Love Lessons, pt 5

I just finished a calc quiz, and this is perfectly relevant.  It’s the final part of this story, buuuut that’s not to say that I won’t write more in this AU (cough like maybe some smut)

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Part 5

Monday dawned gray and rainy.

Riku supposed it was fitting, given his mood.  He huddled under an umbrella as he walked from the parking lot to the school building, and pretended he didn’t see or hear Sora calling out a from few steps behind him.

But he couldn’t ignore the hand that wrapped around his arm a few steps from the door, cold and wet from the rain.  “Riku, I was calling you!”

Riku took a deep breath, steeling himself.  “I didn’t hear you.”  Riku twisted out of Sora’s grip.  “Look, I’m sorry.  About Saturday.  Just forget about it.”  He gave Sora one last lingering look—he was frowning, his brow furrowed, his hair drooping from the rain, and it was cute, but it was obvious he was upset.  Riku gave himself a mental kick and repeated, “I’m sorry.”  He turned back to the door, and when Sora tried to grab his arm again, he shook him off.  “I have work to do,” he muttered, without turning back to Sora.

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khmods (updated and current 2016-09-30)

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:: For Dragon Age Inquisition ::

Green Plaideweave Changes the hue of Plaideweave from bright chome-yellow to the same medium green as Everknit Wool. Also reduces the shininess of the material.

:: For Dragon Age: Origins (and Awakening) ::


A Ring from Alistair On the first load after the Landsmeet, “An Engagement Ring” will spawn in inventory if the following conditions are met: the Warden and Alistair are to be married, and Alistair is Romanced or Still in Love. A non-canon, non-Cousland Warden who meets those conditions will receive the ring, while if the marriage is purely political, the ring should not appear.

Alistair’s Rose A wearable amulet called ‘Alistair’s Rose’ will appear in inventory on first load after Alistair offers the plot version to the Warden. Requires an active romance with Alistair.

King!Alistair carries Maric’s Blade in DAA  Equips King Alistair with his father’s sword for the visit-to-Vigil’s Keep cameo.

A Miniature Golem Doll Inspired by Alistair’s bark about having owned a golem doll when he was ‘young. Really young,“ a new, preferred gift (+10 with diminishing returns) for Alistair has been added to the stock of the Wonders of Thedas.

Alistair epilogue gear changes

Epilogue!Alistair wears Orlesian Armour Alistair will wear the Orlesian Noble Hunting Armour in post-Archdemon scenes such as the boon ceremony, the funeral of an Ultimate Sacrifice Warden, and some wedding cutscene mods. (Requires Kirkwall Exports.)

Do you hate that Grey Warden Alistair shows up in the epilogue wearing what appears to be his dead brother’s armour? Me too! Now he can wear your choice of proper Grey Warden kit. (Note the DA2-style Warden Armour swaps require either tmp7704’s Grey Warden Armours, or Grey Wardens of Ferelden by TommyIrianto)

* Warden!Alistair wears Warden Armour - Warden’s Keep version (Warden Commander set; requires Warden’s Keep DLC)
* Warden!Alistair wears Warden Armour (GW Massive) (DA2-style Grey Warden massive armour)
* Warden!Alistair wears Warden Armour (GW Heavy) (DA2-style Grey Warden Heavy armour)
* Warden!Alistair wears Warden Armour (GW Medium) (DA2-style Grey Warden Medium armour)


The Mystery of the Missing Kaddis Four kaddis designs appear in the Dragon Age Toolset that were not implemented in the game. This mod makes them available. Each pattern comes in three colours (white/black/red) for a total of twelve kaddis. (Kaddii? Kaddises? Kaddisii?) Optional merchant add-on, for immersive acquisition.

Armour + weapons!

Texture Me Like One of Your Orlesian Armours by Aremeta and theskymoves (that’s me!) A conversion of the exquisite textures from Aremeta’s Orlesian Noble Light Armors and Orlesian Noble Hunting Armors mods, for use with Kirkwall Exports and Loincloth Fashion. (On DA Nexus, lots of info there.)

