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I enjoy the fact that you rejoice in Chalo's universality in appearance. It is much more fun than those who attempt to find/portray their pets as the most unique visual experience. Good stuff.

all things are Chalo, Chalo is all things

injuries to the soul - jared x reader

tw/ curse words, slurs

s/o to @anotherstellarconversation for proofreading and helping me out with everything, thanks dude

word count: 1,704 words

a/n: a request @earlyjunes gave me! thanks rj :)


“Jared…” You sighed, your teeth finding your bottom lip. Damn it, Evan, what did you do now, you thought to yourself. This could have only been the work of Evan. His only other friend was Evan, because Alana barely counted. Then there was you, his friend that wasn’t quite his girlfriend yet but you were together. You were together but not quite officially together. As frustrating as it was, you didn’t know how to charm a guy when you weren’t as advanced in memes as he was. You were definitely trying your best though.

You scavenged his house to find the guy. There was a key under the doormat—which say “Jew Makin’ Me Crazy"—just for safe keepings since his parents knew Jared could be forgetful when he wanted to be. He asked for that reason, but the real reason was so that you could get in his house when he didn’t want to get the door, since he was lazy, and so that there would be easy access for you when his parents weren’t home.

“Jared!” You yelled out, a desperate cry coming out of your dry and itchy throat. It wasn’t like you were randomly coming into his house, you always came into his house after school. It wasn’t much of an established routine, it just happened. You either walked home with Jared since you lived on the same side of town or you texted Jared throughout the walk if you didn’t. You couldn’t walk with Jared today, you had dance practice, but he never texted you that he was heading home, so naturally, you were concerned.

Jared was never silent. He never stopped cracking jokes. There was never a time when there wasn’t a word coming out of his big mouth. It was just weird not having him speak. He had too large of a mouth for that to happen that it was such a rare occurrence. It only happened once to twice a year. Welcome to that annual time of verbal nothingness.

“Damn it Jared, stop playing with my head. You do this all the time.” You muttered to yourself, closing a grip onto the hem of your shirt. “Damn it, damn it, damn it.” You didn’t know what to do in these situations. You cared a whole lot about Jared, but when would be the crossing line of caring? You weren’t even dating each other for God’s sake! You haven’t talked about your feelings for Jared with Jared in a while so you didn’t know where each of you stood on the friendship ladder or the relationship ladder.

You took it one foot at a time, staring down at your worn black Converses as they made it up the carpeted stairs. Every time a foot made it higher, words pounded in your head. Scared. Nervous. Anxious. Afraid. What other words would’ve made it into your head, those words never left once they came.

A hard bump settled in your throat and you forced it down. The place he’d most likely would be in is his room. Like everyone else, Jared’s room was his safe haven. He loved his computer and he loved his carpeted floor and he loved the light blueness of his room. He loved to hide away from his parents and he loved to be alone from the harsh world that always beat him at everything.

Your hand involuntarily formed a fist and raised itself up to the door, ready to knock. Millimeters apart, you stared at your fist, wondering if you should even knock. Would knocking be appropriate? Knocking gently with your fist was more appropriate than knocking his door down, you decided. Knuckles made contact with the wood and soft taps made barely audible noises, but they were effective.

From hearing the knocking, Jared’s sobbing became more evident to the ear. You turned the doorknob and pushed forward softly. Your best friend, who you liked for the longest time, was upset. Even more upset than you’ve heard and seen him before. His breathing was loud and uneven, like his breathing was the ups and downs of a rollercoaster with a side of the decibels of their screams for the loudness.

He was curled into a ball, his arms tightly clenched around his knobby knees. You knew Jared’s face was extremely wet from tears, yet he faced away from the doorway. Even though he faced away, it was obvious that Jared was trying to hide away and cry in privacy. He didn’t want anyone to see him, which was understandable. It was the “Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman” you were talking about. The confident guy that wore colored khaki shorts with graphic tee shirts. The guy that was so proud to be Jewish. The guy that wasn’t proud of the crying he did in private.

“Ja-Jared?” You stood frozen by the door and his head whipped around to look at you. You finally saw the face of a boy who was so seemingly confident that he shattered. Sullen features captured your attention, with teary, bloodshot eyes and splotchy cheeks adorning his face. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have come.” You hated seeing him like this, it twisted strings in your heart and you never wanted to see him like this.

“No!” His voice cracked from all of the tears and the fact that he was ending puberty soon. “Please, don’t go.” Jared was so seemingly confident and put up such a difficult front to climb over. It took you years to get him to crack and show that he was vulnerable. When his facade finally cracked, it was when he saw you crying over something he did to you. He was just so taken aback and realized that he really couldn’t show his fake side towards you.

