khal drogo cosplay

The House of the Undying

*As Daenerys makes her way through her visions in the House of the Undying, she comes across a dark tent in the middle of a blizzard…*

*a baby’s gurgle is heard*

Drogo: Moon of My Life

Daenerys: *looks at Rhaego in his arms* 

Daenerys: This is dark magic, like the magic that took you from me. Took you from me before I could even… *pauses looking into his eyes, almost hopeful* 

Daenerys: Maybe I am dead and I just don’t know it yet. Maybe I am with you in the Night Lands.

Drogo: Or maybe I refused to enter the Night Lands without you. Maybe I told the Great Stallion to go fuck himself and came back here to wait for you.

Daenerys: That sounds like something you would do. 

Drogo: Or maybe it is a dream. Your dream, my dream… I do not know. These are questions for wise men with skinny arms. You are the moon of my life. That is all I know… and all I need to know. 

*he puts a hand to her chin, bringing his forehead to hers* 

Drogo: And if this is a dream… I will kill the man who tries to wake me.

Daenerys: *sits basking in his presence and that of their son* 

*slowly moves his hand away* 

*she trails off* 


Jason Momoa confirmed as Aquaman. Me confirmed as Mera.

Met Jason at Brisbane Comic Con!
He was so lovely! I asked him who his favourite comic book character was and he said he felt like he was Lobo irl. I couldn’t have agreed more. He also hugged me!! What an adorably friendly chap. 

Also, apologies for the dodgy outfit and trident; I made them in two days :C