khakis carmel


One of our exclusive J. Lawrence cashmere sport coats with a natural shoulder, 3-roll-2 horn buttons, and partial lining. We’ve layered a suede vest under it and a small check shirt from Eton. For trousers, we picked a heavy twill brushed cotton in a deep burgundy to compliment the check in the jacket from Luciano Barbera, which has repp tie silk interior finishings. And as an alternative layer, consider an alpaca-blend ¼-zip sweater. 


There are few things as enjoyable as a good rain day. We like to take in the rain with a large cuppa, a good book to sit and get lost in and, of course, some great clothes.


Outer coat by Luciano Barbera in brushed cotton with quarter lining; Sport coat custom made using Carlo Barbera fabric, in a rich Glen plaid with blue over check; Chocolate cords from Brioni, and E. Marinella tie.


Mariano Rubinacci Pocket Squares 

Printed on lucious silk, these pocket sqaures feature vividly colored designs exclusive to Rubinacci depicting historic, cultural and artistic life in Italy. With rolled edges and a generous size, they look elegant in any breast pocket with a near endless amount of ways to be displayed. 

At Khaki’s of Carmel, we have eight designs in stock – including the Victory square – and we don’t expect them to be around for very long. 


Di Maestro trousers – From our latest collection to arrive from Italy, these slim-fit trousers are made from a woolen pearl grey flannel and feature the details of a well-crafted pant. The interior features a two-part waistband with an interior pleat so it rest better on the hips, a split-back alterable waist, durable washed canvas cotton pocketbags, coin pocket and a tailor button-fly with extended tab closure. The buttons are crafted from buffalo horn that have been burned to bring about a unique color and smoothness. 


Corneliani ID for fall – Two of our latest fall items from the Italian Corneliani ID label. On the outer layer, a reversible vest that features one wool side and one quilted faux suede side, both with leather accents. Underneath, a sweater jacket with knitted sleeves and flannel chest and a quilted interior. We think it pairs well with chocolate corduroy trousers and hatch-grain chukka boots from Gaziano & Girling. 


Featherweight, but without the feathers – Our entire line of Luciano Barbera outerwear vests this fall season feature down insulation. It’s a common misconception that down feathers are the same as flight feathers on birds. Instead, down is an insulation feather resembling more of a cottonball than a quill. They trap air and are ultralightweight. As far as performance goes, man-made materials have yet to match them. 

If it’s good enough to keep birds warm in the cold, then it’s a great addition in nylon or flannel vests. This particular one features donegal tweed and suede trim with interior and exterior pockets. Layer it under or over a sport coat and stay as cozy as a bird in its nest.