Bruce Boxleitner says he’s “done” with TRON

Bruce Boxleitner, actor of the titular character Tron and his human user Alan Bradley from the TRON franchise, was recently interviewed by /Film at the Hallmark Channel’s Television Critics Association summer press tour party promoting his TV show Cedar Cove where he was asked about his thoughts on TRON 3 and if it may ever be revived in the future.

Boxleitner had been a massive advocate of keeping the hope for TRON alive in the past and always seemed happy to reprise his role as Tron and Alan Bradley in works like TRON: LegacyTRON 2.0Kingdom Hearts II, and the cancelled animated series TRON: Uprising. It seems even the most passionate have their limits, and Disney reached them for Boxleitner as he remarked, “I’m done with it. I’ve moved on. I hate to say that but it’s been too up and down for me. I would rather not just keep going.”

The actor continued to discuss how the third TRON film had been really close to starting production, but it appeared Disney just wasn’t interested in continuing the franchise, citing that Disney is much more concentrated on Marvel, Star Wars, and their classic Disney live action adaptions now.

But, what does this mean for us? One of the appealing aspects of the Kingdom Hearts series has always been the fact that many of the original actors from the Disney films featured in the series would reprise their roles to provide an authentic feel to the games. While we have very little idea of what content will be in Kingdom Hearts III, fans have always assumed that we would see Tron again even if it was just a minor role or would make a grand return to the Space Paranoids world located inside of Radiant Garden’s computer.

Considering Boxleitner’s words, though, even if TRON does appear in the upcoming game it may be without him behind the voice.

Source: Nerdist, /Film via Shadow Fenix