khaki king


1. Deserted sand dunes where after many years of loneliness the sea reached its destination and the clouds rejoiced - the instant embrace, the injection of one arm to another, the love uttered through the keening limbs of both lovers.

2. The ocean is always there amongst the trees and the creme is land amidst the greens, regardless wherever they are they will always meet - always!

3.Monster in disguise; you never know its true colours until you see it. Always comes with the majestically rich patterns and forms but once you see past it, you will meet its real face.

- So appreciative to have a day to myself. I’ve accomplished so much in one day. Did this liquid painting, edited my pictures, slow cooked dinner on the stove, washed and hung my clothes, written a few stuff even did some high dusting and I still have a few hours to spare ( contemplating whether to spend it with my sister or myself [I am thinking of watching into the Badlands - S2 and I can not wait for Supergirl or I could listen to Khaki king and Tash Sultana?] ) - 

Anyways, this is an extended thank you for those of you (you know who you are) - who had liked, loved, commented, reblogged and supported me - I love you all, I am grateful beyond this universe, I am thankful and I cherish, value and adore you all! - 

With all of my abundance, signed, sealed and delivered 

Dolly ^_^


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Updated my EDC watch and flashlight: Love my new Hamilton, it’s a big upgrade over the solar Casio. The larger AA battery L11c has been instrumental in helping me move as the days get shorter. Experimenting with a new ½" wide oil hardened belt loop that I made by hand in the shop.


hat tip to iskariotrising

Thank You Mario but our Princess is Another Castle by the Mountain Goats and Khaki King

Floppy Sock and Kingsley





Holy crap, her sweater is like 100% computer SCREEN ACCURATE AFHAUFA THE COLORS ARE SO SPOT ON DOGSOGSOUGHa


Thanks for supplying these pictures, askmartinishake!

This amazing cosplayer’s identity is still a mystery, but I do recognize that Sombra as oshova750, who I had the pleasure of meeting at Bronycon (and is the person who made the Alicorn Amulet that plushie Wiggles currently wields).


BOTH OF YOU SHOULD COME TO BRONYCON SO I CAN TAKE PICTURES AND CRY A LITTLE. Also Foxyshy should come and bring her Drizzle cosplay and I’ll just roll across the ground of spasms of joy for the entirety of the convention.


(feel free to delete my long endless screaming if you want to reblog this and share this cosplayer’s beauty with the world because I CAN’T RESTRAIN MYSELF WITH CONCISE REBLOG-FRIENDLY COMMENTS)


“Pink Noise” by Khaki King
I love how she just stands there all causal while she slays this ish. LoL.

If you’ve ever seen the movie August Rush, then you’ve seen Khaki play as she was the one actually playing when they showed August playing.


Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise 

…ugh she is so amazing…

check out Goby and stuff

Confessions || Sammy Wilk imagine ||

This was requested by anon, I hope you enjoy and requests for imagines are still open!

     “Nate want to go to that party with Sam and I?” I asked Nate, he waited for a moment thinking “Fine” He said finally “Okay lets go then.” I said getting up off of my couch “Sam were leaving!” I called to Sam who was in my bathroom changing, he walked out of the bathroom dressed in some khakis and Last Kings tee and a snap back. “You driving?” Nate asked me “Well duh I just got my license im going to use it.” I said with a smirk.

     I got into my car and Nate got into the passengers seat leaving Sam in the back, I backed out of my driveway and when I looked back and caught Sams eye he was pissed but I had no idea why. I turned on Kreyshawns, Summer time one of my favorite songs that always put me in a good mood. We pulled up to the club where the party was at, I got out of the car and Nate grabbed my hand and walked me into the club Nate ad always been like that with me. 

      We walked into the club and Sam immediately walked away from us “Well thats weird.” I said into Nates ear he shrugged “Probably found a honey that he wants to bone.” Nate said not thinking twice about Sams strange behavior “Im going to get a drink want anything?” I asked Nate he shook his head and headed off to dance. I walked to the bar alone “I could get 2 shots?” I asked the bar tender he nodded and filled two glasses and handed them to me, I downed the first one and brought the second one up to my lips but was caught off guard when I felt a strong hand grab my wrist. “What the fuck Sam!” I yelled over the music but he looked really pissed “Come with me.” He said dragging me through the maze of people.

     We walked out to my car and stood by it “Are you and Nate a thing?” He asked me “No Sam Jesus Christ, whats wrong with you?” I demanded “(Y/N) were not going to play dumb are we?” He asked rhetorically “Your fine as fuck and you know I think that you know that I have had feelings for you for years, but you still do that with Nate.” He said “Oh shit Sam I didnt know you like actually cared." I said feeling bad ”Yeah well I do.“ He said laughing nervously "Well im kinda tired of this party want to go back to my place and watch some movies?” I suggested “That sounds better than this fucking lame party.” He said smiling, making me melt a bit “Could you drive im feeling a little” I said “Okay” Sam chuckled.