kgurr asked:

22, 39

  • 22:Talk about your worst fear.: my worst fear… is probably being alone. truly, genuinely alone. having no one. my mind tricks me into thinking i’ve got no one pretty often, when in reality, i know i have friends. but i’m terrified of doing something to fuck up and losing those friends. 
  • 39:Talk about things you wish you’d known earlier.: the only thing i wish i had known earlier was when i was going to lose my grampa, and my friends jack, brandon, and ryan. i would have made the effort to be closer with them all before they passed. i miss all of them so, so, SO much every single day. they’re all people i had been close with (or SHOULD have been close with, regarding my grampa) at some point in my life, but grew apart from. and i regret it constantly.