Okay so many of you have probably already seen this post around :) as i said, alba and i thought about selling kpop and anime buttons/pins and we started designing some of them (we also took requests from that post’s replies). We are working on a tumblr and twitter account where we will be posting our designed buttons and selling them, so stay tuned if you’re interested on them! :) Here are the results of some of our ideas and original designs, hope you guys like them! (Don’t forget to help us out by reblogging this post and message us if you want a particular group/anime button, thank you!)

I’m not against Kai in any way, but I feel like he’s a bit too overrated at times. I mean, he’s a good dancer, and I acknowledge that. But if I look at it closely, Lay is just as good. And to be honest, I prefer Lay’s dancing style better. Yes, Kai is a GREAT dancer, and he’s one of the best dancers in the industry, but I think people should also look at Lay and appreciate him because he’s just as talented and precious.