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I've always looked at Sora and Kairi as having a sibling relationship anyways... if anyone came into my ask box demanding I draw it I'd be super uncomfortable. Also I see Riku as a gay man.

I see the relationship between Sora and Kairi as a childhood crush, really, and I see that they love each other as friends and family. But really the relationship that Riku and Sora have is so… deep. I see it that way and after their reunion in the end of KH II and all DDD. The redemption of Riku and how Sora looked for him and when he found him he literally cried from happiness… Really that touched my heart. Well that’s my opinion of course…


Kingdom Hearts II - Chapter 63 - Seeing the Heart

i honestly loved this chapter to death, not only did Sora find his boyfriend and girlfriend, but he nearly got shot in the face and cursed about it

anyway, this was probably the cutest panel of Sora in the whole manga, and him finding his boyfriend, it seemed like he should’ve been more shocked, so i took matters into my own hands


A new Kingdom Hearts III trailer was released at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- Concert in LA!

New world announcement + New Trailer to be released on July 15th during D23 Expo!



Sora (or Sky)

I told myself I wasn’t going to do this because it felt like something that was forbidden territory, and I didn’t think it would work, but surprisingly his design came naturally to me. (Especially the hair). After receiving an influx of messages asking me to do my take on Sora (AND I MEAN A LOT OF MESSAGES) I figured I’d at least try it. So here he is. I based this outfit of the “World Of Final Fantasy” and “KH 3D” outfit. I wanted to show that you can put POC (Especially black people) in these kinds of stories and still get the same effect. It’s really not as hard as people think and it can be done without making them stereotypes or tropes. The “Key” is to have a love and appreciation for the core of who the character is. The essence of who they are.

In this drawing, Sora reminds me of my little brother, Julius. Its probably because of how warm his personality is and how much he doesn’t hold grudges and has a genuine love for people. Like Sora, He’s playful, but he’s got a lot of wisdom for his age. There’s an innocence to him, that I feel is prevalent here. I guess I subconsciously ended up drawing that here. Now that I think about it, He’s 13 going on 14 years old now, which is the age of Sora in the 1st KH. So maybe that’s why…. He’s also is a big KH fan himself. (That’s my fault) I guess, I’m doing this for him too.

And Yes, you can cosplay as this and yes I’m doing Riku and Kairi and a few others later. Don’t worry. Mkay. I’m rambling. Back to work!