“Okay, I won’t.” You pressed your back against the bedroom door to shut it softly. Then, your feet took charge and went over to Jared, and sat with your feet tucked in like his. You slipped your hand into one of his that was wrapped around his knees. You looked over to him to get his approval and he nodded with a sad smile. “You can tell me what happened if you want.” He didn’t respond but he put his head on your shoulder and gripped onto your cotton shirt so tightly, you thought your shirt was going to rip in half. Tear stains coated the thin fabric. You just let him cry and cry as much as he needed. Who were you to tell him that he couldn’t cry? You couldn’t because all you wanted to do was support him.

When Jared finally calmed down, you wanted to ask him about it again, but he beat you to the chase and just started speaking. “I started crying because, because Evan was making horrible jokes.” He saw that you had a confused face on and he elaborated. “Okay, maybe he wasn’t making the jokes, but he was definitely supporting them. Was laughing and stuff. The jokes were about you, about you, Y/N.”

“Look, it’s fine, Jared. It’s okay, you don’t need to defend me.” You shrugged your shoulders and smiled, trying to get him to smile too. It meant a whole lot to you knowing that Jared would do what he needed to do to defend you, it was most definitely flattering. However, you knew that Evan probably didn’t mean to laugh and Jared was probably just throwing everything out of proportion. 

“No, Y/N, you have to understand, they were calling you a,” He stopped. Pain flashed over his face and it was like he couldn’t take it anymore. “Damn it, Y/N,” Jared suddenly stood up and wiped away his tears furiously. The sad look was replaced with an angry expression. “Y/N, they were calling you a s-slut. A fucking slut, and they were calling a fucking whore. I-I know you said I don’t need to d-defend you, but I just can’t fucking stand around and l-let them assholes do that to you!” Jared was hyperventilating at this point and it was so hard to stop him when he was dead set on proving his point. You stood up anyway and your hands made it their way to each other around his back. At this point, he was sounding a lot more like Evan would sound on a daily basis. “A-and Evan, he was laughing with them. S-so we g-got into a fight, and then w-words became punches, and—I just can’t believe that he wasn’t supporting you after how many years of friendship—”

He suddenly cut himself off after hearing your sobs. You didn’t even realize you were crying until it became ugly crying and tears were caught in your throat. “I’m sorry Jared, I didn’t mean for you to get into fights over me. Really, you shouldn’t have to. I can hold on my own, even if I’m not there.” Of course, you were pissed about the Evan thing, but you were almost positive that Evan was probably nervously laughing and not truly thinking that way. You’ve known Evan for ten years, six more than you have known Jared, you were sure that Evan couldn’t have agreed with that group.

“Y/N, but, Y/N,” Jared sounded like a broken record, not really knowing what to do in the moment, as if his brain was stuck on repeat. He just stopped and stared. He stared at the beauty of your tears, he stared at the beauty of your eyes, he stared at the beauty of the lifting of your chest with every inhale. He just stared until you were trying to look for another point in the room. “I, um, Y/N, I’m sorry. You’re just so fucking pretty.” He almost looked ashamed but you didn’t mind.

“Oh, um, thanks.” You smiled at him and wiped away the excess wetness from your face. He cupped your face with all admiration and kindness and you leaned a little into his touch. Who knew that the insanely cool Jared Kleinman could be both chivalrous and romantic? It was a rare occurrence but you knew that you wanted to be there when it happened the next times. “Thanks, Jared, for standing up for me. It means a lot.”

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A new start, part 5

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2793

Warnings: Language and fluff

Part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4


Chris stared at you in total shock.  His answer felt like a punch to the stomach.  Your mind whirling with what felt like rejection.  Stomping off to the kitchen you pulled an open bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured a rather large glass for yourself.  He stood in the same spot in the living room unsure of what to say.

“Just go home Chris. I’m sorry I said anything.  It won’t affect work or the movie, okay? But please go.”  It was difficult to look at him so you just concentrated on your glass as you stood at the kitchen island.  He walked into the kitchen slowly, as though he were afraid to startle you.

“I don’t want to go, [Y/N]. I was just surprised to hear you say that.  I mean, come on, why would you, this amazingly talented and wonderful woman, want a dork like me?  I have had this huge crush on your since walking into that trailer.  Holy shit, I think my heart stopped when I saw you.” You looked up quickly at him.  Not sure if you could believe the words that were coming out of his mouth.  “I knew I couldn’t act on them.  You had been so hurt by that asshole and you needed a friend.  So I wanted to try to be that friend.  You know what?”  You shook your head at him.

