khabi kushi khabie gham

meanyoongis  asked:

Omg I just saw your K3G gif post and asdfghklll you like Bollywood too??!!!

(last summer me and my cousins watched it again after years in someones house, then i stayed over at their house and we watched it again, but one of my other cousins came late so she missed the first half - so when it finished, she started it from the beginning and we ended up watching it the 3rd time in 2 days) 

i have a weird relationship with bollywood movies where i have 4 movies that i’ll watch forever (khabi kushi khabi gham, kuch kuch hota hai, kal ho na ho and lagaan)

and then once in a blue moon i’ll be at an aunty’s house and watch something ‘new’ lmao 

oh and idk where Bride and Prejudice stands, but i also watch that like twice a year lmao