Holy jesus on a pogo stick.
Guys, have you ever noticed Riku dual wields? for like 0.3 sec. there, but he does.

No but, really. Look at this:

Here Sora is lending his keyblade to Riku. Notice how Sora’s hands are free:

Then Sora takes both back.

Which leads me to: look at how they dance around each other to perform this Limit.

I mean… not that I never paid attention to it but it always happens so fast there’s things you just miss, I guess? I’m just…. who plans the animations for this stuff? They are genius.


Riku Appreciation Week

Day 7- Free Day- His true name

That DDD scene is my all that time favorite Kingdom Hearts scene. It completely shows that Riku has accepted himself and the way he is. It’s his darkness. He is the one in control, Not Ansem. Not anymore.

Soooo, had no time this week to participate, so here’s a WIP of an unrelated project with some text slapped on.  XD;;;  Because I certainly do appreciate Riku.  He’s my fave character, I love his protectiveness and i love his character growth.  Even back when Sora was my fave, Riku’s character always fascinated me.  And ever since Atlantis: the Lost Empire I’ve thought white-haired characters are cool.  XD

Okay with that done it’s time for me to go to bed in hopes of NOT needing to call in tomorrow because I’m still sick.