khabie khushi khabie gham

Reblog if you cried when

-Rahul got banished from his house in khabi khushi khabi gham
-Rahul came back home in khabi khushi khabi gham
-Rahul was reunited with his brother in khabi khushi khabi gham
-Anjali leaves college on the train in kuch kuch hota hai
-Anjali gets the word “ma” at the minute competition
-Ishaan gets dropped off at boarding school in taare zameen par
-Mohan Bhargav thinks back to his time spent with the genuine people of his village in India. In swades
-lieutenant ajay Singh Rathod’s was given a soldiers farewell in raang de basaanti
-Sunil realizes that Aana would be happier with someone else in khabi ha khabi naa
-devdas is dying under the tree thinking about paro in devdas
-Raju tries to commit suicide and rancho and Farhan are running to save him in 3 idiots