Happy 24th birthday Ariana Grande! (June 26, 1993)

There’s scrutinity that comes with it, but I’m proud of myself for embracing it in my art and for keeping that cute shot of my booty in the “Dangerous Woman” video! There was a moment when we were editing when my director, Nev, was like, “You’re going to be sad one day if we don’t keep this in.” I was like, “Nev, when I’m 95, that is going to be framed over my fireplace.” I’m not defined by it. I’m still a giving, loving person–that’s not lessened by the fact that I showed my booty in a music video. I’m a good person–and I have a cute booty. It’s a horrible situation that we’re dealing with right now as women. I feel bad for girls who go to school with a short skirt and are told that they’re asking for it just because they like [to show] their legs