

“I.. I think I am love with you, Y/N.”

Your heart panged in your chest and you looked at the ground blinking slightly until you kneeled beside him, wrapping him in a tight embrace.

“I think I am in love with you too Robb.”

Tommen Baratheon:

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“Can’t we go on a walk around the garden?” You smirked at him, “Aren’t you bored?” He looked up from his desk and eyed you as you toyed with books off the shelf. Gently smiling, he looked back at his paper work. “C’mon Tommy!”

“Fine.” He confessed, “I am bored. These people think they get so much for doing so little. But I am the King. It is my duty to finish this. Ser Pounce is sure in need of a bit of fresh air though-”

You sighed, picking up the cat and sitting on Tommen’s desk, the cat being put in your lap as you stroked his ears, “ Tommy I haven’t seen you properly since Joffrey died-”

“Nor I you since the Red Wedding.” He spoke in agreement, taking a free hand to pet his cat. “Look… Y/N I-”

“Is this for the wedding?” you asked, seeing an envelope with the Tyrell Rose on it. Tommen nodded, a strange look on his face and you bit your tongue to prevent yourself from swearing, “I am very excited for you my friend.”

He chuckled curtly, “I am not.”

You eyed him suspiciously and looked him up and down, “Why not Tom?”

“She is a beauty. Any man would be lucky to call her his Lady wife, but there is such an age gap.” He pursed his lips, “Besides, my heart lies with someone else.”

Your heart skipped a beat at this. You knew that it couldn’t be you, but you truly hoped. I am a traitors daughter. A deserters sister. You reminded yourself  I mean nothing to him.

“Who?” you asked numbly. Though you did not really want to know, it was polite to ask.

Tommen blushed and dropped his pen, reaching for your hand across the desk with one arm, and the other turned you to face him. His eyes were the softest and most gentle you had ever seen and it as though you were having a conversation with your eyes.

Forcing him to drop your hand you fell into his arms, looking up at him so you could respond.

I love you to Tommen. I have always loved you.

Theon Greyjoy:

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You couldn’t stop crying. You knew you had to, but you couldn’t. It was worse, somehow, when “Reek” had come to walk you down the isle.

Instead, you ran to him, wrapping your arms tightly around him and sobbed into his shoulder.

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“Lady… Y/N…”

“I don’t want to marry him.” You let go of Reek and began pacing. “He’s a foul creature. A monster. He’ll kill me I’m certain.”

He slowly made his way before you to reach out and touch you. “Y/N.” He repeated, still in a whisper, clearly not audible to your panic.

“He’ll poison me with his seed and as soon as I pop out a son he’ll feed me to the hounds like all the daughters I birthed before our boy.”

“Y/N!” He yelled at last but you weren’t listening.

“No… No maybe he won’t.” You pondered, oddly calm, “Maybe he’ll throw me from a tower. Or maybe he’ll cut off my legs so I can’t-”

Reek cut you off by grabbing you tightly and pressing his shaking lips to your temple, knowing it calms you.

“Y/N…” He whispered again, “I don’t want you to marry him either.”


“Re-No… No Theon… Theon…” He smiled gently, “More or less.. Theon Greyjoy would say he has loved you for the longest time and will defend you to the best of your ability. And will kill anyone who tires to catch your fancy,”

You laughed quietly and squeezed him tightly, “Y/N Stark would say that she shares his feelings and would wed him right now to save the two of them to the bastard she is promised to.”

He kissed your chin as he let you go, looking you up to down.

“Theon Greyjoy, and Reek I suppose, must protect their lady. Starting with this.” He dropped a small vial in your hands and you looked at it confused, “Drink it now.”

You almost dropped it when a knock came at your door.

“Reek! Hurry now! Everyone is freezing.” The bastard yelled from outside the door, “Tell my bride to walk down naked if she must! I will not wait another-”

“Take it. Now my lady. Hurry.”

You obeyed and forced the liquid into your mouth, Theon, taking the bottle once you had finished and threw it into the fire, linking arms with you and leading you outside.

And you cried out again. Tears of fear, loss and helplessness, but oddly enough, tears of joy.

Tyrion Lannister:

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“Why are you here, mi-lady?” He questioned you. “Is everything alright?”

You smiled at him, bowing your head before you sat at his desk, a small blush on your face.

“I am sorry to disrupt you, my lord but it is a matter of most importance.”

Tyrion dropped his pen and looked up from his piece of paper, his mind filling with concern as he went through all the possibilities big or small.

Are you dying? Are you leaving?

Did something happen to your family? Did something happen to his family?

 Are you hurt? Are you sick?

 Are you-

“My Lord?” You asked, your eyes filling with his concern, “My lord are you all right?”

He nodded, grabbing your hand and forcing a smile, “Quite. What Is the matter?”

You sighed and squeezed his hand tight before releasing the grip to calm yourself, “I have… How do I say it… I have grown feelings… But they are improper.. And I have tried to push them away but I have failed.

“Feelings?” He spoke numbing, fearing the response you would give, “Feelings for Joffrey?”


“For Jamie?”


“For my lord father?”


“For Gods sake.. Please tell me they aren’t for the Queen regent!?”

You chuckled slightly at this, “Nay my Lord. I have grown feelings for you.”

His eyes widened at this and he opened his mouth to release an Oh, but no noise came out as he sat in shock.

“I am sorry my lord. I know of the improper nature, for I am a serving girl and you are a high born Lord but I thought it best to tell you that-”

“Nay.” He repeated and you tilted your head to the sighed, “No don’t say another word about impropertity cause I do not care.” He smiled brightly at you and brought your hand to his lips, “Meet me here come nightfall. We shall take a walk.” You bowed your head, smiling before standing up and walking to the door before he stopped you.

“Oh and Y/N.”

“Yes my Lord?”

“Thank you for telling me.” He smirked at you.

For I feel the same and never would have told you the truth


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Sansa x Young!Reader / Daenerys x Young!Reader

“You must leave here, there is a ship going across the red sea.” Sansa hissed as you both hurried through the castle.

“But why can’t I stay here with you?” You complained as she tugged you too quickly and your legs tangled in your dress.

“Because if you stay you will be stuck here forever like me, I am no longer marrying the king which means you aren’t safe… you may be a very far removed Stark cousin but you are still a Stark and if we all go you would have claim to Winterfell.” She explained hurrying you out of the docks and to a ship.

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theres an old commercial that i dont have a link to right now but its basically ovi in a hotel room ordering a ton of room service food and at the end hes like "my name? sidney crosby" and then it cuts to sid opening his door to this huge cart of food and he just turns and says ruefully "ovechkin!" and its the best thing ive ever seen. i wish i had a link because its so important. irl sid is such a bad actor

omg i kind of don’t want to see it because i can already smell the second-hand embarassment

Harry x Fem! Reader - "I'm Sorry"

I’m gonna give imagine making a try………


Khaleesi Kadid -daughter of one Hades and Persephone… She ruled the isle with an iron fist, and was more than ready to take over the Underworld after her father passed his throne down to her.

She was the most feared person on all of the Isle, even more feared than Uma and Mal, and she liked that.

After Mal left and failed to free the villains on the Isle, Khaleesi grew bitter and betrayed… Than when Uma’s plan failed she felt even worse.

Khaleesi always had a connection to the blue haired pirate captain. But after her own failed attempt to get the wand Khaleesi gave up all hope of getting off the wretched prison.

After Uma’s failed attempt to free them all, King Benjamin (with assistance from Evie)began to get many Isle kids off the prison- beginning with Dizzy Tremaine, Harry Hook, Uma, Gil, and Harmony (daughter of the Mad Hatter).

Khaleesi wasn’t in the second group or even the third it wasn’t until she was on the eve of her 18th birthday where her wish came true. She left early in the morning, being greeted by loud instrument players and the smiling faces of Mal and King Ben, as well as Harry, Uma, and Gil.