A Stylish Uniform A full set of Templar armour, and a unique shield, will spawn in the player’s inventory on first load after Alistair agrees to teach the specialization.

Natural Dye Carver for DAO Eight hi-res recolours of Carver’s outfit,  for use with the ‘Back to Ferelden’ mod. The intent of the recoloured textures is to give the effect of natural (vegetal/mineral/animal) dyes. (Also includes a conversion of the hi-res DA2 original textures of the gear, for use in DAO)

River Dane for All Removes the Loghain-only restriction from the River Dane armour set.

The King’s Shield On the first load after the strategy meeting with Cailan and Loghain, “The King’s Shield” (an improved-stats version of the unique, NPC-only shield carried by the king’s guard) will spawn in inventory.

Staff of Many Colours An assortment of hi-res recolours of the Staff of Parthalan,  for use with ‘Kirkwall Exports’.

Kirkwall Circle Robe, Ferelden Senior Enchanter Recolour A cranberry-and-gold recolour of Bethany’s Kirkwall Circle Robe (requires Kirkwall Exports) in homage to the the Ferelden Circle Senior Enchanter robe. Female version only.

Awakening Noble Clothing for DAO A standalone version of the noble clothing included in Awakening, adding two clothing items from stylish Amaranthine to DAO: an off-the-shoulders dress, and a male outfit, both for all races.

The Missing Helm Implements a helmet model that existed only in the game assets. (Includes both medium and heavy versions.)

No-Kirkwall No-Glow Ser Isaac for DAO A retexture of Ser Isaac’s Armour, which eliminates the Kirkwall sigil and the glowing bits, for use with Sabrine’s Back to Ferelden.

No-Kirkwall No-Glow Ser Isaac Dark A conversion of LordTabookie’s DA2  mod ‘Sir Issac of Clarke’; and again, I’ve removed the Kirkwall sigil. (Requires Back to Ferelden, by Sabrine.)

NPC tweaks, fixes, and edits!

Better Bannhammer Equips Bann Teagan in all his appearances with consistent and (more) appropriate gear. Also addresses the variations in his descriptive floaty text.

Better Gear for Fergus A small adjustment to Fergus Cousland’s equipment, both in the origin   arc, and for the post-coronation/epilogue scenes, replacing his ordinary Heavy Chainmail with the Ceremonial armour set.

Wynne Robe Fix (Complete!) When encountered during the prelude in the King’s Camp at Ostagar, Wynne is wearing Tranquil robes. She also wears Tranquil robes in endgame epilogue scenes (boon ceremony, Warden’s funeral). I’ve replaced the Tranquil robes with her proper Circle mage Senior Enchanter robes.

Broken Circle ’Anders’ One of the ambient mages in the post-Broken Circle Circle Tower is voiced by Greg Ellis, who also voices Anders in Awakening. I’ve replaced that ambient mage’s morph with Anders’ morph from DAA, and upgraded his attire from the blue Apprentice Robe to the gold Mage Robe.

DAA Bodyguards Tweak Replaces the templar helm and ‘generic’ weapon/shield equipped by the Fereldan monarch’s not-templar contingent with the models carried by Cailan’s guard at Ostagar. (Also includes an option to replace their massive armour with the Diligence set.)

Her Hammer is her… uh… never mind The Proving Master warns the Warden, “watch out for Myaja’s hammer.” But Myaja doesn’t wield a hammer/maul, she fights with a mace and shield. I gave her a hammer with nearly equivalent stats (swapping her Aeducan Mace for Trian’s Maul), and an appropriate two-handed AI package.

Connor isn’t an Elf! Epilogue Fix For all things epilogue, Connor is incorrectly assigned a morph from a random Dalish camp elf boy. I’ve replaced it with an edited version of his vanilla morph, sans the bruising/discoloration and heavy makeup.

Elfy Ghost!Boy
The distraught ghost child in the Brecilian Forest Lower Ruins is human in appearance, despite his babbling in elvhen and the overwhelming evidence in his toolset character file that he was intended to be elven; I’ve altered his morph to be more elfy.

