Day 29 – Least favorite voice

Kairi’s apparently :/ her english voice is sooo annoying,her japanese is ALOT better.


Kingdom Hearts Challenge, Day 2
Again Respect  to Original Photo/ Gif people, I simply found you on google.

Favorite Character: Ventus
There are many reasons why I love him. Birth by Sleep was the first Kingdom Hearts I played through and knew, so its really special. The thing I love about Ventus is he has a kind of double personality. One micute, he’s like a little kid in Disney World who is cute and naive. You then can see why Terra/ Aqua are so protective. But next minute, he goes through self-discovery and sacrifice that are probably more mature then most of us. His story made my cry, which is one of the few scenes I did.

Plus, Jesse McCartney is always a plus.


Kingdom Hearts Challenge- Day 19
A picture of a Kingdom Hearts cosplay
Hmm well I do not personally cosplay, but I do think people that do are really awesome and hard working. Like props to you all. So I went to New York City Comiccon last year and took a bunch of pictures of cosplays I loved (IDK ITS WHAT YOU DO) and here are some of them.

I take no credit for any of these people. Honestly, I know none of them. If any of them are you, just tell me XD.

Kingdom Hearts Challenge, Attempt 2

Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game

Day 02 – Favorite character

Day 03 – Least favorite character

Day 04 – Character you are most like

Day 05 – Character you would be enemies with

Day 06 – Favorite land

Day 07 – Favorite heartless

Day 08 – Most difficult boss battle

Day 09 – Favorite music

Day 10 – Favorite original Disney character

Day 11 – Favorite original Final Fantasy character

Day 12 – Character you wish would be crossed over

Day 13 – Favorite summon

Day 14 – Favorite magic

Day 15 – Favorite form

Day 16 – Favorite clothing worn by any character

Day 17 – Favorite intro

Day 18 – Favorite pairing

Day 19 – A picture of a Kingdom Hearts cosplay

Day 20 – Character you would cosplay as

Day 21 – Organization member you would get rid of

Day 22 – The scene that made you happiest

Day 23 – The scene that made you the saddest

Day 24 – Favorite key blade

Day 25 – Favorite gaming system to play Kingdom Hearts on

Day 26 – Favorite official art

Day 27 – Favorite fan art

Day 28 – Favorite voice

Day 29 – Least favorite voice

Day 30 – What Kingdom Hearts means to you // How has it changed you?

Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Challenge

Day 14- Favorite Magic- Curaga

I’m not really a fan of magic in most games minus Birth by Sleep and DDD. KH I barely used and KH2 I only used it when forced. Chain of memories didn’t give you many options.

So probably cure. Gotta love it.

Gif copyright to person who made it that obviously has more photoshop skill than I ever will.

Day 02 – Favorite character

ROXAS of kingdom hearts days.


well, i played him on our DS and he’s really good.. and he’s voice actor on english dub is really really good. *fangirl mode* . the reason why he fights for himself for just being a nobody of sora is remarkable too.:3

Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game


this will be my favorite kingdom hearts game. the fact that it has higher definition and has great story line. :)


and this where all KH games begin as of i know. correct me if I have this lame opinion. XD


Day 28 – Favorite voice

DEFINITELY Sora’s voice ! It’s soo adorable ♥__♥ (: