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Khaldur'ahm as ”Aqualad”

Khaldur'ahm was an average high schooler who went by “Jackson Hyde”. His parents had always discouraged him from entering or exposing himself to too much water, however, during a bad storm when he was 16, he was swept up in the wind and fell into the ocean, which activated his previously dormant Atlantean traits. However, his entering the sea alerted his true father, Black Manta, of his location and attacked Khaldur and his human parents. However, Justice League member, Aquawoman, was able to intervene and fend off Black Manta, before explaining the reasons why they had withheld this information from Khaldur for so long. Khaldur then spent the rest of his high school career in Atlantean school, learning to harness his abilities as well as obtaining knowledge. He possesses the power to control water (facilitated by his “water bearers”) in addition to being able to generate bioelectric shocks from his tattoos. He now attends Gotham University as an Atlantean History major and has joined the Young Justice team where he is second in command should Rocket or Robin be incapacitated.

Design Remarks:

I just really liked his portrayal in the TV show Young Justice so I just went with that mostly. I can’t see being barefoot as a good idea in a lot of scenarios so I switched that up to some boots. But besides that, his costume is basically the same

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