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Ok this might be a stretch and I’m probably hella late, but I’ve been replaying BBS and something keeps bothering me. Is it just me or does Master Eraqus’s inner garment:

Kind of (?) looks like Ansem SOD’s/Terra-nort’s guardian heartless: 

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Honestly though, the amount of confusion in the KH fandom about the laws and history of the KH universe isn’t because Sora is an unreliable narrator, it’s because all of the people who are suppose to be guiding and teaching him are fucking incompetent. There’s a reason my tag for King Mickey is “king of misinformation”

1) makes Sora, Donald, and Goofy believe their efforts in the first game did nothing to help the worlds “because it was just an imposter not a real threat

2) literally if he had told them about Aqua, Terra, Ven, and Master Xehanort from the beginning (I mean, even just telling Riku when they were stuck in the realm of darkness together would have helped!) all of these fucking things would have been resolved by now or at least Ven would probably be awake and Aqua wouldn’t be rotting in the realm of darkness.

3) Yen Sid is also a fucking piece of manipulative shit, failing Sora during the Mark of Mastery for the RL equivalent of two students getting 100% on a test, but because Student A did the extra credit questions, Student B, even though they should have passed, received a failing grade instead. Even if they’ve had far more experience and field work in the subject than Student A. Even if Student fucking B sacrificed their fucking self too many fucking mess to save the very universe. But, because they didn’t do the extra credit questions, they failed the test. Even though they got 100% of the objective.

Sora canonically unlocked all of the sleeping world’s first; when he fell into his sleep forced on him by the organization, Riku the. unlocked the same worlds in Sora’s dreams. This is how he became a Dream Eater and gained the power to dive into Sora’s heart.

Yes, I am proud of Riku for becoming a master…but fucking Sora has been through so much shit, only to have his accomplishments dismissed time and time again. "You’re not a true hero!” (Phil) “you didn’t defeat the real Ansem” (Mickey, who then willingly lets them think they did nothing significant instead of explaining that hells yes they saved the fucking worlds they were just calling the guy the wrong name) etc, etc, etc. I am still and shall forever be pissed off about that.