Do you know what time it is?!?!

It’s time for this song!!!!

Aqua - Dr. Jones

I said I wouldn’t do my usual ‘different skies for different backgrounds’ thing for a mini-series, yet here I am again, using it XD;  oh well. At least it isn’t my usual sunset background either. 

I am not 100% satisfied with this, but for a first attempt at a 'proper’ drawing of Terra and Aqua (squee) it’s more than enough. 

Now I’m not sure if I portrayed their height difference right… o_o; 

If I could change the currents of our lives
To make the river flow where it’s run dry
To be a prodigal of Father Time
Then I would see you tonight…

Lonely finds me
One day, you will come
Then I’ll wait
For love’s sake
One day, to me…love…