Supergirl/Warehouse 13 crossover AU where Eliza is Dr. Vanessa’s younger sister
  • Artie goes to meet Vanessa’s family and fangirls all over Supergirl, insists she meet the whole team, Kara is more than happy to
  • Claudia has boatloads of fun testing Kara’s powers, gets nerdy with Winn about the guardian’s suit & etc
  • Alex talks to Myka about her coming out experience, Myka admits feelings for HG openly
  • James faints a little at meeting HG wells
  • Myka and Maggie homoswaggering down the street together with coffee
  • Let the artifact/alien shit commence
  • add to this list I’m just spitballing here

i feel as if adam horowitz (swan queen), jack kenny (bering & wells), and jason rothenberg (clexa) are the queer woman’s unholy trinity

I accidentally have lesbians but I deny it, I accidentally yet admittedly have lesbians but I force heteronormativity over it, and I on purpose have lesbians but I kill them off