“What?”  Chris had moved close but stopped before getting too close.

“We became good friends. It felt good.  I knew I couldn’t have more than that with you but I was happy, am happy being your friend.”  Letting go a breath you had been holding.

“So you mean you just want to stay friends?”  He put up his hands quickly.

“No, no.  Not what I mean.  Shit, what the hell am I trying to say?  [Y/N] I meant I don’t want you to think that I only became your friend because I wanted to take advantage of it.  You have become a real friend.”  You canted your head looking at him as you leaned against the island.

“So, you are my friend. And again it sounds like you just want to be my friend.”  A look of confusion on your face.  Chris raked his hand through his hair.

“Fuck.  This is not coming out right.  I am nervous as hell right now and my brain obviously can’t get my mouth to say anything right.  Okay, let me try again.”  Taking a long pull from the wine glass, you stared at him.  The sweet taste and bubbles helping to settle your stomach that was doing flips as Chris paced back and forth in front of you.  “[Y/N], I like you a lot.  I have since day one.  I was lucky enough that you let me become your friend.  But I want more.  I want to be more than your friend.  I want you to see that there are guys out there that aren’t lying, cheating fuckers.  Well maybe not other guys out there, but see that I am not like that.”  You laughed as he fumbled through what he was trying to say. Finally getting to the point.

“So if I understand you now, you like me?”  He laughed quietly taking a tentative step closer.

“Yes.  I like you.”

“What do we do then?” Crossing your arms over your chest, you looked back at him.  Chris shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly.

“Maybe we should go out. See how things go, being more than friends.  Like normal people.”  You bit your lip as though you were thinking very hard over the offer.  When truly, you were trying not to throw up.  Your heart furiously in your chest.

“I think that is a good idea. When?”  

“Tomorrow?  I know you are off the afternoon.  I should be done by six.  Maybe pick you up here by seven?”  

“Seven is good.  So tomorrow?”  He nodded, as everything felt a bit awkward now.  Why did it have to be awkward?  This man had been your friend for the last several months.  You had told him things you had not told anyone else. Now, it was awkward.

“Yes, tomorrow.  Umm I should probably go.  It’s late and umm yeah.”

“Yes it is… late.”  

“Okay, see you tomorrow, [Y/N].”  He walked towards the door.  You followed behind, to see him out.  As he opened the door, he turned back startling you and causing you to bump into him.

“Oh sorry.  I wasn’t….”  Chris laughed, relaxing his stance.

“Can I hug you at least? I have missed you this weekend. Not talking to you since last night sucked.”  A flush of blood surged to your cheeks and you smiled shyly.

“Yeah you can hug me. I missed you too Chris.  It was just… hard to concentrate on my thoughts about you when you were right there.  I needed a step back for a moment.”  He took the moment to step forward with his arms out, enclosing them around you in a tight hug.

“I understand that now. I’m sorry for acting like an ass. But I promise I will make it up to you tomorrow.”  Returning the hug you squeezed tight.  It felt good in his arms.  You wanted to continue the feeling but he slowly pulled back.  His face gave the impression it was reluctantly.  “See you in the morning.”  Chris walked towards his car throwing a grin over his shoulder. You waved like an idiot as you leaned against the doorframe.  As he drove off the realization hit you that you were actually going on a date with Chris. Not just friends hanging out and having a pizza.  A real date.

“Fuck, what did I get myself into?”  Rubbing your face, you closed the door and went upstairs to get ready for bed.  It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

After a fitful sleep, two large cups of coffee and an hour in the hair and makeup chair you were ready to get work started for the morning.  The crew was setting up the shot as you sat in your chair waiting for the director to call you into the scene.  Your phone started going off with a FaceTime message.  Jake, for whatever reason, was calling.  “Yes Jake?  I’m kinda working here.”

“Well don’t you look all fancy ‘Miss I’mma super star actress.”  Rolling your eyes at him through the screen you asked again.

“What do you need Jake? I don’t have much time.”  He laughed as he moved the phone to show a beautiful black horse.

“Seems this girl right here needs a new home.  She is great with other horses and…”

“Yes.  I want her!  She is gorgeous.  How old is she?  Where did she come from?”  You excitedly sat up in the chair and squealed causing a few odd looks from those around you.  Jake laughed petting the horse’s nose.

“She is five and has all her papers and looks pretty healthy.  Going to have the vet check her out before I load her up in the trailer. I figured you would want her so he is already on his way.”  Your brother knew you well.  

