kh hd 1.5


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Tell us your favorite quotes from your character. Give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said. Then tag your friends.

If they’re gone, they’re gone. No point in crying over split milk.(358/2 Days)

“What’s there to leave behind? We’re not even supposed to "be” in the first place.“
 (KH 1.5 HD Remix)

Wait a minute, how would that even be possible? We don’t exist, remember? What you’re saying goes against the laws of nature.(KH 2)

Gee… I just don’t know. (KH 2)

” - Aren’t hearts great? Steer us wrong every time.(KH Dream Drop Distance)

[extra!] You can count on me. (Braig - Birth By Sleep / Where The Heart Goes)

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