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Today Kingdom Hearts turns 15 and I think I can confess that KH helped me cope with my depression & anxiety in my life. It also taught me how to be positive and what true friendship is. Without KH I would not be the person I am today.

I never play any of the Kingdom Hearts games, so I do not know much about it. But it baffles me that Alice is a PoH. She is shown to be rather impatient. Belle & Jasmine have rebellious sides, so their status as PoH also baffles me. Even Cinderella as a PoH makes me scratch my head. She tried to hit Lucifer with a broom since he made the floor dirty. The only ones I can see as a PoH are Snow White & Aurora.

I’m so happy that Kairi had that shocked reaction when she found out she was going to train with Lea. I thought they would ignore the fact that he kidnapped her, but I’m very happy that they didn’t. Also, I’m happy that she will be trained to use her Keyblade because it means she will probably have a role in the next Keyblade War.

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Embarassing KH stories: A few years ago I was writing a Vexen/Zexion story and my English teacher noticed me writing and asked if she could read it. Mercifully, I hadn't gotten to the smut part yet.


Confession Time: KH Chi

As excited as I am for the release of KH3… I’m just as excited for the release of Kingdom Hearts: Unchained Key. I wanted that game ever since it came out in Japan. For starters, I love the art direction: it’s absolutely adorable. Secondly, I love the idea of a customizable keyblader avatar. I’m a huge fan of customization in games, and I think it helps make each player’s experience with a game unique and personal. Lastly, I love the idea of the different factions you can choose to be a part of–and that it will offer some history behind the Keyblade War. (I would absolutely love to learn more keyblade lore, as I have developed a deep fascination with them as a people/race)

I tried watching the fan-translated walk-through done by KH13, but it’s just not the same. I want to experience this game, and make my own personal connection with it–not see it through someone else’s recordings.

It’s a huge plus that it’ll be seeing a sooner release date than KHIII–we’ll have a charming little story to tide us over while we wait for the conclusion :3

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if we're still talking about kh crushes i'm gonna openly admit riku was mine. i had it BAD for him i was like, 10 or 11 when the games first came out and I was convinced. CONVINCED! that i was gonna move to destiny islands and marry him. i made a valentine for him one year. i had it real bad my dudes, real bad.

Who wouldn’t want to move to Destiny Islands, though? It seems so nice there UuU

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Talking about KH crushes, when I first discovered these games I developed a massive crush on Riku. I don't really know why tho, because I didn't play them until recently. I still have a tiny crush on him, omg. I'm so embarrassed (x///x)

Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone! Riku’s got a lot of great qualities haha

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I really really liked Demyx and would imagine us together in the organization spending most, if not all our time together. I even started writing this fic where i came in after he lost to Sora the 2nd time, to save him... And it was a messy fic

Awww I’m sure Demyx would have loved your help, Anon!