“I hope Boots and Talladega like her.  Jake you are the best.”  

“I know, I know.  Glad you appreciate that.  Now did you tell that guy you like him yet?  You look like you are in a better mood.  Get a little something last night when you got back?” He wiggled his eyebrows with a smirk. You did not realize at that point in the conversation, Chris had walked up behind you, now he was trying not to laugh.

“Ugh, Jake you are worse than mom, you nosey ass.  I have to go. Send me the info when you get her home please.”  Turning the phone off, you did not wait for him to say goodbye.  You leaned back in your chair with a groan.

“So you told your family about me?”  Chris whispered in your ear, causing you to scream and jump out of the chair.  He had a wide grin on his face.

“You scared the crap out of me!”  He continued to grin at you.  It was infectious and you could not help but start to smile.  “And maybe.”

“Sounds like a yes.  I think I like it.  Don’t worry I told my mom, well she actually dragged it out of me, but she knows I have this giant crush on you.”  Laughing you turned to sit back in your chair. Chris came around to sit next to you.  He looked so handsome in old military costume.  Just looking at him made your cheeks flush.

“Fine, yes I told my brother and my dad.  Who probably told my mother.  They noticed how we were texting all weekend.  So they got nosey.”  A look of pure happiness crossed his face.  If you were telling your family there must be something there for you.  He tried to give you that nonchalant look again as he turned to watch the set.  It was not fooling you but you were not going to push the issue.

“So where are you taking me tonight?”  You looked at him out of the corner of your eye, trying to play him at his own game.

“It’s a surprise.  Don’t worry you’ll enjoy it.”  That did not give you any information.

“Well how am I supposed to know what to wear?”  That damn smirk of his appeared again.  

“Wear that red and blue swirled dress.  That looks gorgeous on you.”  You raised a brow at him.  If you remembered correctly, you had only worn that dress once during the whole time you had been in North Carolina.  

“Okay, if you like it that much.”  Before either of you could continue the director called you both to the scene. The morning was busy with trying to get as much done before the afternoon shots with Chris and change of location.

By the time the afternoon started to turn into evening, you were trying to calm the butterflies in your stomach.  Chris would be at the house in little less than an hour.  You had showered and pulled out the dress and sandals.  The things that were most difficult were your hair and makeup.  Makeup wise you did not want to look over done.  Not that you could ever do what the makeup artists did to you on a daily basis. You wanted to look like you, just a prettier version.  Once that was finished you worked on your mess of [Y/H/C] hair.  Finally getting it up into a loose but pretty bun.  The doorbell rang as you slipped into your sandals. Of course he was two minutes early. As you opened the door, looking at the man standing there it took a moment to remember to breathe.  Chris looked amazing in a khaki colored pair of dress pants and a white long sleeved dress shirt with the top button undone.  “Wow, [Y/N] you look… just wow.”

You beamed at him.  It felt good that he thought you were beautiful.  “Thank you. You look so handsome.  Let me grab my purse and we can go.”  He nodded sliding his hands into his pockets.  

The car ride started off quiet, both of you nervous and afraid to say the wrong thing.  “[Y/N] I’m sorry.  I don’t want this to be weird.  I want you to have a good time tonight.”

“I think you are worrying too much.  I always have a good time with you.  Remember we have been out so many times before.  They just weren’t technically dates.  So this should be easy.  Like before, just with more feelings.”  Chris looked over at you a moment as he tried to read your face.

“True.  Okay easy then.  Let’s try for that.”  You moved your hand over to his and squeezed to show him it would be all right.  But you did not expect him to squeeze back and hold tight to your hand.  He did not want to let go.  There went your heart; it was now somewhere lodged in your throat beating at ridiculous rate.  You wanted your hand to stay in his, so there you left it.  The smile he gave you as you did just that made your toes curl. Damn this man was going to kill you one way or another.  You felt like a school girl on a date with the football star.

The restaurant was situated on a grassy area that looked over the beach.  While there was dining inside Chris had reserved a table outside under the stars.  There was a small band playing with several couples dancing in the middle of the tables that were scattered about.  Twinkling lights ran the edges of the outside area.  It was beautiful, quiet, and just perfect.  With the wine ordered, he stretched his arm across the table and took your hand in his.  Your mind started over thinking everything again.  Like should you be feeling this way?  He was your friend.  Your friend who was now looking at you like more than a friend and was holding your hand. However, it felt good, it felt right.

