kh confessions

Confession Time:

I never realized Re:Coded was an actual Kingdom Hearts game until a few months ago when I read its description on Amazon. I got into Kingdom Hearts a few years ago.

I always thought it was just some shitty port of some of the games so I ignored it.

I went through the entire series (except for 3 of course) without ever knowing the story to Re:Coded. But I never realized I missing part of the KH storyline.

I never play any of the Kingdom Hearts games, so I do not know much about it. But it baffles me that Alice is a PoH. She is shown to be rather impatient. Belle & Jasmine have rebellious sides, so their status as PoH also baffles me. Even Cinderella as a PoH makes me scratch my head. She tried to hit Lucifer with a broom since he made the floor dirty. The only ones I can see as a PoH are Snow White & Aurora.