khajiit caravan

like c’mon the thalmor aren’t nice but they’re probably respected and loved in the dominion
I want to see an altmer dovahkiin freaking the fuck out because of all this weird nord shit going on wandering into the college of winterhold and almost crying when they see ancano in his thalmor robes because holy shit they’re not alone in this frozen wasteland where everybody hates them anymore
The khajiit caravans passing thalmor patrols on the road and stopping to have an amiable chat, maybe pass around some wine imported from home and complain about the harsh weather and the harsher nords, the constant fear of attack while traveling, they may be thalmor but they’re still mortal and they still have people they want to go home to, swapping stories and reminiscing about the way the sea sparkles in the dawn light and wondering how their families are doing, letters take so long and often won’t even get all the way there
a bosmer arriving in markarth after struggling through these rocky valleys and hills full of forsworn, sometimes even stormcloaks, and imperial forces, who at least don’t try to kill them but they’re hardly friendly, and trudging up to the jarl’s keep to deliver whatever they were told to deliver and be greeted with the sight of those familiar robes, faces that look like their own, familiar voices, later joining them in their quarters and feeling freer and safer than they have since they crossed into this awful country
less evil racist supremacist aldmeri dominion more three dimensional relatable actual people aldmeri dominion

u know how universal did a thing and made a huge big park for harry potter and they had the school and the wand shops and everything
what if something like that was made for skyrim

imagine a whiterun and a riften and a solitude and a riverwood and you could buy stuff from the shopkeepers who dress as the respective shopkeepers

you would sleep and eat at the different inns like the bannered mare and the bunkhouse, it would only cost $10 for a room since in game it’s only 10 septims, and they’d sell real life sweet rolls and eidar cheese and grilles leeks and charred skeever hide (which would probably be some kind of fish or beef irl)

you could buy props like fake steel swords and hide shields and fake armor or jewelry from the blacksmiths

there could be little tombs and people dressed as draugrs in there and they’d hide something in the tombs, and at different points of the day they’d give different quests where you go get one of the hidden things while avoiding the draugr actors and bring the thing back to an actor and they would give you like $5 or a free sweet roll

animatronic dragons that yell yol toor shul or fo krah diin and fire or snow from a snow machine comes out, and would speak in dovah via an actor inside with with a microphone and Very Big Speakers

plays that are about forsworn attacks, bandit raids, the civil war

people that walk around and randomly ask you about which side youre on - stormcloaks or the empire, and if you side with the one they don’t like they’ll sneer at you every time you pass them for the rest of the day

carriage rides to the different hold capitals, sometimes bandit attacks would be scheduled and if you were on the carriage at that time bandit actors would seize the carriage and you’d have to walk

khajiit caravans that sell skooma that’s actually just an energy drink shot



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have you ever accidentally created an entire khajiit caravan while trying to write an essay cause guess what the fuck I just did

how do you think i created ma’jahrann’s family

essays are important man, save that cat lore for when you’re done with your homework :p

Kind of annoyed and tired with recent fan additions to the TES community that fail to understand WHY Nords are distrusting of outsiders (Skyrim’s brought in a lot of idiots). Additionally, I am completely aware of the irony of stereotyping an entire group of people as being prejudiced. I’ll let that sink in for a bit. So, let’s examine some historical and cultural facts about some of the wonderful and varied inhabitants of Tamriel. Since people don’t like picking up a damn book or hitting up the UESP wiki and reading for five minutes.

Nords: Distrusting of outsiders (especially Mer) due to historical rivalries and conflicts. Originates with original Betrayal. When the Atmorans first settled in Skyrim, they were largely on friendly terms with the native Falmer (Snow Elves). The Falmer betrayed the Atmorans so they could acquire the Eye of Magnus from within Saarthal (a city-fortress that Ysgramor had built to house the Eye as to protect the world from it’s power). After this, the Atmorans/Nords were at war with the Chimer every ten or twenty years. The Chimer would invade Skyrim, or the Nords would invade Morrowind. The Battle of Red Mountain didn’t help race relations any after the Nords found out the Dwemer used them so they could steal the heart of Shor for themselves as to power their Numidium (Heart of Lorkhan). Also, Ysmir was kinda pissed (being the Champion of Lorkhan/part of the Oversoul that is Talos and all). Distrusting of Magicks due to historic issues regarding application of Magicks i.e., Eye of Magnus, Saarthal Incident, War with Snow Elves, War with Dwemer, Wars with Chimer, Battle of Red Mountain, Oblivion Crisis, Great War, Great Collapse, etc… you get the point.

