From the perspective of a lesbian viewer, there’s so little out there on regular TV that they can look at and go: ‘That represents me, there I am’, that I feel a great responsibility to get this right and I hope we are getting it right. Over the years, gay men have had role models on TV shows, including Holby, but there are very, very few gay women. So I think and hope there will be a good deal of support. At the end of the day, love is love.- Catherine Russell      

I think the fans are doing extra shipping for no reason. They’ve been shipping Daryl and Carol for seven years now and I don’t think anything’s happened. We just had an episode and we were already running through the field with flowers and having a picnic. It’s crazy, man. People take it and run with it. Obviously, there’s a relationship there. Romantic? I don’t know.

Khary Payton talking about Carzekiel (x)

PS for people who didn’t get it: The question Brandon gave him was if Carzekiel was romantic or if people were doing “EXTRA shipping for no reason” and he said people were doing extra shipping for no reason cause people already shipped Carol and Daryl for years he was not saying y’all should stop shipping Caryl but instead saying nothing happened between Carol and Ezekiel except forming a connection and there is nothing to ship.