“Stop trying to over analyze this, [Y/N].  It’s dinner. If you don’t like it then we will go back to being friends.  I promise.” Fear flashed in his eyes the moment he said it.  But he was a man of his word and would never force you to do something you did not want to.

“You know me too well. I’m sorry I know.  I over think everything.   But don’t think I don’t want to be here with you, I do.  It is just a big step for me.”  This time he was the one to squeeze your hand in reassurance.

“How about we not worry about it?  Let’s have a good time.  Tell me about your new horse.  You were so excited today.”  Chris knew what to say to distract you from yourself.  The conversation after that flowed easily just as it always had with him. You told him all about the new horse as well as your other two back home.  He went on to tell you stories of learning to ride for a movie years back then falling off and bruising his tailbone.  You laughed so loud you had to cover your mouth.  When the meal came each of you fed the other a bite of your meals just to try them out.  After finishing and chatting for a little while longer Chris stood up holding his hand out to you.  “Dance with me?”

You bit your lip nervously as you took his hand and stood with him.  He drew you alongside of him and out onto the dance floor.  Twirling you around first before he took you in his arms.  The two of you danced just staring into the others eyes.  It was then you realized this was how it was supposed to be.  This was the person who made the world look beautiful and bright.  You had spent the last four months getting to know him and becoming his friend.  Now there was more.  So much more.  Closing your eyes, you laid your head on his shoulder drawing close into his arms. Chris leaned his head against yours. Neither of you wanted to move.  However, after several songs, you knew it was time to go.

The ride home was similar to earlier in the quiet of it.  The difference though was the air about it all.  Both of your hands encircled his as he drove back to the beach house. He would look over at you for a moment and you would grin at him, causing him to return the smile.  When you arrived home he got out, opened your door, and walked you up to the house. “Do you want to come inside for a bit?  We can have a glass of wine.”  

“I want to.  But I think it’s best if I go home.  I am not going to rush this.  I want you to be able to see me as someone you want to be with and who will do anything for you.  Especially wait for you. I’m not in a rush nor am I going anywhere.  Remember that. I will call you in the morning if that’s all right.”  You nodded with tears welling up in your eyes.  This man did not know what he was doing to your heart.  Chris took your hand and kissed it before walking back to his car.  There you stood on the front porch watching until you could no longer see his taillights. It had been a wonderful night.  

“Oh shit, I have it bad….”

Part 6

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Mr. Reticent (M) | Pt. 1

Taehyung Imagine/Scenario

Part 1  |  Part 2

Genre: wealthy asshole/softie!au & college!au ; fluffy ; humor ; smut ; angst thrown in there at some point

Blurb: Basically, your house collapses due to a termite infestation and of course your parents have to be friends with the father of the richest and best looking guy in school: Kim Taehyung. After encountering Tae blatantly fucking another girl upon first setting foot into his house *cough MANSION cough*, can you deal with fate’s next devious hands?

Word Count: 8,054

Reader x Taehyung

A/N: Inspired by the K Drama Playful Kiss 💙💙 (Gif credit to @younas) There is smut in this part, so warning (;

reticent: not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.

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Outlast II


The time was currently a quarter past midnight and you were ready to call it a night. Yes it was still early for Saturday night but you didn’t care. None of your friends were doing anything exciting that was worth bringing you along and neither was your boyfriend. He had been filming and out at meetings all day and honestly you were okay with it. It was the first time in a long time that you had a quiet Saturday night to yourself where you could have a nice pampering session or get ahead on your work load for the week.

You grabbed your phone and shot a quick goodnight text to Joe, something the two of you did every time you weren’t together for the night. Shoving your phone into the pocket of Joe’s trackie bottoms, you stood up from your spot on the couch and headed into the kitchen to grab some water when your phone started to ring.

“Joseph?” You questioned as you glanced at the clock again wondering why he was calling you this late.

“Hey love.” His cheery voice pierced your ears through the speaker.

“I’m about to go to bed what do you want?”

“What, I can’t just call my girlfriend after midnight just to hear her voice.”

“Not usually.” You said tapping your fingers on your worktop, “What’s up?”

“Would you mind coming over…and sitting with me while I film a gaming video?” You almost didn’t hear Joe as his voice was so quiet which made you smile.

“What game?”

“Outlast II…” His voice trailed off knowing that you weren’t too keen on scary movies either.

“Why are you playing it at this time of night?” You asked walking into your room to grab a jumper before pulling on your shoes. 

“Because Y/N, you don’t get the full experience if you play it in the middle of the day with the light shining through the windows”

“Get some curtains.” You bluntly before you were met with silence. 

