imagine being blocked by a fic rec blog bc you’re defending the soft sides of your bias 😥😂

i guess the level of my toxicity™ just got elevated im so proud of myself

Welcome the new Admins!

We are thrilled to announce four new admins in our KFR family! They are all so lovely, and we know that you will adore them as much as we do. To learn more about them, please take the time to read each of their introductions: 

Admin E

Hello cuties 💕 I’m Miley! A night owl who wishes she could not sleep to read about my two favorites boys until dawn. 🙌 My fav goes from the softest fluffliest cliché hs au to the kinkiest dom sub pwp. Herrrhem. (Also long fics enthusiast)

Admin B

I’m Anna and I love EXO so much and currently waiting for kyungsoo’s solo album

Admin R

Hi I’m Drea! My bias is Jongin and kadi are my happiness. I’m into a lot of kinks but I read everything! I’m especially a topsoo enthusiast :D Angst and sugar daddy fics are the way to my heart!

Admin O

hello~ in my freetime I enjoy hot lemon tea, powerbottom!soo, historical!au, and do kyungsoo’s voice. sailor of the s.s.kaisoo since 2012 with a little baekyeol tugboat on the side. ♡

Thank you always for your support! We love you guys~ (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

anonymous asked:

New camp!au? Preferably the long one! :*

Hello darling~ you’ve probably already seen this but just in case here are the old camp!au recs!

  • Tent - sooo, this is kind of just a drabble that’s a smidge of plot with porn. but kaisoo are boyscouts in a secret relationship and they do it in a tent. A+ - O
  • I Hate You (I Like You)  neighbors and enemies to lovers, kaisoo go on a camping trip with their families and I love cheese - E 
  • And If Skies Could Speak - 32k, this is sorta camp au / dystopian, jongin meets ksoo in the camp area and decides to show him the outside of the camp area, kind of bittersweet and very poetic - J

We don’t have anything new other than these because camp au is so rare ;; let’s make a camp au fest

enjoy! - KFR Admins