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“What a small world.”

So I have no idea how to make comics but I’m trying to learn and I was feeling some strong KH feels and this happened. (Hopefully the canon meeting will contain 200% more hugs tho.)

anonymous asked:

What do you think Jon feels about Sansa? Like, do you think he even might have a crush on her or something?

i’m of the fuckplot mentality, and so maintain that he feels incredibly conflicted. to my mind, jon has always been a more romantic soul than a sexual one, and i think we see that playing its part here–but all the same sansa is still his (presumed) half-sister, and as such he should only feel brotherly towards her. but, if you ask me, there’s no semblance of familial affection between them

it’s all in the direction and the way kh plays his role in s6–the lingering gazes, the potent silences, word choice, the camera focus and angles and the parallels they create between jonxsansa and nedxcat, samxgilly, and jaimexcersei

but of course, jon’s sense of honor and duty, and perhaps even his morality as a whole, gives him major pause in consideration to his burgeoning feelings for sansa. i think those feelings are throwing him for a loop and he’s trying very hard to ignore them–so, yes, i do think jon feels romantically towards her, and d&d are surreptitiously laying the framework for a romance between the two

what i find interesting, or at least worth thinking about, is how jon’s sense of honor has changed post-death/resurrection. i think it’s jaded him to what the Right Thing is, more than anything else has before, and i for one would like to see how that correlates with his feelings for sansa and how he deals with them

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