You laughed to yourself as you pictured Joe’s annoyed face on the other side of the line. 

“You’re not funny.” 

“Well I for one don’t need the full experience and having another person there doesn’t help much.” 

“But it helps me. Please love I don’t want to be alone, this game really freaks me out.”

“Thats a really great thing to say when you’re trying to convince someone to watch you play a game.” You said grabbing your keys and walked out the door, locking it behind you.

“We can cuddle afterwards. I haven’t seen you in two days so we are long overdue for some cuddles.”

“Honestly Joseph, thats the only reason why I’m on my way right now.” You said getting into your car. 

“I love you, you’re the best. See you in a bit.” Joe’s cheery voice rang through your ears again and you could practically see him jumping up and down.

“Yeah yeah, see you soon.” 

The lift door opened after it stopped on Joe’s floor and you poked your head out, hoping Joe wasn’t waiting to scare you. When the coast was clear, you stepped out of the lift and over to Joe’s door. 

“Hey love.” You heard Joe call out from somewhere in his flat as you closed the door behind you. 

“Hi” You said moving into his flat finding him sitting at his work top, the YouTube home screen displayed on the screen. 

He flashed you a quick smile before opening his arms to you which you rolled your eyes as you let your body move you into his embrace.

“Let’s get this over with.” You said pulling away but failed as Joe’s arms didn’t budge. 

You looked up at Joe who only smiled before placing a kiss on your lips.

“Nice jumper.” He smirked admiring what the khaki color does to your eyes as he finally loosed his grip on you, allowing you to back away from him and turn towards the hallway that lead to him gaming room. 

“Thanks, you now Zoe has some really cool items on her website, you should check it out.” You said over your shoulder before you entered the room. 

You plopped yourself down on the beanbags that sat in the corner of the room as Joe took a seat in his chair, pulling up the game and making sure everything was recording. 

“Hello everybody! We are back with another episode of Outlast II. After the last couple of episodes I decided that I can’t film this series by myself anymore so Y/N has so kindly come over to sit with me so if you hear any other screams, they’re hers.” Joe paused as he looked and motioned for you to come get into shot. 

You pushed yourself off the beanbags and stood next to Joe and waved to the camera. 

“Really not looking forward to this or sorry if my screams are annoying.”

“You can leave the room if its too much love.”

“Then why do I have to be in here in the first place?”

“Because it actually freaks me out and its currently quarter to 1 in the morning.” 

“We should be sleeping” You said as you moved back into the pile of beanbags on the floor that we conveniently placed in a way the you could lay down and still see the monitor. 

“This won’t be a long episode, hopefully” Joe said turning back to his screen and continuing the game.

You watched the game for a few minutes, voicing your opinion on what Joe should and shouldn’t do but with either suggestion there was some kind of jump scare that you make you and Joe scream.

The game seemed to calm down a little bit and without the constant on edge feeling running through your veins, your eyes slowly drifted shut.

You felt a warm hand run across your face before you felt your body being lifted up and carried into a brighter room. You blinked your eyes open to find Joe carrying you up the dimly lit staircase to his bedroom.

He laid you down his bed before he left the room quickly, the flat getting darker before he reentered the room, closing the door behind him. 

He stripped out of his clothes and crawled into bed beside you, giving you a quick kiss on your forehead before pulling you closer to him. 

“Thanks love.” He said as you nuzzled your face deeper against his chest as you wrapped your arms around him. 

“Mhmm” You managed to get out as your eye drifted shut again. 

“You know, you wouldn’t have to keep coming over here late at night if you would just move in.” 

“I wouldn’t have to keep coming over here if you stopped playing scary games in the middle of the night.” You said opening your eyes and moving your head to look up at him. 

The pout on Joe’s face made you let out a small laugh before you placed a kiss on his lips and nuzzled back into him. 

“Can we talk about this tomorrow, I want to go back to sleep.” You yawned. 

