chalupacabras  asked:

Hey just a cute idea I had, could you do mbti types as animals? Take all the time you want ^^

Hey thank you! It’s been done a couple times before and some of them will be the same but i’ll give it a shot

INFJ: Horse- loyal after you earn it, doesn’t like too much authority, pretty gentle yet powerful 
ESTP: Hyena- social, action oriented, on their own side
INTJ: Fox- sly and calculated, loner 
ESFP: Dolphin- exited and energetic, pretty social 
INFP: Bird- peaceful, a little adventurous, withdrawn yet gentle  
ESTJ: Wolf- loyal, cold, and systematic, with a soft spot 
INTP: Owl- detached, symbol of knowledge, quiet, neutral 
ESFJ: Dog- it does not require explanation. 
ISFJ: Bear cub- soft and sweet, but like, don’t mess with them
ENTP: Chameleon- strange, adaptable, detached 
ISTJ: Parrot- loyal yet blunt, look to the past for information 
ENFP: Monkey- social, strange, exited 
ISFP: Deer- neutral, peaceful, cautious 
ENTJ: Tiger- powerful, quiet yet deadly 
ISTP: Cat- neutral and unfriendly but still loves you, can survive the wild
ENFJ: Lion- generally peaceful yet powerful, like to lead or exist in a community