hey so I know that not many of you bought your bts tracks off of korean sites like genie or naver or melon but if you have can you please start streaming the tracks off of hyyh young forever?

right now korean armys are trying their best to make it so that bts can achieve their dream of recieving daesang. And I know that it may seem unlikely, but we still need to try and give our boys a fighting chance.

Our biggest priority is streaming “fire” because it is the track that is still in the music charts. However, it’s beginning to fall down in the ranks and it is on the verge of exiting the charts. If we want to have a chance at BTS receiving daesang, we need to keep “fire” within the top 100s

remember: bts has said multiple times that their dreams are to perform at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena and to recieve daesang (the highest music award). We already got them to the gymnastics arena, so now we should endeavor to accomplish their second goal. If we love bts’s music and talent and personalities as much as we say we do, then surely this won’t be that difficult. Armys know how deserving bts is of this award. They work so hard and they truly started from the bottom. And they’ve been through so much and have been slammed down by so many people despite all their efforts. Suga said that he wants to climb mountains and reach a place so high where other people won’t be able to reach us. Achieving daesang is a huge step in that direction.

and to those who can, please stream the songs in this order on whatever app (genie or naver or melon- melon has the highest reflection rate though) you bought it from: fire -> butterfly prologue ver -> save me -> fire -> house of cards -> fire -> love is not over full ver -> fire -> run -> save me -> young forever -> run balled ver -> fire -> young forever -> save me -> fire

but again, if you cannot do this then please just keep on streaming fire!!

Korean armys are struggling with this right now, but I’m sure getting bts a chance at recieving daesang will be possible with the help of the intl-armys!

If anything, reblogging this will be a huge help as well!!!

if you need more info on melon streaming please look at this blogpost:

[IMPORTANT!] Please do not ask for other members, when a member is broadcasting live!

This applies to all fandoms, and I really hope that fans will stop asking for other members.

Please appreciate the fact that they actually take the time and effort to do live broadcasts for their fans, when they could doing something else. Yes, we have our own biases, but if you love a group, learn to love and appreciate the other members too?

Reblog and spread the message 😊

Literally as 17 fan and v invested love this hurt me a lot. Why are some fans like this??? I know only like 0.002 % of so called “carats” would act like this but wtf. For the past 4 years nu'est have been through so much shit im not letting this slide.

I hope fans like this know the actual members of 17 would hate them, as they practically grew up together becoming trainees very young.

These types of fans are fake. They put more effort into hating other groups instead of supporting their own- also Nu'est is not interupting 17 at all as they arent even releasing an album right now they are on tour.

We waited almost 2 years for them to comeback with an album, with little to no updates on them bc Japan blocks everything- so saying they will sign a PETITION for Nu'est to DISBAND is so fucking extra and hurtful. This type of intense hatred is uncalled for.

Nu'est WILL have a comeback, they WILL NOT disband bc you’re a salty bitch and they WILL deliver stunning music just as they always have.

TL;DR - some fake fans need to remove their heads from inside their asses so they can see the light and stop causing unessesary shit godamn. All pledis groups like 17, Afterschool and Nu'est work insanely hard and give us their alls and we should support them all while spreading love (pun intended lol) not negativity💜💕💜💕💜💕💜 Lets ignore these fake fans!!

(^^pre debut 17 at nu’est concert)

(coups was even gonna be a 17 member lol)

i will support both grops til the end <3

Respect. These. Freakin. Idols.

I can’t even believe that some “fans” would (ON HIS OWN LIVE STREAM) blatantly disrespect Hoseok like that, and ask for the other members. I’ve covered this before, but these idols do these live streams to connect with US the fans, in extreme fatigue. Yet, they still put a smile on to make us happy. They already go above, and beyond the call of duty for us every single day, and what some of the fans did on Hoseok’s live stream(and really any other Idol’s live stream) was just hurtful. Did you ever think ONCE how that could’ve hurt him? Did you ever think that maybe he had been having a crappy day, and just wanted to talk to fans to cheer him up? Allow me to break down what it sounds like every time you ask for another member in someone else’s live stream. “Oh hey yeah… I like you, but um… Do you think I can talk to your hotter sister/brother?” Did you feel offend by that? Yeah? Well let’s replace sister/brother with your choice of member, then imagine having hundreds of fans asking that. It freaking hurts doesn’t it? Okay, now that we’re all on the same page. Chill out. Respect these idols, and treat them like human beings! Consider their emotions over yours for once, and please consider the fact that they aren’t bulletproof and probably have their own insecurities just like YOU.

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I just get really really angry and sad at the same time when I think about how underrated and underappreciated Topp Dogg is. I’m not just saying shallow words right now, but I truly believe that they’re one of the most talented groups out there, and if they just had the right resources and enough support, then they would have definitely made it big. It’s even more heartbreaking because all of the members are literally the sweetest, and they deserve every little bit of support and happiness. I truly hope that they get recognized for their talent before its too late.

the fact that sehun said “is there anything left to be said” (or smth along that lines of that) instead of any other caption or some emojis or hashtags just tells me he’s sending a message. like the picture is of all of them hugging… i feel like he’s trying to indirectly say “do i even need to say anything? we don’t secretly hate each other like some of you think, you can tell from this picture that we all love and care about each other.”

It’s actually so frustrating to see a group that’s as talented and humble as Winner being ignored like that not just by their company, but also by a lot of kpop fans. YG is making a HUGE mistake by treating them like trash so I really really hope they change their ways soon even though it’s most likely not gonna happen because Winner doesn’t deserve to be treated this badly. They deserve so much better.