Ravi is seriously amazing. That guy keeps improving with every new release, from his mixtape earlier this year, to DamnRa, to Who are U with Super Bee. He’s come so far since VIXX’s debut and I can’t wait to see where he goes from now. I hope other people can see his talent and potential.

EXO as type of boyfriend ( based on astrology)

Xiumin : The protective boyfriend who’d fight your battles for you and stand by your side no matter what. Super affectionate though.

Suho : The type of boyfriend you can talk to all night and although he’s always busy with something, he’d always take some time to hit you up. He will tell you the lamest jokes and there will never be a dull moment. Homie will spoil you rotten.

Lay : The super romantic boyfriend who’d surprise you with little gifts whenever you two meet up and charm the pants off you.

Baekhyun : The stubborn boyfriend who’d insist on seeing this one movie and often not share his popcorn with you to see how you’d react. But homie loves you with all his heart and will focus only on you.

Chen : The witty boyfriend who’d make up some sort of joke and pull some mischievous prank on you from time to time but he never fails to make you laugh. Also pays close attention to you.

Chanyeol : The energetic boyfriend that gets you out of your bed super early just to exercise with him and would be the loudest at cheering during concert and sports dates.

D.O : The caring and hardworking boyfriend who’d cook you meals when you’re sick, feeling down, or just on your period. He’s the type to take you out for a walk in the park or cuddle with you on the sofa.

Kai : The gentleman type of boyfriend who makes you fall deeper in love with him every second. Homie will take you out to a fancy meal and hand feed you chicken and probably stargaze every night.

Sehun : The sassy boyfriend who’d make fun of you all day and love you all night. When he’s with you, he’d probably tell everyone all the embarrassing things you do but will brag to everyone how much you two love each other when you’re not with him.

[Vampire AU] When They Feel Love (for you, a human) When They Thought They Couldn’t Feel Love (BTS)

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NAMJOON: He’d try really hard to keep his mind on other things and try and convince himself he only wanted your blood, but that wouldn’t last long and he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from approaching you and try to place himself into your life as casually as he could (thats a really big gif but fuck it)

YOONGI: He’d ignore it as best as he can, finding it highly irritating that he should feel it now of all times. He might even start to resent you a bit but he’d realize it isn’t your fault. Not sure if he’d try and approach you or not, but he’d certainly keep a watchful eye on you

HOSEOK:  He’d be blasted out of the water. I think he’d be so overcome by the emotion and how sudden it was that he wouldn’t be able to keep his mind off you. He wouldn’t be able to keep himself away from you

SEOKJIN:  He would also just believe it was a lust for your blood, so he’d stay as far away as he could. But even when he was so far away he could no longer smell you, your face, your voice, your laugh lingered in his heart and mind, and he’d feel unsure of himself for the first time

JIMIN:  He’d prob panic a bit and might consider just attacking. He knew how amazing your blood would taste, but the more he though of hurting you, the more intense the feeling became. He would be extremely protective of you, even if you weren’t his- yet

TAEHYUNG: I think he’d actually find it so relieving and refreshing to finally feel love, to have someone to exist for. He wouldn’t waste time in trying to make you his mate, and would pretty much revolve around you as if you were his sun

JUNGKOOK: I think he’d get scared at first, never really having any experience with the emotion, much less how to act on it. All he’d want to do is go to you and be with you and hold you- and sink his fangs into you and make you his mate forever. Lets just hope that his youth won’t have an impact on his control
'Park Jin-Young' (JYP) Plans To Introduce Foreigners Into K-pop With "Big American Project"
In his own words, none other than Park Jin-young, popularly known as JYP, the founder of JYP Entertainment and uber-producer of the creme-de-la-creme of Kpop groups including The Wonder Girls, Got7 and more recently Twice, has admitted that “we can’t keep sending over Korean stars… and keep expecting that could go on and on. So, now I just want to build something together.”

To all non-Korean fans who want to audition!

On October 25, TS Entertainment revealed Bang Yong Guk would not be promoting B.A.P’s upcoming full-length album ‘Noir’, which releases on November 7. Instead, B.A.P will stand on stage as a 5 member group. The agency stated Bang Yong Guk was recently diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and will be focusing on treatment.

TS Entertainment shared the members and Bang Yong Guk came to the decision that his recovery was more important at this time. He’ll be receiving treatment from a professional psychologist. 

Get well soon Leader Bang 😢