anonymous asked:

who're you favorite tumblr artists? 'w'

Oh jeez, they’re just so many good ones. Okay… 

Top three are def. 

Lance!!!  Who’s just excelling in every field like woah amazing beautiful woah 

Siins!!!!!!  A huge inspiration to everyone jesus christ so stylized and awesome

Christi !!!! who uses such amazing colors and has cool ideaso h man

  • MrTeddy:
  • Kazooie:YEEhaw //leans on ash/ howdy, sugarcube ;)))))))))))))
  • Kazooie:omf i want
  • Ashtray~:o vo
  • MrTeddy:mine
  • Ashtray~:hnnng
  • MrTeddy:christi's sending me a bunch of links to rilakkuma stuff and just
  • MrTeddy://lays down
  • AshCake:wow jesus i totally say that in my mind just Teddy sitting cross legged on a bed and just all of a sudden vibrating off of the bed
  • AshCake:wow
  • Kazooie:liKE ALL CARTOONISH AND sHIT TOO I"m laUghinG
  • MrTeddy:i literally sit criss-cross applesauce how did u know ashkay
  • MrTeddy:someone draw that quick
  • Kazooie:omfg stop being cute stop that
  • MrTeddy://covers face
  • MrTeddy://whispers no