“Fine” He sighed as he kissed your head and allowed himself to calm down as he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of your breathing.

modern aesthetics
  • Shiro: dark colors and a white contrast, well-made clothes with clean lines, subtle patterns, aviators, scuffed boots, a braided leather cuff, waterproof liquid eyeliner, a silver septum ring, vetiver cologne
  • Lance: graphic tees and muscle tanks, denim jackets, artfully distressed skinny jeans, high top skater shoes, flat bill hats, cheap plastic wayfarers in neon colors, flawless nail polish, always smells like coconut and heat
  • Keith: long hair, a plain black t-shirt that has faded from multiple washes, cherry red bomber jacket, dark straight leg jeans with torn knees, battered converse sneakers, flannel shirts tied around his waist, glow-in-the-dark silicone tunnels, a tongue ring, snake bites
  • Hunk: floral patterns and bold stripes, brightly colored khakis, cargo shorts, hoodies and pullovers in earthy neutrals, a varsity jacket, pastel button downs, shoulder length hair that is never pulled back, slip on shoes or Birkenstocks
  • Pidge: oversized college sweaters with thumbholes, knitted cardigans, joggers or leggings or overalls, all white sneakers, black stretch chokers, an enormous pair of headphones, a backpack with at least five alien patches
Get to know Zury ♥

This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Full name: Zury Phoenix Salvatore

Gender: Female

Zodiac sign: Gemini

Crush (and why): Castiel, because he is not as cold as most of the people think, he is a caring friend and boyfriend. I really like that side of him <3 He never fails to make laugh as well. He has a dog you know? A DOG, I LOVE DOGGIES, that’s a plus for him. Also I love singing (which only Zed and Cas knows, cause I’m a shy lil tomato when it comes to sing in front of people) and he has a band with Lys where he plays electro guitar. Have you ever seen him playing that? He is so passionate about it and I love watching him and singing while he plays it >< +I love his wardrobe

Favorite Color: Black, khaki, pink, blue, burgundy

Favorite band/singer: Get Scared

Favorite Food: Pizza, potatoes and everything includes chocolate

Last movie watched: The Woman In Black w/Luna, we got scared to death :’>

Describes yourself in five words: Friendly, sarcastic (friends only), loyal, tomato and childish

First Kiss:  Ehm… it was with my first boyfriend who is also brother of my bestie, Luna. So I got a message from Lucien (which turned out that Luna was the one who send that message) at night, that he was waiting me at beach. I was suprised but changed my clothes and went to see him. I waited for about 20 mins there but he didnt come so I decided to go back to home. When I stand up and turned my back, there was a shadow running against me. Then I realized that it was him. He was panting (and actually looking so cute haha) when he stopped by my side. He was directly looking into my eyes and was slowly turning into red. While I was about to ask why he wanted me to come here at this hour, I felt something soft and warm on my lips which stopped me. I didnt understand what was happening for a sec, then I realized that he was kissing me. I was shocked and instantly turned into red.

Make a Wish just for yourself: I hope all those days I trained hard for championship will worth it at the end

Today’s clothes:

Still in Easter outfits~

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submitted by Ed Jelley

You only EDC the right tool for the job, right? Just like you wouldn’t take a sports car out in the snow. It’s simply not made for that. The same goes for watches — you wouldn’t take a dress watch diving. And with the weather warming up, adventure beckons. Before your next expedition, leave the dress watch for the office and pick up a tough timepiece you wouldn’t mind knocking around instead. Whether you’re hiking, camping, swimming, or just wanting something lighter on your wrist, this guide has got you covered.

The watches on this list have one or more of the following qualities that make them perfect to wear this Spring/Summer season:

  • Color accents: A white face with a pop of color gives off a more casual look.
  • Water resistance: At least 100M should do the trick if you plan on swimming with your watch.
  • Adventure-ready: Shock resistance, a self-recharging battery, and water resistance ensure that your timepiece is ready for that upcoming hike or camping trip.
  • Comfortable Strap: Over the course of the day, your wrist actually changes sizes with the temperature. Look for a strap that’s comfortable, breathable, and adjustable.

External image

Bertucci A-3P

This lightweight, easy-wearing field watch is a great option for an everyday watch. The case is made from lightweight yet strong glass reinforced resin. The integrated lugs mean there’s no spring bars to pop off or lose during activity. Plus, you can easily swap in different NATO straps by threading them through the lugs. Inside, there’s a reliable Japanese quartz movement that’ll keep accurate time. The face is protected by hardened mineral glass that will hold up against bumps and scratches. The A3-P comes in a few different variations, as well as a titanium-cased model for just a few bucks more.

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Timex Weekender

The Timex Weekender is one of the most affordable yet respected watches out there. For around $25, you get a classic-looking watch that’s great for casual wear. The Weekender features a polished 38mm case, hitting the sweet spot between garishly big and way too small. This model features a white face with 12- and 24-hour markers as well as a colorful NATO-style strap.

