Rafael Cruz: People Are Persecuting My Son Because He’s Telling The Truth, Just Like Jesus
In an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch on Tuesday, Rafael Cruz, father and campaign surrogate of Sen. Ted Cruz, declared that his son will save America after Obama “practically destroyed” it and that the harsh criticism that his son has faced on the campaign trail is just because people don’t want to hear the truth.

In an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch on Tuesday, Rafael Cruz, father and campaign surrogate of Sen. Ted Cruz, declared that his son will save America after Obama “practically destroyed” it and that the harsh criticism that his son has faced on the campaign trail is just because people don’t want to hear the truth.

When Loesch asked if it was “difficult to see people go at” his son in the campaign, the elder Cruz replied that Jesus had prepared his followers for just such persecution.

“It is, Dana, but at the same time, you know, if you are not making a difference, if you are not having an impact, nobody’s going to attack you,” he said. “Jesus said, ‘They persecuted me, they will persecute you.’ When you are having an impact on America, those who disagree with you are going to come out lashing at you with everything they’ve got. But you know what, we get encouraged for seeing that we are making a difference, Ted is making a difference, that truth sets people free. And he’s speaking the truth and those who don’t want to hear it are going to lash out.”

Cruz traced the beginning of the nation’s troubles to “the beginning of progressivism at the beginning of the last century,” the Humanist Manifesto, and when “Marxism began to be immersed into a lot of our universities” and faulted churches for allowing “this misconstrued idea of separation of church and state, which is neither in the Constitution or in the Declaration.”

Loesch, who has endorsed the Texas Republican’s campaign bid, told Rafael Cruz that with the 2016 election, “we’re either on the cusp of another great awakening, or we are on the cusp of America as we know it ending entirely,” which of course Cruz agreed was true.

“It is a time of choosing,” he said, “but I’ll tell you what, I am very encouraged. Because just like it happened in 1980, because of all the horrible things that we had in the Carter administration, millions and millions of constitutional conservatives, of people of faith, united to give us the Reagan revolution. And Reagan didn’t just win, he won by a landslide, because he had a vision for America of restoring America to those principles that have made America the most exceptional country on the face of the earth. Well, we have the same thing today. Barack Obama has practically destroyed this country in the past seven years, but because of that, more and more and more people are waking up.”

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Don't Cast 'False Asparagus' On Roger Stone
Yesterday, former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone chatted with Dana Loesch about the “Days of Rage” he is planning with Alex Jones to make sure that delegates and party officials at the Republican National Convention don’t “steal” the nomination from Trump.

Yesterday, former Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone chatted with Dana Loesch about the “Days of Rage” he is planning with Alex Jones to make sure that delegates and party officials at the Republican National Convention don’t “steal” the nomination from Trump.

Stone, who remains one of Trump’s close confidants, said he resented any claim that he was provoking violence.

“If somebody wanted to cast false asparagus on this, sure, but it’s a famous phrase from the ’68 convention,” he said.

(We are not sure if he simply flubbed the word “aspersions” or was deliberately channeling Rep. Louie Gohmert.)

“There’s no place in my comments ad nauseum where I advocated violence, but I do think there’s strength in numbers and I do think it’s important that people come to Cleveland to let their voice be heard,” Stone added.

He also criticized MSNBC for joining CNN in banning him from the air, alleging that the network practices “Soviet-style censorship” and “has decided to throw out the First Amendment to trample on free speech rights.” (Stone, like some others in the conservative movement, apparently thinks he has a constitutional right to appear on television.)

From the 04.06.2016 edition of KFTK/Radio America’s The Dana Show:

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Islamophobic hatemonger Dana Loesch continues to smear Muslims

On Tuesday’s edition of KFTK 97.1's The Dana Show, notorious Islamophobe Dana Loesch revived the false and widely debunked smear (that her current employer CNN debunked) that “President Barack Obama attended a ‘madrassa’ in Indonesia.”

In her September 2010 column on her radio show’s page on WordPress, Loesch baselessly accused “all Muslims as violent terrorists.”

Who burned the Koran that resulted in the murder of ten Christian missionaries last month

Or the murder of CIA agents earlier this year


Or the USS Cole?
Or the countless airplane hijackings, discotheque bombings, etc., etc., etc. 

Obama says that “As Americans, we will not or ever be at war with Islam.” 

How many thousands of people must be murdered by Islam before he stops saying such?
Where did this nation’s balls go?

No, Ms. Loesch, almost all the Muslims are peaceful and non-violent, and it’s only the radical fundamentalist Islam types such as the Wahhabis and Al-Qaeda that do the terrorist activities, which are disavowed by the mainstream Islamic community.

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NRA's Ted Nugent: "Wendy Davis A 'Puppet' Of 'Scam Artist' Obama With An 'Anti-American Agenda'" | Video | Media Matters for America

NUGENT: But again my frustration and my often times angry review of what the liberal Democrats have always done to destroy everything they touch, including Wendy Davis a puppet of Nancy “You don’t need to read this, you need to sign it to find out what’s in it” Pelosi and of course our favorite Attorney General Eric “Gunrunning” Holder and of course our favorite commander-in-chief, the scam artist, “You can keep your doctor, period,” etcetera, etcetera.


NUGENT: Everybody I know who is in the asset of American – of America – is proud, very proud to be job locked. We’re locked in our dedication to be productive Americans. Wendy Davis and all the liberal Democrats could not represent a more anti-Texas, anti-freedom, anti-rugged individual, anti-entrepreneurial, anti-productive, anti-American agenda. We will not let Wendy Davis become the governor of Texas, and just recently – I think it is time to celebrate on The Dana Show and I know you will join me as I dance – that Greg Abbott experienced an 11 percent increase in his gap over Wendy Davis, which on my Facebook the millions of people attribute to the “Ted Factor.” So I’m on course, history will show me as being in the asset column. History will show that the liberal Democrats were in the liability column, and I know that will be true.