The other chosen few were much younger than Khaleesi and she felt rather odd sitting in the limousine with them.

Upon exiting the rather expensive ride (not without stashing her purse full to the brim with candy)she pursed her lips at the group in front of her.

“Welcome to Auradon Prep” was the first words to leave King Ben’s mouth. The younger kids buzzed with excitement greeting each of them with smiles.

Upon reaching Khaleesi, Uma pulled her into a hug. Khaleesi was taken aback and quickly stepped away from the girl her eyes wide in shock and confusion.

“I missed you”. Uma states cheesing at her old best friend. Khaleesi only hums shaking the hand of Ben who was right next to her.

“It’s nice to meet you, I’ve heard nothing but good things from Uma and Mal.” Ben tells her. Khaleesi purses her lips tightly nodding her head.

After greeting Mal and Gil with a small smile, all that was left was the Scottish pirate known as Harry Hook.

“Harry.” She breaths out softly her breath escaping her as she stared at him. “Khaleesi, is it really ye?” Harry asks his eyes widening. Harry alongside everyone else was unaware of Khaleesi’ arrival, only Evie and Ben were aware.

“Yeah.” Khaleesi nods.

Uma and Gil smiled at their former friend, and Mal couldn’t help but feel her heart pang in synpathy, you didn’t have to be psychic to see that Khaleesi and Harry had obvious feelings for each other.

“Shall we start the tour?” Mal asks. The children nod, Khaleesi only hums.

As they walked Khaleesi found herself in between Uma and Harry.

“I never thought I’d find myself here” she says looking around at the vast boarding school. “Neither did we, but now look at us.” Uma states shaking her aqua braids that were in a intricate ponytail.

“Look at the both of you, if I didn’t know you both before, I’d never believe you were from the isle.” Khaleesi says jokingly brushing her arm against Harry’s jacket.

“It’s all apart of Bore-A-Don’s policy, they want us acting like civilized people.” Uma tells her rolling her eyes. When in front of Ben and the other adults in Auradon. Uma may have acted like she was a proper princess- but in reality she was still the same girl from the isle-to an extent.

Khaleesi chuckles shaking her head. “What about you, Mr. Hook? How are you settling in?” Khaleesi asks looking up at him.

“It’s been different being without ye to keep me in check” Harry says avoiding her gaze- by now the trio had caught up with the rest of the tour group. They were now in the corridor.

“I leave you in the hands of capable people I hope you enjoy yourselves” Ben says before he and Mal walk away together.

Gil was talking to the small children and Khaleesi couldn’t help but giggle as she saw the confused looks of the children. Walking over she flips Gil’s map over, causing the kids to erupt into cackles and chuckles.

“Thanks Khaleesi.” Gil says nodding at her with a small smile.

“No problem.” She mumbles before walking back over to Uma and Harry.

“It seems like you’ve been managing, I saw you on the t.v. back on the isle.” Khaleesi says shaking her head as she goes back to their previous conversation.

“It’s not as easy as it looks.” Uma says shaking her head.

“Hmm.” Khaleesi says looking up the steps.

“My room?” Khaleesi starts furrowing her eyebrows slightly.“Huh?” Uma asks.

“Where’s my room?” Khaleesi asks nodding towards the steps. “Oh, Harry will show you the way, you’ll be rooming with me. I’d show you, but if someone doesn’t go with Gil he may lead those kids to the wrong place.” Uma says shaking her head as she walks towards Gil who still looked confused.

“Right this way.” Harry states leading her down the hall.

Khaleesi’ light blue hair swayed from underneath her pirate hat. Harry stared at her side profile, all his old feelings for her rushing back to him full force. Her stone cold expression suited her marble like complextion.

Her gaze shifted from wall to wall, door to door as they continue to walk.

“I never forgot about you.” Harry starts silently. Khaleesi looks over at him examining his features and body language. His heart was racing and his palms were sweaty.

