Well, I guess I shouldn’t proclaim, “I’m back” like last time because look what happened, I didn’t fly after that for 2+ months.

However last night, I finally … FINALLY got to fly the dual night XC to San Antonio that I’ve been trying to get on the books since May or so. Spent the previous night going over my XC planning with an instructor I hadn’t previously worked with. He’s a retired F-14 RIO, Mooney owner, and an all around nice guy. My primary instructor was unable to do the actual flight so I ended flying with the instructor I did the flight planning with so it all sort of worked out.

Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Clear, smooth air. 15+kts right on the nose on the way there which resulted in some pretty awful groundspeeds, but we sailed back on the same winds.

The instructor said I did great considering I haven’t flown since August, and considering the nature of the flight (night, xc to an unfamiliar airport) I felt okay about it, too. There were just a few little things I did that I can correct, but I think those will fix themselves as I get back in the swing of things.

Also, thanks to the folks who sent me messages over the last month or so asking how my flight training was going. I’m humbled that I even crossed your mind, really. Thank you.