thegyoulovetohate  asked:

How is KHAAAAN the groundhog doing? Does he still live with you or did he finally move?

OK. So I kinda violated the gopher war peace treaty.

KHAAAAN was digging this big ugly hole just outside my kitchen window so I got REALLY mad last week and picked up this GIANT rock and sat it on top of the hole. I made sure KHAAAAN  wasn’t in there at the time so I didn’t squish him, (because this is a nonviolent gopher war), BUT IT SEEMED TO DO THE TRICK.

He has gotten discouraged with that particular spot and moved his wrath to parts of my yard that I care less about.

But now I have this random giant ugly rock sitting outside my kitchen window so I guess it’s more of a step sideways rather than a step forward.

…I never knew I could hate a single gopher so much.

My dad, mom, and me sit in the living room in silence for a few minutes and my dad makes a comment saying, “That was a good weekend.”  I think about it and remember that he was very sick with the flu the entire time. I wonder what made him think it was a good weekend before he adds on, “Lots of Star Trek.” Ah, yes, I remember now. We had watched nearly all the Star Trek movies.

I’m glad to know I’ve made my father proud.


Hey, its time to get a new clanmate. I’m extremely divided between Azban, Jeskai, and Sultai and most frequently mentioned clan shall be the one I join guys help me choose