if you think namine is a bland/boring character please consider:

  • we still know hardly anything about her birth. what even is namine? why is her hair blonde while kairi’s is red? (cough ventus cough) 
  • she has powers over sora and everyone connected to him. basically everyone is connected to sora do you people even realize how powerful namine is
  • she was used and manipulated from the start, but she’s still incredibly goodhearted, going out of her way to help people and willingly putting herself in harm’s way to protect them even though she has no weapon or way to defend herself
  • manipulated sora and repliku but also knows what she did was wrong and does her best to make up for it, working tirelessly and doing everything within her power to restore sora and friends’ memories and right her wrongs.
  • a female character..with FLAWS??? amazing. she makes mistakes and learns from them. who else can that be said about
  • the closest thing she had to a friend was sora but she literally had to erase herself from his memory
  • after CoM she’s like a guardian angel she just helps everyone
  • imagine working under DiZ and his asshole point of view on nobodies. he even planned to kill her after she was done working on sora’s heart. this girl did not have it easy okay she never has and she deserves all the good things in the world
  • you may not like namine but if you don’t think she’s a strong character get out of my face