My dad, mom, and me sit in the living room in silence for a few minutes and my dad makes a comment saying, “That was a good weekend.”  I think about it and remember that he was very sick with the flu the entire time. I wonder what made him think it was a good weekend before he adds on, “Lots of Star Trek.” Ah, yes, I remember now. We had watched nearly all the Star Trek movies.

I’m glad to know I’ve made my father proud.


For @trekbedtimestories who requested photos from EMP’s Star Trek exhibit (and anyone else who wants a glimpse!).

The museum has original uniforms and props from all the Trek incarnations, as well as history on Star Trek and its influence on pop culture. Plus some fun interactive displays like a transporter pad and a KHAAAAN! yelling booth. 

The whole exhibit warmed my Trekkie heart.


Hey, its time to get a new clanmate. I’m extremely divided between Azban, Jeskai, and Sultai and most frequently mentioned clan shall be the one I join guys help me choose