Kehlani ft Chance the rapper ~ The Way


Khalani rah aani we nesani

Wa la adri gololi wesh asawi

Aala ghafla sert ahebeh wa abi gorbeh wibi gorbi

Golouli wesh asawiiiiiiiiiii. (ll)

Imagine: Being Khal Drogo’s Khaleesi

I’m rewatching Game of Thrones because what else would I do in my free time? Anyways I forgot how much I loved Khal Drogo so here ya go

Originally posted by motherllode

  • Being gifted a beautiful mare on your wedding day
  • Teaching Drogo the common tongue
  • Being just as strong willed as any Khal
  • Any Khalasar member to speak ill of you will loose more than his tongue
  • Seeing the Dothraki sea for the first time and knowing you are home
  • Your child being the Stallion who mounts the world

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