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Name: Dawood

Nicknames: DJ, D, Salt, Crisp

Birthday: 08/12/1993
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Favorite Color: Blue

Time and date at current moment: Jan 27, 2015, 3:30 PM 
Lucky Number: 10
Last thing I googled: Pokken - Pokemon version of Tekken. YES!
One place that makes me happy: My room or anywhere that has no stress or sadness
How many blankets I sleep under: I sleep under one blanket or no blanket, but it really depends on the weather

Fictional Character: My favorite fictional character would have to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland because really, I can relate to her in so many ways
Books/TV Shows/Anime: Alice in Wonderland/The Big Bang Theory/Darker than Black
Favourite Food: I love Katsu Chicken so much… ugh
Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: BIG HERO 6 YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dream Wedding: I kind of like the idea of a wedding in the forest or woods, it seems like it would be intimate and serene

Dream Job: My dream job when I was little was a spy, but now that I’m older any job is a dream job haha. HOWEVER, I still want to be a spy.

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