“I didn’t forget about you either.” Khaleesi mumbles playing with her hands. Only Harry Hook could make her act so nervous.

“I missed you, I was so angry when I found out you weren’t coming with us.” Harry tells her looking away.

“It’s nothing now. I’m here now, I can’t keep living in the past.” Khaleesi states shrugging, she was tired of holding on to hurt… with her track record she was destined for nothing but the worst.

“Here we are.” Harry says knocking on the door with his hook.

“Thanks.” Khaleesi mumbles.

Harry and Khaleesi stared at each other for a while, not saying anything. Harry was so afraid to speak to the girl who had been haunting and plaguing his dreams with her smile for months. Khaleesi was afraid to speak, scared if she even uttered one word during their stare off she’d wake up back in her hell of a home on the isle.

“I should go.” Khaleesi says stepping back her back pressed against the door of her new room.

“Yeah.” Harry says nodding his head. Khaleesi sends him a small smile opening the door before shutting it behind her softly.

“I’m sorry.” Harry mumbles quietly his hand pressed against the door frame, not knowing on the other side Khaleesi could hear him. “I forgive you.” Khaleesi says placing her forehead on the door.

They were in a conflicting position, both to afraid to move any further for fear that any happiness would be snatched away.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @khaleesimaka!! ♥♥♥

I hope you have a marvelous wonderful day and great dinner this evening! And I love your hair and I love you (♥♥♥) and I hope you like thiiiis..? ;u; Cheesy like I am I tried to keep it in your Bachelor AU and was thinking about their marriage (BECUASE I TOTALLY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN COUGH COUGH) ;v; *hugs you tightly*

"I'm sorry" part 2 - Harry Hook imagine

In which Uma and Mal put their differences aside to get Khaleesi and Harry together (with help from fairy godmother of course)

• •

“ Darling, I’m a mess without your love! Heaven knows I’m trying, trying to get by. But darling I’m a mess without your love, all I need is one more, goodbye kiss ” Khaleesi sings as she plays the piano.

Uma had already left for the morning and since Khaleesi decided she didn’t want to go to class that day.

“That was beautiful. ” the Scottish voice she knew so well speaks up.

Khaleesi startles slightly. “Harry! How long have you been there? ” Khaleesi asks nibbling on her bottom lip. Harry chuckles. “ Not long at all, I do have one question for ye.” Harry says sitting down beside Khaleesi and pressing one of the keys.

“Who’s the song about?” Harry asks his eyes fixated on the young goddess.

“No one, I was just fooling around one day.“ Khaleesi lies avoiding his burning gaze. “How have ye been settling in? ” Harry asks changing the subject upon seeing her change in demeanor. “ I’m ok. I couldn’t sleep last night, but I’m better now. ” Khaleesi says shaking her head.

“It’ll get better, trust me I couldn’t sleep for a straight week.” Harry tells her playing with her hair, Khaleesi relaxed under his touch.

Harry looked more like himself than he had the day Khaleesi had arrived I’m Auradon, he looked like the pirate boy she had fallen for many years prior. His eyeliner was surrounding his icy blue orbs and his hook glistened on his hand.

“Shouldn’t you be in class Mr. Hook? ” Khaleesi asks jokingly. Harry chuckles. “I should be, but I had to check up on ye. ” Harry says avoiding her gaze.

“You shouldn’t have, I don’t want you getting into trouble cause of me. ” Khaleesi says shaking her head. “I won’t get into much trouble, besides this is all on me.“ Harry says playing with her hands.

“I’d have a guilty conscience nonetheless.” Khaleesi tells him standing up from her seat. Harry copies her action towering over her 5'2 frame.

“Ah, you do care for me?” Harry jokes cracking a smile as he places his hand over his heart in false astonishment. “Maybe, just a little.“Khaleesi states smirking as she ran her hand through her hair.

“I’ve really missed you lass.” Harry says grasping Khaleesi’s hands in her own. Khaleesi blushes looking away. "I’ve missed ye too, maybe a lot more than I want to admit.” Khaleesi says jokingly copying Harry’s accent.

