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‘FYKHS Logo’ by Toominator
This is a collection of items with the FYKHS logo! Enjoy! • Buy this artwork on apparel, stickers, phone cases, and more.

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            I can not Hold on

                   Call Me heartless.

       A little series based off the lyrics and subtext they hold for Lux.

First stop on our Kingdom Hearts World Study list…is Arendelle! 

Took me forever to get that Ice Palace and Snowflakes looking right!

I noticed that a big trend is that the prominent locations are part of the world art. I’d figure that Elsa’s palace would be an obvious one to put in the art (also since there would be a boss battle there) but I also put in ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post’ since it would be a great Save Point, and the Frozen Fjord, since that would be where the Hans’ boss battle would be. The Northern Lights were added for fun! 

As with the logo, I thought the snowflakes really add that nice touch to the logo. The one on top of the 'A’ was an offhand idea to resemble the first Frozen trailer where Elsa was on the mountaintop and like sassing Anna and stuff. 

I guess you can also call the world; the Frozen Fjord. That was another name it could be called. Who knows. 

i haven’t seen anyone else point this out yet so i might as well do it. in the jump festa trailer you can see that way to dawn’s keychain has been updated.

for comparison here’s what it looked like in the original release of kh3d.

i like that now it’s more reminiscent of the kh logo, with the inward swirls. feels less connected to the heartless emblem that way, like it’s moving away from the darkness.

anonymous asked:

So according to some fansite there was a planned Kingdom Hearts app called Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Keys. Apparently there is "concept art" out but a website with one of the supposed developers, a lot of it seems very fake with some of the concept art looking fishy and dates of films not exactly matching up. But I've seen nothing about this and I don't see any other of the fansites covering it. I've only seen one play talk about it, have you guys heard anything?

Like you, we’re highly suspect of Fragmented Keys and decided to do some digging as well. 

If we start with the single screenshot of the game shared by a reddit user who claims to have discovered it on a lost phone (how convenient that the person who lost it immediately showed up to support that claim), we can easily dismiss that as it is covered with image editing errors (the heart in KH logos are always a steel/silver, the logo itself isn’t even properly cut out as you can see indentations along the curves, the obvious Photoshop drop shadow, the Disney logo above the heart that is never actually present in-game, not even in the Disney-made Kingdom Hearts VCast, etc.)

As for Mr. Philip Cruden’s company website, Go For Launch Productions, that was linked in the article that reported Fragmented Keys, there’s something that doesn’t quite make sense. On his full profile, he links his company website and his personal blog, both of which are strangely hosted on But the bigger thing here is the existence of this third website for his company which looks far more professional, and one that you’d more likely expect. If you also compare the artwork on more professional website to the ones for Fragmented Keys, you can see there is a tremendous difference in quality.

And then there’s the question of the concept art itself, which is a strange collection of official Disney concept art for the animated films (one of the landscape paintings for the supposed Frozen world is actually a piece that was officially released for the film, with Anna and Kristoff removed), actual fanart made by the Kingdom Hearts community (a good example would be the Dive to the Heart platform in Game Central Station), and promotional renders released by Square Enix (there’s one of Agrabah with 2 Carpets, 2 Genies and a Jafar from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2). The “New Town Concepts” are also blatant copies of Radiant Garden from Birth by Sleep.

None of that would ever be accepted as official concept art, especially for Disney. Go For Launch Productions has been working in the industry for well over a decade; there’s no way they would make mistakes like that.

There is still the possibility that there might have been something in the works at Disney, but this doesn’t seem to be it. 

people crying over no KH at e3 like do u not care about other games. sony’s conference was So Good non-stop games plus a live orchestra DURING live gameplay like HOLY SHIT MAN so good.

i can get having a sliver of hope but PLEASE “upcoming announcements this winter” right at the end of KH2.8′s trailer and you’re surprised there’s no KH3. like i’m sorry pal that’s not Square’s fault or Sony’s fault.

Square’s gonna talk about KH during SE presents anyway so like…… calm yourself some of these posts in the kingdom hearts tags is crazy. 

the only thing i’m surprised about is that they didn’t have a replay of 2.8′s trailer at the very least but that was literally it expecting KH3 to be there is your own fault tbh so i’m just taking all these salt posts with a literal grain of salt at this point.

on a side note i also saw a few people complaining that it was FFXV instead of KH when the square logo appeared and it’s like Holy Shit final fantasy is their baby and FFXV has been anticipated for a decade….. KH3 was only announced a few years ago pls recognize seniority.

idk man it’s just i get so excited over these conferences and it’s like a huge Downer to see fans do nothing but gripe about what they Didn’t Get when it comes to kingdom hearts. especially about content that was nowhere near promised. just makes the fandom look ungrateful but that’s just my opinion.

anyway i loved sony’s conference once again they won e3. DAT DUBSTEP THO FOR THE FFXV TRAILER heck yea what quality content.

Dave and I are already talking wedding stuff

and we’re leaning towards the date being March 1st cause one, lots of planning time and two, it’s our anniversary already so hey, saves us from having to remember more dates! Also the 1st is on a Sunday so it’s a weekend at least.

As far as themes, we’re leaning towards a subtle Kingdom Hearts theme~ Since it’s something David and I both adore and have for a long time! We’re thinking we both get Sora necklaces to wear, both wear yellow shoes–he’d wear all black, red and yellow for KH2 Sora and I’d wear a dress that’s either red or has red in it for KH2 Sora. Bridesmaids will be in silver, black and white for Nobodies and Groomsmen in black with yellow ties for Heartless. And we’ll start the ceremony right in the middle and say that it’ll make more sense if you went to all the side ceremonies first. And we can have stuff with the KH heart logo on it and little paopu fruit on the tables~ And if anyone says the words ‘got it memorized’ I’m feeding them to the fucking dogs.

[edit] If anyone screams 'GET UP ON THE HYDRA’S BACK’ during the ceremony, they’ll get all the fucking high fives in the world