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A tad late. But there it is.

The car is my Brother’s 65 Nova, so not technically my “Baby”, but he keeps it at our house.

Doing more Dean things in these pictures makes me realize that I’m really more of the Sam of my family. (It’s totally not just because of the hair.)

Just remember, this is still all your fault.

You are so adorable omg aksjdhsldkjsh

kfchurch submitted: 

Sashi. I want to share the depths of my apparent insanity with one of the first people to get me into this awesome fandom. (Damn you and my friend Ian. You guys and your unavoidable SPN feels…)

I know it sucks cause my hair is more Jared-esque and I’m not exactly Jensen, but hey, I tried.


lskfjahfkljafh AHHH OMG IM SCREAMING RIGHT NOW BECAUSE I’M WEARING THE SHIRT TODAY TOO! asjfhasd so I had to do my own version omg

EXCEPT I COULDN’T DO THE POSE RIGHT cuz like my bed’s behind me so I couldn’t go far enough back to show the piece of paper and the shirt!? OH WELL WHATEVER CLOSE ENOUGH

SHIRT TWINS! anyways this is adorable and I’m glad I could help attribute to your total insanity! :D