Harry places his hand on her cheek grazing his thumb over her face. “It’s taken me a lot of time to understand my true feeling ls for you Harry, but, I’ve figured it out.” Khaleesi begins taking a step closer to him.

“And what have ye figured out?” Harry asks throwing his arms around her shoulders.

“That I, Khaleesi Kadid-” Khaleesi begins.

“Guys.” Uma asks opening the door to the room. Harry and Khaleesi jump away from each other.

“Did I interrupt something?” Uma asks looking in between her two best friends. “No, we were just talking.” Khaleesi says scratching her neck awkwardly.

“Mmm hmm, Harry why aren’t you in class?” Uma asks raising an eyebrow at her first mate.

“I came to check up on her.” Harry says avoiding Uma’s gaze. Uma smirks at their demeanor. "Ben, sent me to retrieve you K.” Uma says nodding towards the hallway. “Did he say what he wanted?” Khaleesi asks playing with her fingers.

“No, just that he needed you immediately.” Uma says shaking her aqua braids. Khaleesi nods shooting Harry a sympathetic look before scurrying out of the room, kind of glad she didn’t get to finish her statement. Harry let’s out a harsh sigh as he sits on Khaleesi’s bed.

“Any luck?” Uma asks sitting down next to him. “She was on the verge of telling me something, until you interrupted us.” Harry groans putting his head in his hands, careful not to poke himself with his hook. “I’m sorry, but hey at least she’s more open than she was yesterday, I just want my best friend back.” Uma says sighing. “Yeah.” Harry says bitterly.


As Khaleesi walked towards Ben’s office her mind raced, she was too close to expressing her feelings for Harry, she always told herself that she should remain only friends with the pirate boy so that when life undoubtedly set in, she wouldn’t get hurt if someone better came and took him.

She had always been jealous of the sea witch princess, with the beautiful sun kissed skin and aqua blue braids. Khaleesi was never as close to Harry as Uma was, and she couldn’t help but feel as though Uma was waiting to swoop in and take Harry for herself. Knocking on the door to Ben’s chambers Khaleesi let’s out a sigh as a faint “come in” fills her ears.

“Uma told me you wanted to see me?” Khaleesi says walking towards his desk. Ben looks up from his work eyebrows furrowed. “I haven’t seen Uma today, when did she tell you that?” Ben asks furrowing his eyebrows even more.

“Just a little while ago.” Khaleesi says crinkling up her nose. “Well, I didn’t send for you, but since you’re here, how are you settling in?” Ben asks motioning towards the seat in front of him.

Khaleesi feels her heart sink to her stomach as realization sinks in. Uma set her up, and she was dumb enough to fall for it. “I’m doing pretty well, I can’t complain.” Khaleesi says rubbing her sweaty palms over her tights. “That’s good, make any new friends?”

Ben asks. “Me and Lonnie hit it off pretty well.” Khaleesi tells him nodding her head. “That’s good, that’s good, feel free to stop by if you ever wanna talk.” Ben says- Khaleesi on a weird level trusted the young King. He really wanted what was best for his people- Isle kids included.

“Will do- Hey, thanks.” Khaleesi says softly a genuine soft smile on her face. “For what?” Ben asks furrowing his eyebrows. “For taking a chance.” Khaleesi tells him before getting up from her chair and exiting his office.

• •

Uma felt it in her guts that her best friend was on the move, and it was officially time to put her plan into action. Staring at her first mate she inched a little closer to him. “Hey, Harry.” she starts putting her hand on his shoulder.

Harry looks up from his lap and stares at his captain. “Yes?” he asks. “I need you to do me a favor.” she says smirking. “And that would be?” Harry asks raising an eyebrow as he grazed his hook over her cheek.

Uma smirked- she knew Harry would do anything for her- but this was all about Khaleesi- she was going to get him to admit how he felt about her, even if that meant Khaleesi might hate her forever.