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The GSHOCK DW9053 is the perfect “go anywhere, do anything” watch. While it’s not what you’d call sleek or streamlined, people have long appreciated GSHOCK’s utilitarian aesthetic. Like the name implies, this resin-cased watch is shock proof — making it ideal for camping, hiking, water sports, and more. The digital watch features several time zones, a stopwatch, hourly signal, and a convenient count down timer. Its 200M of water-resistance is more than enough for swimming, so no need to baby this watch.

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Suunto Core

Suunto’s line of outdoor watches are extensively used by hikers and outdoorsy people. The rugged construction paired with a solid set of features makes the Core great for all of your outdoor adventures. The watch is more of a wrist-worn computer than anything. It gives a readout of the altitude, barometric pressure, compass, and has weather alerts. If you’re heading outdoors, the Suunto Core will make a worthy companion.

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Seiko SKX009

Seiko’s SKX line of divers make an excellent gateway into the world watches. For around $200, you get a fully capable dive watch with one of the most reliable automatic movements around. The 42mm stainless steel case features a unidirectional bezel for timing dives. We like the 009 for its pop of color. Instead of the standard black face and black bezel on the SKX007, there’s a deep blue navy dial and a navy/red “Pepsi” bezel that add a colorful contrast. The hands and indices feature Seiko’s own Lumibrite paint coating, so they’ll glow long after the lights go out.

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Daniel Wellington 0101DW

Daniel Wellington’s minimalist 0101DW is ideal for the summer months. Its 40mm rose gold-tone case is slim and lightweight, perfect for casual wear. The narrow line indices keep the dial uncluttered. Paired with the slim hands and white face, the watch is easy to read. Included is a nylon, NATO-inspired band that adds some color to an otherwise minimal watch. At just under $100, the 0101DW represents a good value for the casual watch wearer.

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Timex Expedition Scout

Timex’s affordable line of watches are some of the best out there for the money. If the Weekender isn’t your style, consider the Expedition Scout. This outdoors-inspired line looks more like a vintage military field watch than an easy-wearing Timex. One Scout variant features a double-layered nylon strap in bright orange, making it highly visible outdoors. This watch also has Timex’s Indiglo technology that lights up the entire dial when the crown is pressed. At around just $35, you can’t go wrong with the Expedition Scout.

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Seiko 5 SNK803

While the Seiko 5 series line of watches might be priced for value, it doesn’t mean they’re built cheap. To be included in this incredibly valued line of watches, each must have an automatic movement, 20M water resistance, recessed crown, durable case and bracelet, and a day/date feature. The Seiko SNK803 is no exception. All of the features are packed into a 37mm stainless steel case with a Hardlex mineral glass crystal. This khaki-colored version is ideal for the warmer months, whether you’re out and about, or just want something nice and light on your wrist in the office.

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Upgrade What You Already Have

Already have a favorite watch? A simple strap upgrade can really change how a watch looks and wears. These Perlon straps are perfect for summer. The woven nylon is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The best part is that there’s no defined holes for the strap buckle to lock in to. The buckle threads anywhere on the strap so you can adjust it to any length - ideal when your wrist size fluctuates throughout a hot day.

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What’s your favorite watch to wear over the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

12x22 and 23 thoughts

Okay from the new teaser (shaving people punting things “Two in One”) I feel like we’ve learned a few things, this got really long so more under the cut (speculation in italics): 

1.  They use a spell to try to get out of the bunker. After trying and failing to brute force their way out of the bunker’s concrete garage with a shovel. And some form of alcohol. Also, some right handed person (based on their watch) cuts their hand, which we all know is code for spell or sigil. Maybe for the get-out-of-the-bunker spell?

2. Toni is handcuffed and monitoring Dean’s brain for some reason.

3. There’s a house in a very desaturated color graded environment where a bunch of stuff goes down. We see an inside shot of the stairs (presumably of the same house), where there’s an old picture of a married couple on the wall. I think it’s the same house where we the first crib, based on the colors and the old tech in the room. Kelly is in full pre-baby mode, presumably staying in this old off the grid house, and Cas watches her (based on a vague silhouette) painting the baby’s (seemingly named “Jack” by what the wall says, did we already know that and I forgot?) room. Cas raises a finger to someone while outside the house too. Of course there’s the “Cas’s hand touching Dean’s head and glowing” snipit people are screaming about. This looks like it is in Kelly’s place at night, Sam is also there. There’s a bunch of other Kelly shots at night while she’s in a nightgown, but they don’t tell us much other than she’s very pregnant.

4. Cas standing at the edge of a lake in a mountainous region (looks like the same area-ish Lucifer is at at the end of 12x21). Probably near where the house is. (Reminds me vaguely of 6x20 when Cas talks about the ocean and his earliest memories).

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