kg: jared leto


Authors Note: A little drabble to a certain pic that sets my soul on fire requested by the amazing @nikkitasevoli . Be gentle with me since my brain isn’t fully here yet. Think I lost it somewhere on the plane. If you find it, please return. But seriously…..ENJOY!

Trigger Warning: Smut

“We just need to rehearse one more time,” Jared smiled at me from the stage. “What do you think babe? How is the view down there?”

“Brilliant,” I moaned as I looked up to see him with that goofy hat on his head.

The sight of him on that stage. Lips merely millimeters away from the microphone as his voice sweetly escaped. Pants barely hanging from his hips as he swayed along with the beat that the others played. But there were no others when he moved the way that he did. I found myself slowly walking toward the stage. I was startled when he noticed.

“We’re good,” he regarded before hopping from the stage. His hands moved around my waist before pulling me in closely. He turned me away from him quickly before gripping my hips as he pushed his pelvis against my ass. I felt his hard mass pressing against me before his lips kissed the nape of my neck. My eyes closed at the pure feeling of his lips. It’s been far too long. “Nikkita. I saw that. You know what that look does to me.”

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