Elora is a Mage Elora, the Halla Keeper in the Brecilian Forest Dalish camp, is a mage with a full battery of Primal spells. To reflect this, I’ve changed her attire to the Chasind Robes.

Aldous isn’t a Tranquil Aldous, the scholar in the Human Noble origin, wears the robes of a Tranquil. I’ve replaced them with the non-magical, non-religious vanilla “Robes” (or an alternate version which equips ‘Brother Aldous’ with Chantry robes).

Ostagar NPC Tweaks (Ser Jory and nurse) Some tweaks to the appearances of Ser Jory (equipping him with Heavy Chain armour) and the Ostagar nurse (replacing her incongruent, brightly coloured noble dress with something more practical). Includes an optional replacement morph for the nurse.

Jowan and another different Jowan fix Replaces the morph of Jowan’s doppelganger in the Jowan’s Intention quest, because one Jowan is plenty.

The Redcliffe Seven Walking away and leaving Redcliffe to the undead onslaught results in mass carnage to the village populace (save for Bann Teagan, who is protected by some very shiny plot armour). Seven of the dearly departed NPCs will join the corpse army in Redcliffe Castle; in an unmodded game, their undead iterations have the exact same appearance as their not-undead versions. And that’s not right. Using the original Bioware morphs as a starting point, I’ve created unique zombie-fied versions of the affected NPCs (Bella, Kaitlyn, Mother Hannah, Murdock, Lloyd, Tomas, and OMG Ser Perth who would let SER PERTH die?), and added them to the game!

Epilogue Armor of the Sten for Sten Puts epilogue!Sten in his snazzy Armor of the Sten, rather than some random massive armour. (Requires Armor of the Sten by ChiZ)

Scoia'tael Zevran Zevran Arainai may be a Crow, but there’s no reason he shouldn’t dress like a Squirrel. This override changes his starting gear from leather armour, to the Iorveth/Scoia'tael armour from The Witcher 2. (Requires The Witcher 2 DAO by Makara)

The Grumpy One Replaces the morph of the cranky mage in Alistair’s recruitment scene with Uldred’s. Also changes his floating name from ‘Mage’ to ‘Uldred’. (Why? Because someone asked for it and I’m a giver.)

Better Epilogue Guards Changes the weird equipment on the boon ceremony clone guards to the same armour and weapons used by the King’s Guard during the Prelude, and replaces their creepy generic morph with one that is less creepy. (Includes compatibility files for the Royal Wedding and mods that use the Epilogue Events Framework.)

Eamon Resembles Teagan A replacement morph for Arl Eamon that gives him a passing resemblance to his brother, Bann Teagan. (The nose, mostly, since Eamon’s beard prevents any edits to his mouth/lips.)

Misc tweaks for DahliaLynn’s Alistair Epilogues - The Royal Wedding
* An alternate UTC that equips Alistair with the Cailan set he normally wears for All Things Epilogue (rather than the base wedding Kal'Hirol-style armour, or the optional Red-and-Gold set.)

* A replacement morph/UTC for Oswyn, the son of Bann Sighard. (Some NPC overhauls give him a bruised face, which is disconcerting at the wedding.)
* An alternate morph and UTC edits for Brother Genitivi, to alleviate his bruised appearance in epilogue scenes.

Shartanigans! (so fab, err, silly it needs a subsection all its own)

“It was my dream for the people to have a home of their own, where we would have no masters but ourselves.”

Gauntlet!Shartan was shoddily treated, without even a unique morph (as in, he has the generic, base male Elf face) and some really crappy gear that makes no sense for a warrior. As an unabashed, charter, card carrying member of the Shartan/Solas Tinfoil Hat Society, I was compelled to give him a custom (and very Solas-y indeed) morph, along with two lore-appropriate gear options:

* Elf-y Robed Shartan, inspired by the depiction of Shartan in Nick Thornborrow’s stained glass art.  (Requires Loincloth Fashion.)
* Armoured and armed Warrior!Shartan, wearing the Ancient Elven Armor set and bearing a visual approximation of his longsword, Glandivalis… in DA2, that weapon used the same model as the Vigilance longsword from Awakening, and so that is what I’ve equipped him with. (Requires Awakening.)

