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Just Friends - Part 13

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Jared lightly knocks on her door, pushing it open and quietly peeking his head in. She’s still sound asleep, half hanging off her bed, drooling, hair an absolute mess. He chuckles and pulls out his phone, making sure its on silent before he snaps a picture. He puts his phone back in his pocket and gently tugs her body fully onto the bed, brushing the hair out of her eyes.

“Rise and shine, babe. Your dad made breakfast and there’s a whole pot of coffee with your name on it down there,” he whispers to her, rubbing her back and arms, trying to rouse her.

She moans, flips him off, and tries and fails to throw a pillow at him. “You have got to stop letting me drink tequila,” she whines, still not lifting her head from the bed.

Jared laughs. “Hey, I don’t ‘let’ you do anything, you’re your own woman,” he defends himself. Come on, now,” he pulls her out of bed and into his arms and carries her into the adjoining bathroom, setting her on the counter. He keeps one arm stretched towards her, worried she’ll lose her balance as he leans into the shower to turn the water on. Jared pulls her shirt over her head, she must have kicked off her pants and underwear sometime last night because she’s now naked and shivers as the cool air hits her body. He checks the temperature of the shower, almost warmed up, and then returns to standing between her open legs.

She flops her head against his chest and weakly wraps her legs around him. “I’m sorry,” she mumbles into his shirt.

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“Sometimes I get very tired of Shannon. Sometimes i think I’ll grab something heavy and knock him so hard that his head will be ringing as the plates on the drums set. Sometimes he’s too caring. He was so caring. He was so caring that I sometimes think that I’m dying or physically limited. But when I get tired, I fall on the couch and realize that Shannon is far, he toured with Antoine or somewhere else out there, I feel bad, i miss his absolute care. I want to be a younger brother, who he takes care of, I do not care that i’m forty. I like to be his younger brother, his love is very necessary to me.” - Jared Leto.


Teve também entrevista pós show com direito a Jared de havaianas para o Multishow. 


E nessa entrevista para o estadão que o Mars nem tinha feito o show em São Paulo ainda e já queriam voltar para o Brasil?!


“Shannon and Tomo have this weird relationship, they’re always giggling about something. When I walk into the room it goes silent and they’re both smiling at each other. I don’t even want to know what goes on half the time.” - Jared Leto about Shomo.