anonymous asked:

You are the dumbest bitch alive if you would honestly want wreck it ralph in kingdom hearts. People like you don't even deserve to play kingdom hearts

that’s kind of mean, don’t you think?

you’re entitled to your own opinion which is why i won’t argue with you with why i would want wreck-it ralph in kingdom hearts or bash you for not wanting it. i respect your opinion. but please, don’t put down other people who don’t have the same opinion as you with shallow insults like “the dumbest bitch alive”

to say that anyone “doesn’t even deserve” to play kingdom hearts i think you’ve completely misinterpreted the entire message that the game tries to convey to its players…

last i checked kingdom hearts was a game about conquering the darkness and certainly not about reserving things for the elite, or a game that promotes anonymously sending hatred with the purpose of hurting someone’s feelings.

i wonder what you wanted to get out of this message - did you want me to delete my gifset or stop with my gifseries? i’m sorry if you’re disappointed, but this dumb bitch is going to continue on because making those edits and sharing them.

i’m going to keep doing whatever makes me happy, because kingdom hearts has taught me that we should never give up regardless of obstacles.

anonymous asked:

when is the next kh3worlds gif set getting published? i check your tag every day cause they're so good!

oh noo i’m so sorry! i was going to work on it during the last days of summer i had, but the internet, phone AND water broke down at my house (like i live in a very nice place… i’m just unlucky because my parents chose a shady chinese internet provider)

the next one will take a while, since i’m taking a lot of advanced courses in school. i can aim for next week if i’m lucky! sorry if i disappoint you! D:

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Wow x_x That anon was crazy hateful. Pffff. I for one think it would be amazing/perfect for Wreck-It-Ralph to be in Kingdom Hearts! I wanna see Sora get sucked into a video game world INSIDE a video game world. It's like Inception for video games >u> I game inside a game! AND THEN MINI GAMES INSIDE THAT.

holy crap! when i saw i got another anon message right after i replied to that one i got a heart attack! i thought you were the same anon! hahaha

and yeah, i know! it was one of my first choices for worlds in kingdom hearts 3 - it was practically a perfect movie and it would have the perfect balance between action and fun in the world.

and since kingdom hearts is in a sort-of real world setting i don’t think it would be terrible if he just ended up in litwik’s arcade and used the keyblade to enter the wreck-it ralph world… he did it with winnie the pooh and tron!

twilightown asked:

holy hell okay I'm so happy you're starting this gif series, the worlds you wanna see in KH3? I have a request for that??? Hawaii for Lilo & Stitch? I've seen Stitch in the series but no Lilo :( I understand it's what /you/ wanna see so if you don't want to that's completely fine!!

hi there and thank you so much for the support! c:

i would love love LOVE to see a lilo and stitch world too - i can try my best to make one but lilo and stitch is a 2D movie so it would be really hard to make it look realistic… what i do is i just mask sora into scenes that already exist in movies

i’ll put it on my list of worlds to try but there are no guarantees! :c

i’d love to take requests from people for any 3D animated movies though!

thetwilightroadtonightfall asked:

How about a Tangled or Toy Story world? At least for Toy Story, some designs were found, but were never used.

toy story designs were found?? that’s so cool! i guess since disney didn’t own pixar at the time they never got to use them?

anyway, a tangled world is coming up next! and thanks for the toy story suggestion - i’ll work on that! though, with all the sequels in the franchise i don’t know which toy story to use! :o (also, what would you call the world? andy’s room?)