From the 02.25.2014 edition of KFTK/Radio America’s The Dana Show:

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Dana Busted: Anti-union grinch Dana Loesch smears fast food strikers

Today in Dana Loesch stupidity: she callously mocks fast food protesters who are fighting for a fairer minimum wage and the right to unionize without intimidation from overzealous bosses. This isn’t surprising, given her long history of attacks on workers’ rights and unions.


Some restaurant workers are striking today for a liveable wage and teabaggers are responding at the Twitter hashtag #EatFast where they are posting mocking photos of themselves gorging on fast food.

Catherine Ruetschlin and Amy Traub from Demos.org have the facts about why minimum wage increases will HELP fast food workers:

1. IT WOULD CREATE JOBS.Low wages are holding back economic growth, but a raise for our country’s lowest paid workers would put money in the pockets of those most likely to spend it, generating much-needed consumer demand and contributing to economic growth across industries. That translates to higher GDP and new hiring in the labor market.
More than ten million Americans—and the family members they support—live beneath the poverty line even though they have jobs. With a median wage of $8.85, a fast food cook in a family of three lives in poverty even if she never takes a day off. Raising wages in the fast food industry could improve living standards for millions of hard working people.
With annual profits in the billions, the largest fast food companies could raise wages for their entire workforce and shareholders would still see a return. In fact, many of these employers already do pay higher wages to workers in other countries without wrecking their bottom lines.
Low-wage jobs are a business choice, but some employers take the high road offering fair wages, hours, and benefits. This investment in the workforce pays off in lower turnover and higher worker productivity, generating good service to customers and a solid bottom line.
Increasing the standard for decent pay in fast food could be a boon to low-wage workers across industries. The ripple effects start with increased consumer demand and economic growth, and create pressure in the labor market to raise wages in other low-pay positions. Contrary to popular myth, the vast majority of those affected by a raise at the bottom are working adults, struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their families. Even in fast food, most workers are 21 or older and have at least a high school degree. Raising wages in fast food could impact living standards for millions of American workers and the families that depend on them.

Dana’s baseless smears of fast-food workers who are striking:

Visiting fast food businesses today to support free enterprise.
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

Rent-a-mob protesters get paid to get angry http://t.co/AS9kgtfgFs
— New York Post (@nypost) December 5, 2013

This biased article from the New York Post’s Twitter account was retweeted by Loesch.

The unintended consequences of a mandatory minimum wage increase http://t.co/bSr2bhmUkj
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

We have a fast food truck today for #FastFoodThursday #iloveyouhardees #dlrs http://t.co/TE4YCbNVBA
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

Itisntpaleoandidontcarebecause #fastfoodthursday #dlrs #971talk http://t.co/kMvfz3km9l
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

What makes these strikers so much better than my single mom who worked her way up from 3 mim wage jobs?
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

I worked mim wage jobs through school. What makes these strikers better than me that they should get more $ than some MO cops?
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

I was a statistic, a kid raised by a single mom who worked 3 jobs to not go on gov’t dole. Don’t tell me there isn’t opportunity.
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

Who decided that there is shame with a job? A job is a job. There is shame in NOT working, not shame IN working.
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

Who is pushing the theory that you cannot leave the station into which you were born? Is this a feudal society?
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

I have way more more respect for a fast food worker putting in 8 hours a day than a community organizer on the gov’t dole. #fastfoodstrikers
— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) December 5, 2013

Her regular fill-in host for The Dana Show and guest Tony Katz falsely accuses unions of “bullying fast food workers.”

Fast food workers are planning a strike to force employers to pay them $15 per hour. This Thursday, in over 100 cities across the nation, Big Labor is coordinating with “grassroots” activists to pressure these employers to pay a “living wage.” From all the press, you’d think the push toward higher wages was something noble. But, this is Big Labor. And no one will bully, threaten or intimidate to steal your hard earned money more than Big Labor. The group Fast Food Forward, one of the organizations in sync with Big Labor to shame fast food restaurants into extinction, states their purpose:

In America, people who work hard should be able to afford basic necessities like groceries, rent, childcare and transportation.

While fast food corporations reap the benefits of record profits, workers are barely getting by — many are forced to be on public assistance despite having a job.

Raising pay for fast food workers will benefit workers and strengthen the overall economy.

It’s not the workers that Big Labor wants to benefit. It’s Big Labor that Big Labor wants to benefit.


There is no way to determine a living wage anywhere in America. It’s a lie, and so is the idea that groups like Fast Food Forward and Big Labor care about fast food employees. Listen up, fast food workers, because you’re being used! Not by McDonald’s or Wendy’s or Chick-Fil-A, but by Big Labor and the political candidates (ideology) they support. BIg Labor wants you to unionize because Big Labor wants you to pay union dues.
They want your money, and they don’t give a good holy damn about you!

More lies from Loesch acolyte Katz.

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More anti-choice propaganda from Dana Loesch

On Friday’s edition of KFTK 97.1 FM's The Dana Show, rabidly anti-choice shill Dana Loesch baselessly smeared women who have abortions as “ageist bigots.”

From the 02.03.2012 edition of KFTK’s The Dana Show:

Lila Rose, founder of the discredited anti-choice group Live Action, appeared with Loesch to misleadingly accuse Planned Parenthood of “using breast cancer as a front to garner funding for abortion-related businesses.”

From the 02.03.2012 edition of KFTK’s The Dana Show:

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