Better Improved Shartan (DA2 elf version) Includes the two equipment options enumerated above, and additionally requires at least a partial install of tmp7704’s elf update.

Better Improved Shartan (Pointy-Earred Humans version) Alternate ‘vanilla elf’ version, does not require elf update.

Random encounter tweaks!

Old Tegrin Gets REALLY Old Reduces the encounter chance for the Old Tegrin random encounter to something more akin to random (as opposed to the vanilla “inevitable”.)

Random Encounters are Less Random in DAO Some World Map Random Encounters have such a low trigger chance that they rarely occur. This raises the probability for most rare encounters to at least 50%.

The Random Encounters are Less Random in DAO (Less Old Tegrin edit) combines both the increased probability of most rare encounters and the reduced the likelihood of running into Old Tegrin, and is available at the above linked pages.

Miscellaneous fixes, tweaks, edits, and cheats!

Templar Armour Fixes Unifies the material and tiering of vanilla Dragon Age: Origins templar armour parts, and assigns a model to the invisible templar boots.

The Unobtainables Per the Dragon Age Wiki, there are a number of items only obtainable via the developer console, many of them companion gifts. For roleplay, I prefer a legitimate acquisition path, and so have added some of the items to appropriate merchants, and in one instance, to a creature drop.

Better Qunari A balance tweak that gives all qunari a racial bonus of  +2 Str, +1 Wil, and +1 Con.

No RNG Fadewall+ Gaxkang will always drop Fade Wall, Sophia Dryden will always drop the  Warden Tower Shield. Life is good.

Unique Light Armour that Tiers Edits to the UTI files tmp7704’s Unique Light Armours, so the material of Adaia’s Boots, Silverhammer Evaders, Silverhammer Tackmaster, and Backhands can be level-scaled. (Requires Unique Light Armours)

More options for girl Wardens to tell Jory off Removes the gender check from a male-only dialogue option during the Joining.

WTF, Lyrium Dust?
A clumsy hack that recolours the pink-ish Lyrium Dust inventory icon to blue.

Happy!Owen Sells Far Song Adds the unique longbow Far Song to the upgraded inventory of Redcliffe Village’s blacksmith, Owen.

Cool Ranger Two flavours of cooldown reduction for the Ranger summons in Dragon Age: Origins (1/3 and 1/6 of vanilla interval).

Terrible and pointless morphs!

Dallastair When Tumblr was all ‘SQUEEE!!!! that Prince Charming Josh Something-or-other guy from that TV show is Alistair!!!!!111eleventy!!!’, I attempted to morph it into reality. Wrong then, wrong now.

Young Maric Morph A speculative morph for a young King Maric, which blends the features of his two (known) adult sons, Cailan and Alistair.

An Alistair Morph A long-haired Alistair, based on his vanilla morph. Affectionately dubbed Naked!ThomasJefferson!Alistair, for his deshabille in my test shots, and his striking (some might say disturbing) resemblance to Ken Howard’s portrayal of Jefferson, in the film 1776. The tints used give Alistair light reddish-brown hair, and light brown eyes.

Kid Alistair Morph An adolescent Alistair, based on Bioware’s unused morph for a young Cailan. Uses only vanilla assets. (Also, alternate versions that require hair from Risibisi’s Look Hair Children Edition.)

Chargen stuff!

No-earring Duncan hair LOD2 files The no-earring “Duncan” hair from More Hairstyles has no LOD2 files, and the hair “floats” above the head when viewed from some distance away. I edited/renamed copies of the Bioware LOD files for the Duncan hair (which do not have the earring). Requires More Hairstyles, for the primary mesh. (This archive is JUST the LOD2 files!)

Awakening hair for toolset Some unique, NPC-only hairstyles from DAA, extracted from game assets. Velanna’s ‘Morrigan’ ‘do for female elves, and the Baroness’ bangs-with-crown… thing. There’s a chargenmorph with the hairs in there, too, I think.

