i got bored waiting on my dad while he was getting his hair cut so i made this

nothing special and it’s not even that great but i figured i’d post it here for you guys because ilu 

edit: is also transparent c: 

kfhdgh i really hope you like this, oh my god.

i was just messing with the brushes. ;~;

i’m going to make your other one when i can find a way to nicely make a banner for him <3 ;-; 

(if you don’t like it, blame rachel. i asked her if it was nice before i posted it xD <3)

okay, here is safi’s.

this is comPLETELY DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER BANNERS but i want to try and not make them all look the same y'know?

this is a leap of faith here

safi, if you don’t like it i can GLADLY find a better texture/edit/yeah ok ;-; i hope you like it bb <3