Over the course of the four weeks Khaleesi had been in Auradon everyone had noticed the chemistry between her and the pirate boy- but both of them were too scared to make a move, so Uma being the great best friend she was she put aside her differences for a while and mustered up enough courage to seek help from the purple haired dragon-fairy known as Mal- who had been one of the only people on the Isle that knew Khaleesi better than Uma.

Putting their heads together the two came up with a brilliant plan that would force Khaleesi and Harry to admit their feelings, only problem- it required a brutal betrayal from Uma, the one person that Khaleesi was jealous of.

“Just sit still, and don’t move.” Uma states fluttering her eyes flirtatiously, as she moved closer to him. Khaleesi was on her way back to the room, and Uma had to time it perfectly. “Uma, what are ye on about?” Harry asks furrowing his eyebrows as he stared at his captain. When she felt her footsteps heading down the hall she grasped Harry by his jacket collar and pulled him into her smashing her lips to his. 

A high squeal and gasp left Khaleesi’s mouth as she opened the door seeing her “best friend” and crush in a deep lip locking moment. ‘I knew it.” she says feeling her eyes watering up.

Harry pushes Uma away from him harshly standing up quickly.

“Khaleesi, it’s not what it looks like!” he yells holding his hands out. “Bullshit, I’m so stupid.” Khaleesi states. “And you, some best friend- you out of all people should know the truth.” Khaleesi says turning to Uma- her blue hair flaming as she glared at the girl.

“Khaleesi-” Uma begins standing up.

“Save it. Save your I’m sorries, save your apologies, save your bullshit. I’m done” Khaleesi says shaking her head as tears slipped past her eyelids. She roughly wipes her face before sobbing and running out of the dorm room.

Uma felt her stomach sink to her feet, she knew what the outcome would be, but she didn’t expect to feel as bad as she did. “Uma, what the hell?” Harry shouts pointing his hook clad hand at the girl.

“Wait!” Uma shouts holding her hands up to cover her face. “Look, don’t hate me.” Uma says bringing his hand down away from her face. “I did this for you, if I didn’t do this, you’d still be pouting about how she doesn’t feel the same way about you, can’t you see? I’m what you need.” Uma lies placing her hand on his cheek. She mentally patted herself on the back for her stellar performance.

“No, you’re selfish.” Harry snarls stepping away from her. “Harry-” Uma says poking her bottom lip out as she let out a ragged breath as if she was about to cry. “No.” Harry says pushing past her as he prayed to himself, he got to Khaleesi before she did anything rash.

• •

 (Part 1 here)

Part 3 coming soon!!


Daenerys Targaryen Appreciation Week

One Book - A Dance with Dragons

That morning she summoned her captains and commanders to the garden, rather than descending to the audience chamber. “Aegon the Conqueror brought fire and blood to Westeros, but afterward he gave them peace, prosperity, and justice. But all I have brought to Slaver’s Bay is death and ruin. I have been more khal than queen, smashing and plundering, then moving on." 

"There is nothing to stay for,” said Brown Ben Plumm. 

“Your Grace, the slavers brought their doom on themselves,” said Daario Naharis. 

“You have brought freedom as well,” Missandei pointed out. 

“Freedom to starve?” asked Dany sharply. “Freedom to die? Am I a dragon, or a harpy?” Am I mad? Do I have the taint? 

“A dragon,” Ser Barristan said with certainty. “Meereen is not Westeros, Your Grace." 

"But how can I rule seven kingdoms if I cannot rule a single city?” He had no answer to that. Dany turned away from them, to gaze out over the city once again. “My children need time to heal and learn. My dragons need time to grow and test their wings. And I need the same. I will not let this city go the way of Astapor. I will not let the harpy of Yunkai chain up those I’ve freed all over again.” She turned back to look at their faces. “I will not march." 

"What will you do then, Khaleesi?” asked Rakharo. 

“Stay,” she said. “Rule. And be a queen.”


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