KH COUNTDOWN: DAY 25 - YES I MISSED THE 24th DAY because it was my sister and my birthday yesterday and we were at the Star Wars exhibit at the Discovery Science Center (THE CUUUUUUBE). But this is a quick request. Obviously it’s Sora and Roxas at the movies. They are engrossed in watching the film. Which is suppose to be The Hunger Games. I don’t keep up with these things, guys.
Ahhhhh okay I’m gonna see what else I can do now.;;; /crawls away

I felt like drawing Sora. Again. Except without the smile. Sketched before I decided to color it horribly and everything. It’s fun posing him for fighting stuff, seriously. I also dedicate this to everyone who plays the kid. Because I can.
Man, you’d think for a Kingdom Key it’d be easy to draw. NOPE.jpeg

KH COUNTDOWN: DAY 28 - Anniversary of Tenth …That sounds silly, but there you go. I know there’s been a lot of awesome fanart put up for this important date. While being mixed in nostalgia, I decided to contribute a quieter piece to everyone’s efforts – back to a place where it all began. So yes, that’s Destiny Island cupcake.

Ten years ago, way back in high school, my sister came back from E3 with some freebies. One of them included some promotional material for the next Square-Enix games…and one of them was Kingdom Hearts. It was a game that somehow instantly struck my interest due to the fact that it combined Disney characters with Final Fantasy-like settings. To be honest, it was mostly the Disney part that kept my attention.

And once I started playing, I got sucked into this wonderful, convoluted world.

Although I admit I haven’t finished half of the games that came out, I’m still very involved in the series. Even when I thought I was falling out of it, I find myself being pulled back in. I feel so old thinking about it, but man. Ten years. Pat yourself on the back for hanging in on this.