khaki sports coat


My father has always loved nautical life. He dressed very much in the Ivy style, once owned a sail boat, and decorated his finished basement entirely in nautical. He’s a very true trad in that he has a minimalist closet with a dozen shirts or more, a few pair of Dockers, a couple pair of Weejuns and sport coats, and ten ties. Tops.

He would be very disappointed if I ever bought him a tie for Christmas. Well, he’s pretty disappointed in most presents I give him (if it’s not a lure or rod) but I thought he might enjoy this tie. I found it for myself at J Crew and decided to get him one as well. He liked it and I had his approval. Briefly.

I kid, I love that guy.

You’ll notice in the last picture I went with the double four-in-hand knot. I felt the knot seemed skimpy this morning (it’s a narrower tie) and I took the Italian approach of double wrapping it. It made no difference. Curse you, Agnelli.

Shirt: J Press
Jacket: Vintage Hickey Freeman
Tie: J Crew
Pants: Bills Khakis
Socks: Target
Loafers: GH Bass