Some chargenmorphcfg.xml edits for various hair mods, suitable for merging with the DA Chargenmorph Compiler utility:
* REN_chargenmorphcfg (for Beautiful People Hair REN)
* tucked+earring_hair_chargenmorphcfg (for tucked hair; includes the toolset-only styles)
* witcher_aesthetics_chargenmorphcfg (for the toolset-only cosmetics included in Raptures Witcher)
* khchargenmorphcfg (for the DAO hairstyles downloadable from Kani Hime’s blog)

‘Tutorials’, modder’s resources, and schtuff

How to eliminate Item Variation conflicts (tutorial for DA:O, sort of)

Custom Naming Modded Items in DAO (a kh tossed-together ‘tutorial’)

Using DAO-Modmanager to create custom overrides

How to get the port of Alistair’s Hair for Girls into the CC

DAO Clothing References A PDF document of labelled reference images, detailing the various colour options for the following base-game clothing items, and console scripts for adding the items to the player character’s inventory.

“I have other lines for you” (The Nearly Complete Alistair Dialogue Project), v.1.02 (More complete than the last version! Featuring the exquisite vocal stylings of Mr. Steve Valentine!)  3224 WAV files, extracted from Dragon Age: Origins game resources. And an Excel spreadsheet, detailing the Line ID, Dialogue line, source file, and DLC (when applicable).

KHUx - 09/30-10/01 announcements

A new event, villains’ halloween part 1, has begun!

  • it will last from 09/30 0.00 JST to 10/13 23.59 JST
  • collect event coins and exchange them for these Jafar costumes, along with other rewards like magic mirror medals!
  • the earring from the costume boards gives +5 rare raid appearance luck
  • enemies are much more likely to appear at nighttime - play then for maximum event coins!
  • mischievous eggs also drop huge amounts of coins

a new draw box has opened up!

  • it will last from 09/30 0.00 JST to 10/13 23.59 JST
  • four new medals have been added: the limited tier 4 premium medal Sora HT illustrated ver. (upright speed), Goofy HT ver. B (upright power), Iago (reverse speed) and Monstro (reverse magic)
  • Sora HT illust. will not be available after the limited period ends while the other three medals will go into the regular draw pool
  • if you draw ten medals at once, three medals are guaranteed to be at the 5-star rarity and above, and at least one of those medals will be one of the four new medals
  • you’ll also get a Cid 5 as a bonus
  • if you draw the Sora HT medal, it’ll come with its guilt upgraded to the third stage
  • you may also draw a medal with a status bonus attached, and its attack will be increased by +1000
  • if you draw Sora HT with a status bonus, its guilt will also be upgraded to the fifth tier
  • the status bonus rate has been tripled relative to its August rate
  • if you draw 10 medals at once six times without drawing Sora HT, you’ll receive him on your seventh 10-pull

this month’s coliseum has opened up!

  • this month, you can get these cool-looking and very topical vampire costumes (wings: +4 rare enemy luck)
  • the new rare skill Attack Up XL is also available to the top 5000 in the rankings
  • there are some new changes this month: rank 12 is now 100 quests, and rank 13 has been opened up
  • 1-turning a round will now open up 4 rounds instead of 3 (except in rank 13, where it’s still 3)
  • the rank 12 bonus board is now available to all users who reached that rank in the previous month

this weekend’s raid boss has appeared!

  • it will last from 10/01 0.00 JST to 10/02 23.59 JST
  • defeat the raid boss Malice Spider to earn raid coins which can be traded in for Broom Servant medals and other rewards!
  • the raid boss can be summoned by defeating Fierce Eggs in the event quest
  • defeat three fierce eggs to summon the raid boss
  • the raid boss will have 30,000,000 HP and last for 12 hours when summoned
  • there will be two bonus hours each day at 12.00 and 22.00 JST; during bonus hour rewarded lux will be doubled and you’ll only have to defeat two fierce eggs to summon the raid boss

sorry lmao it’s kind of been crunch week for me anyway halloween event quests coming up right after!!

as always, please feel free to ask me any questions either here or on Twitter, and have fun playing!