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The Precinct- Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Maggie watched the African American female pace back and forth behind the massive metal desk. The woman sighed twice. She took off the khaki colored suit jacket and angrily put it on the back to the chair. She rolled up her sleeves and flexed her fingers. Lt. Angela Jones slammed her hand onto the top of her desk.

“Tell me again why the hell I shouldn’t suspend you Detective Sawyer.”

“I had further information-”. Maggie Sawyer started to explain.

“You know what I don’t wanna know.” The supervisor said as she put her hand on her hips.

“I’ve got McConnel complaining that you took his collar. I’ve got downtown every damn day calling my office wondering why the hell the Science Division seems to be passing off more cases to the Feds than ANY other unit in the department. Your squad Sgt. says you aren’t checking in with him like you should. ”

Maggie sat quietly in the chair with her hands folded in her lap.

Lt Jones sighed. “And I’ve got my best Detective letting Suspects go because of clerical issues.”

“I’m sorry LT.” Maggie said. “I was just trying to do the right thing.”

Lt. Jones sat down in the leather chair behind the desk littered with paperwork.

“Sawyer. You were a rock star in Narcotics. You raised hell in Special Services. You have done exceptionally well here in the SD. But bottom line is we are a team. A unit. I know you’re used to running around on your own. I know what happened with your old partner…”

“That has nothing to do with-” Maggie interjected angrily.

The Lieutenant raised a hand to halt the argument.

“I have absolutely no desire to do this. But the brass are pushing me to make an example. You’re humping a post car for the next week. Uniformed patrol. Ride out the week. No complaints. You come home to the SD with no tick marks in your jacket and we go back to normal.”

Maggie but the inside of her lip in frustration. “Yes ma'am.”

Maggie stood and turned for the door.

“Sawyer.” Jones said.

Maggie stopped and turned.

“You’re my best detective Maggie. You really care about the alien population. I still got guys that think this is a joke. Some think these aliens are a waste of time. The future is now. And I’m hoping that you can rub off on the rest of the unit. Help them. Train them.”

Maggie nodded slightly.

“There’s a reason you hold the Precicnt Record for arrests Maggie. There’s also a reason you have more community awards and letters of thanks in you file folder than the rest of the division combined.”

“I broke my own record Lt. The bust today puts me at 32.” Maggie smirked.

Lt. Jones shook her head. “Duly Noted smart ass.”

Maggie smiled. “Would you be angry if I told you it was worth it?”

Lt Jones smiled. “Get out of here Sawyer. And make sure to tell those Feds you keep in your back pocket that your first loyalty is to NCPD. ”

“Yes ma'am.” She replied as she walked out into the squad room. She sat at her desk and began organizing the case folders sitting on top.

A smug looking Detective McConnel walked over. “I hear you’re headed back to patrol.” He said with an attitude.

“I hear You’re still number two on the arrest record McConnel.”

“Whatever.” He said. “Enjoy being back in uniform.”

She grabbed her jacket and walked past him. She turned and faced him and tossed him a cheap Bic pen.

He caught it awkwardly.

“Well look at that Brad. You did catch ‘something’ today. Next time remember to sign your warrants tough guy.” She said with a crooked smile. Several other detectives chuckled at Maggie and her comments.

She strode out the door and walked into the station garage. She rounded the corner on level 3 and grinned when she saw Alex Danvers leaning against her patrol car.

“Sawyer.” Alex said as she gently kissed her girlfriend’s cheek.

“Danvers.” She replied as she held Alex’s hand.

“I owe you an apology Maggie.”

“We are good.” Maggie said.


Maggie cut her off with a passionate kiss. Alex whimpered slightly as Maggie’s tongue brushed hers. Alex threaded her hands through Maggie’s hair and thanked goodness she was leaning against the solid surface of the police car.

As they broke apart they were both breathless.

“I’m booted to patrol for a week as punishment."Maggie said as she caught her breath. "I got tuned up by my Lt. For letting Winn go…”

“I’m Sorry babe. Take me home. Maybe I can make it up to you?” Alex asked shyly. She bit her lip and looked Maggie up and down before opening the passenger side door to the patrol car and slipping inside.

“Oh yeah? How do you plan on doing that?” Maggie asked as she settled into the driver’s seat.

Alex hummed softly. “At this point in torn between seeing what kind of punishment you get for being such a bad girl at work…or……seeing if I can entice uniformed Officer Sawyer to let me off with a warning.”

Maggie’s mouth parted slightly as both scenarios ran through her head.

“Guess I should test out the lights and sirens before I hit the streets next week huh?” Maggie said with a smile.

She peeled wheels as she exited the garage and flipped on the lights and sirens as Alex’s laughter filled the inside of the car.

It was worth it indeed.

Spring/Summer 2015 Trend Report.

Khaki Suits.

Neutral caramel tones and cream hues create additive feelings of sophisticated glamour with hints of simplicity and earthiness, leaving the cold winter at the door.

Often seen as a snooze or a yawn. This year, the big color trend pale-beige palette sometimes called “champagne”. A nude tone accents and gives centerstage to a more colourful ensemble. The best part of khaki suits? They’ll take you right into spring and summer effortlessly.

22-4 Hommes et Femmes, Andrea Pompilio, Calvin Klein, Dries Van Noten, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Porsche Design, Todd Snyder And Valentino.


Dressing down a suit. Take 3

Take 3 of wearing a suit without a tie (See take 1 & Take 2).

Worsted flannel navy chalk stripe suit, khaki pique cotton polo shirt, brown oxford suede brogues, brown felt hat and a paisley scarf.