Dunmer: Enslaved the Argonians for hundreds and hundreds of years until the coming of Tiber Septim’s Empire. Think African slave-trade when we bring up the Argonian slave trade. Except without the Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and British Empires fucking up cultural relations for the future. It would be the Dunmer that mess up the Argonians’ perception of the world beyond Black Marsh. Even after the coming of the Septim Dynasty. And this would have hilarious results after the Oblivion Crisis.

Argonians: Following the Red Year, the Argonians seceded from the Empire and laid seige/invaded/committed genocide against the Dunmer in “retaliation” for being enslaved (note: past tense; slavery was made illegal in Morrowind way before the events of the Red Year). Argonians proceeded to butcher innocent men, women and children.

Khajiit: Culturally, a race of thieves, liars, crackheads, peddlers, assassins, mercenaries, and traders. Seriously, they celebrate OD'ing on Skooma, duplicity, and backstabbing culturally. It’s in their damn lore. What else do you expect from a race that names Sheogorath as the Skooma Cat? Khajiit in Skyrim claim all these facts are stereotypes. Yet every Khajiit caravan is trading Moon Sugar and Skooma. Geez, wonder why they aren’t allowed in the city proper. Notice that all the Thieves that rob you on the road are Khajiit. Also believed the Altmer Space Wizards of Alinor ended a fucking eclipse using Dawn Magicks (Note: They lied out of their ass. But the Khajiit are too hopped up on Skooma to realize this fact.). An eclipse that happens once every several hundred years. Seriously. This is why they left the Empire. Dawn Space Magicks.

Altmer: Carrying on the Ehlnofey’s (the et'Ada that settled in Atmora eventually devolved/were cursed into becoming the first Men i.e. Atmorans. The et'Ada of Ehlnofey attacked them when they were reunited because they thought the proto-Atmorans were “animals/savages”. Even though the proto-Atmorans had recognized their lost kindred. This is where Mer vs. Men hatred stems from.) illogical hatred of Lorkhan and all those that were born from his trickery (i.e. themselves and all mortals). Also the reason the Altmer are, for the most part (though not true for all individuals), so racist. Can’t figure out why the Thalmor of Alinor want to bring about the end of the world? They actually believe all Altmer will become as their original demi-Aedra forms upon Lorkhan’s “death” (he’s kind of not dead… yet). Though this would mean the end of the known world, and possibly Mundus.

I’ll save the discussion of how Talos is an Aedra and how it’s related to Lorkhan/the Shezaarines for another day. TL;DR - Read moar guys, you’d be surprised what you can learn from those dusty old tomes littering the game world.

“The other day I started a Journey from riften to windhelm with a fairly low level character and on the way I was attacked by two bears but was helped by a khajiit caravan. I decided to stick with them and along the way ran into two alik’r warriors and a group of revellers and we all walked towards Windhelm together finally splitting up around Kynesgrove. I’ll never forget that moment and the help they gave me along the way.”

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Once I came across one of the Khajiit caravans on the road and I was going to talk to them, when one of the guards decided that his people needed him and started walking in the air. I followed him as best I could but he eventually soared into the sky like a majestic walking eagle and I still don't know where he went to this day.

It’s so beautiful, i love it when they do that

“I think I have the worst luck with this game. I’ve had vampires and their death hounds kill my first horse (my horse wasn’t even near me!), I’ve lost track of how many times giants and dragons have attacked my house (I’m now super paranoid whenever I see a bird’s shadow fly over me), I can’t get Hjerim because ‘Blood on the Ice’ won’t start (and I’ve tried everything), a dragon attacked me while I was in the middle of talking with some Khajiit caravans, and not once, but TWICE I’ve been attacked by 2 dragons at once!”

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