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This redesign took me so much time.😭I was never happy with the sketch and the design! Aqua is my favourite girl from the series and I personally think that her design is SO perfect, from head to toes🙏 Nomura is my living God and I’m weak for almost everything he creates haha but really, I think Aqua is one of the best designs he has ever done, so I was really nervous
Who's Petting Me?!
Better Half Vani
Who's Petting Me?!

I’m back for more. Speaking of more, [THIS] one is also based on @violetstar-writes post because why not?

BGM: Kairi’s Theme 

Kairi: Hey guys! These ‘Unversed’ really aren’t that bad!


Sora: Why are you petting it???

Kairi: It let me! It’s actually really sweet.

Riku: Huh. Didn’t expect that.

Kairi: It kinda reminds me of you, Sora.

Sora: …Wait what do you mean by-

Vanitas: *kicks down the door to Mysterious Tower, face completely red*



today is 10/22/2018

kh3 announced: june 10, 2013 (1961 days ago)

last main series release: kh2 released in europe, september 29, 2006 (4407 days ago)

last original release: dream drop distance in north america, july 31, 2012 (2275 days ago)

last release overall: 1.5+2.5 remix for ps4 in europe, march 31, 2017 (571 days ago)

release date announced: june 10, 2018 (134 days ago)

release date: january 29, 2019 (99 days from now)