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Kingdom Hearts •  2.8 Box Art
 >> / iPhone BGs [1334 x 750]

Because we, collectively as a fandom, need these.


            I can not Hold on

                   Call Me heartless.

       A little series based off the lyrics and subtext they hold for Lux.

people crying over no KH at e3 like do u not care about other games. sony’s conference was So Good non-stop games plus a live orchestra DURING live gameplay like HOLY SHIT MAN so good.

i can get having a sliver of hope but PLEASE “upcoming announcements this winter” right at the end of KH2.8′s trailer and you’re surprised there’s no KH3. like i’m sorry pal that’s not Square’s fault or Sony’s fault.

Square’s gonna talk about KH during SE presents anyway so like…… calm yourself some of these posts in the kingdom hearts tags is crazy. 

the only thing i’m surprised about is that they didn’t have a replay of 2.8′s trailer at the very least but that was literally it expecting KH3 to be there is your own fault tbh so i’m just taking all these salt posts with a literal grain of salt at this point.

on a side note i also saw a few people complaining that it was FFXV instead of KH when the square logo appeared and it’s like Holy Shit final fantasy is their baby and FFXV has been anticipated for a decade….. KH3 was only announced a few years ago pls recognize seniority.

idk man it’s just i get so excited over these conferences and it’s like a huge Downer to see fans do nothing but gripe about what they Didn’t Get when it comes to kingdom hearts. especially about content that was nowhere near promised. just makes the fandom look ungrateful but that’s just my opinion.

anyway i loved sony’s conference once again they won e3. DAT DUBSTEP THO FOR THE FFXV TRAILER heck yea what quality content.