Vol 25.5 Teasers

TOMOE: Come here, Akura-ou. I’ll play with you!

SFX: shoots up

TOMOE: Hahaha


SFX: zzz

TOMOE: Wake up, Nanami. It’s about time for you to.

NANAMI: Hm—After 10 minutes…


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Married life~ <3



So excited to sub the OAD and read the manga extra!!

Alice Madness Stained glass by Sariibubblecat

So here a crossover I made between Alice: Madness Returns and Kingdom Hearts,i love them both so much, so this was inevitable!

Don’t get me wrong I’m excited as FUCK for KH3 but I’m also kinda dreading the release because it’s going to bring a close to Sora and the gangs adventures who we’ve followed along for more than a decade tbh

“So…how’s about forking over that key of yours, eh boy?”

By this point I’ve learned to accept that I can’t draw Tamatoa at all, but I just got so excited over the idea of a Tamatoa boss battle in Kingdom Hearts that I just HAD to draw this no matter how shitty it looked.

Didn’t draw the rest of his body and only his hand because that would’ve just made the picture look even worse since I can’t draw his body at all either, lol.

Despite how bad this looks, I hope you guys enjoy it anyway. Cause I know for a fact that I’d love to see Sora face off against this fab crab! XD

hi there, tumblr!! my name is ariel & i’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for a few years now on and off! i am returning as an independent WINNIE THE POOH roleplay blog ( i was previously silly-oldbear & hunnypct, but those urls are password locked for some reason?? ), and would like to begin following some more blogs & starting new friendships!  

my blog is under major construction since i have very little done, but i’m hoping in the next few days i will complete pages, icons & etc! so if your character would like to meet/interact with poohbear, can you please REBLOG this post! thank you so much!

Things Better Left Forgotten


It was getting ridiculous. Naminé had been kind enough to offer to repair her memories, and she had decided to go through with it. And yet she’d kept finding excuses to put it off. First, it was Roxy’s bridal shower, then her wedding, then Rinoa’s baby shower, and on and on until Alice was frustrated with herself.

She’d already made up her mind. Delaying it any more was just cowardly.

Leon had offered to go with her when it was done. Vincent had made a similar offer. At first, she’d been of the mind to take them up on it. However, Leon was busy enough between trying to oversee Christmas preparations and the twins’ upcoming birth, and Vincent…well. She couldn’t bring herself to put more on his shoulders.

This was her problem. She needed to face it.

“Naminé, if you’re free, do you think you could work on my memories today?”