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Totally unplanned jeans wetting

Or better said the public surprises of a very full bladder. Or blame the beer. I don’t post much here on tumblr, but this is quite a recent thing that happened, being of the most intense desperations I have ever experienced, especially as it was completely unintentional. Anyways, let me know what you think.

So, I just got back after doing some traveling around Europe and I brought a few gifts for friends. I met one of them two days ago in town to give her the chocolates I brought over. We met in town at around 8 o'clock and went for some pizza. It definitely wasn’t a date but I haven’t had so much fun and also quality conversation in a long while. Everything normal, until we went to this great pub that has a selection of locally-produced beer. People usually buy it in fours, as they come from bright yellow (regular lager colour), to reddish, brown and full black, and my friend felt compelled to buy me one of those in exchange for her chocolates. That was exactly two lovely litres of liquid. Yum!

We stayed there for around 2-3 hours, in which I peed twice. I finished all my beer, which was absolutely great, and we had to leave as the place was closing. I must admit that I have skipped going to the loo before leaving, even though I was already filling up again after my last toilet trip. She joked about the fact that I went twice in the span of half an hour and I decided to not give her any more reasons to make fun of my bladder size, of which I am actually proud.

There were no buses at that time, so I walked her back to her place which was a decent 20 minutes away from town centre. After dropping her off and making a huge effort not asking her if I can use her toilet real quick, I turned back towards town centre. (To go home I had to go through town centre once again and head in the opposite direction.) That was good, as I was already feeling my bladder really bad and I was planning to go use the toilet at McDonald’s in town before carrying on with my journey. I really wasn’t in the mood for a hold and even with my big bladder, two litres of beer is definitely not a joke.

I got to McDonald’s quite quickly, but as you can probably guess from the title, I didn’t get to use the loo there, as the bouncer locked it after someone puked all over it. Great. At 1 o'clock at night everything else is already closed apart of that stupid McDonald’s. Even KFC closed at 12… I soon realised there were no other toilets I could use apart of my own, which was 30+ minutes away.

But I’m a big boy, I got home nearly losing it in my boxers many times before, so this wasn’t really an unusual situation. I decided it might be a good idea to actually take a taxi back home at this point. I was filling up way too quickly and a taxi would’ve been my best bet to make it home in comfortable time. After losing almost 10 precious minutes trying to stop a taxi, I realised that I just need to start heading home on foot. I really couldn’t afford losing more time as my bladder was already aching. It was a huge surprise to me to be that desperate, that quick. I guess it must’ve been the alcohol in the beers I had, along with the fact that I drank a huge amount of liquid in a short time span. I couldn’t sit still and, biting my lip, I decided to start walking as fast as I can.

What happened next is right out any of one of those cheesy Bound2Burst movies, because two police officers stopped me in the street. I was quite anxious to be honest, not knowing how long they’ll keep me there or what they want. I could honestly picture myself slowly soaking my jeans in front of them as I casually answer all their questions. Fortunately enough, they just asked if I saw anybody running in the opposite direction, as there was a pretty messy fight a few minutes before. I finished with them and carried on with my desperate walk.

I was so, so desperate! I was literally bursting. You can’t imagine how embarrassing it can be for a guy to get that desperate… My bladder felt like a rock bopping up and down in my lower abdomen and it was really uncomfortable to walk fast. I eventually had to slow down and walk with my right hand in my pocket, secretly but strongly pinching my cock to help with the desperation. There were many people on the streets, as everybody was heading home at that time, so I couldn’t really do anything more obvious.

The people also made the idea of simply wetting behind a tree or a car impossible. In addition, as some of you might already know, I have a policy for not peeing in the street. I just hold it. For me, it’s either a toilet or a pair of jeans. I was getting closer to home when it started to become more obvious that it might be impossible to get back dry though. It’s a truly unique feeling, and everybody into omorashi knows it well enough, where the voice in your head just tells you “Jean, you will not make it. You know you will wet yourself soon…”.

Strangely enough, I felt it like a challenge this time. On another occasion I would’ve simply let it go in my pants. I love the feeling of a soaked pair of jeans and the incredible desperation I was going through would have definitely led to a very, very big and satisfying wet mess. But no, I decided that I am a big boy and that I can hold it until I get home. I took it as a challenge, but had to undo my belt… I really wanted to prove I can hold it for as long as I want and that I am in charge and decide when my bladder empties its content and when it doesn’t.

I was close now. Also, there were less people on the street so I made the most of it by getting a good front grip on my crotch. I was incredibly horny at this point and had to deal with a huge and noticeable bulge in my jeans too. A long, desperate and horny walk.  When the powerful waves of desperation started hitting I had to walk even slower to not lose it. Moreover, I had to stop every 100 feet, cross my legs and regain my composure for a few moments. A cold sweat was a final warning signal to what will soon follow if I don’t get to a toilet in time.

Then I spurted. Yes, I SPURTED! The first time in my life that I actually spurt; I usually just explode all at once. It was such a strange, alien feeling to be able to stop the flow after a few drops hit my boxer-briefs. Although I wasn’t dry anymore, there still was a chance of getting home with a pair of dry jeans. And I was wearing my favourite pair of shoes, which I definitely didn’t want to soak in waves of warm urine.

The last 5 minutes of my walk were full of ever increasing spurts which, sliding my hand inside my jeans, I found have left my underwear dripping wet. There was a noticeable wet patch on my blue jeans already, but I could see my house.

That was the longest walk ever. With 10 feet to my front door, I could already feel the huge relief and hear the pee splash in the porcelain toilet bowl. Soon!

But I lost it. I completely lost it and started peeing full force as I was frantically searching my pockets for the front door key. I just couldn’t stop peeing. I couldn’t. I was gripping my cock so hard through the wet material of my jeans it hurt, but to no avail. Pee was jetting out of my throbbing cock and I couldn’t even slow the stream down. And it was so loud! It was hissing, I could here it as the stream was going through my boxers and was hitting my jeans. It had to be almost two minutes of continuous peeing followed by a lovely hissing sound. I almost finished peeing when I realised I was still standing with my legs double-crossed, still trying to stop the flow.

What mess have a I made?! I was standing in a 2 feet - wide puddle. My shoes were full of pee and all squishy. I also apparently came in my boxers in the process. I eventually got in the house and when I got in the bathroom, I emptied all the pee out of my shoes (once again, just like in a cheesy B2B movie :P) and admired myself in the mirror. I wasn’t even mad that I didn’t make it home in time, dry, or that I have lost my own personal challenge. It didn’t matter. The relief was absolutely incredible and this has to be one of my best wettings ever. And the best relief feelings too!

It was real, big, messy, unplanned. It was perfect! My white ankle socks were completely soaked and almost transparent and my red boxer-briefs were almost entirely wet, it was actually hard for me to find a dry patch on them. The jeans had a lovely wet pattern on both the front and their back.

Something else that I’ve never done before now is that I actually kept my wet boxers on and slept in them. In the morning, they were nice and dry and I decided to pee in them once again in the shower.

This was absolutely incredible!

Guys, this is pretty much it and I do hope you enjoyed it. Two lessons are to be learnt from this experience:

1. You cannot walk faster than your bladder can fill up.

2. You can actually piss yourself on your front door step.

I thought that is just something dramatic that they like to show in videos, that you wet yourself seconds and feet away from relief, but this experience taught me the exact opposite. Pretty weird way to learn a lesson if you ask me…

Dating Seungcheol (S.Coups) would include

- “hey you wanna see if I can fit these 3 pizzas in my mouth?” “Seungcheol, no.”

- play fighting, seungcheol would probably be the type to see you reach for something and come and fucking (lightly) body slam you on the couch and start tickling you until you begged him to stop 

- baby talking to him sometimes because he gets frustrated like y/n, I’m a grown ass man wyd

- deep conditioner treatments on your guys’ hair together, like you’re both sitting on the couch cuddled up with shower caps around your head

- his neck seems to be really sensitive, so you blow on it a lot and he starts whining and poking you in the sides

- sometimes you drive him and the rest of seventeen places and you feel like a fucking soccer mom, you gotta keep yelling at mingyu to stop touching wonwoo, try to make woozi feel better about them telling him he needs a booster seat, tell seungkwan if he could please stop singing along to every song that comes on the radio :-) and seungcheol just fuckin laughs at you

- 2 minute hugs where he just walks you all around the practice room before you go (while still hugging you), complains to everyone that you’re leaving while you hug him too and act extra about it

- “seungcheol your gonna see her in like 4 hours, you guys basically live together”

- still acting all dramatic up until you leave while he plants a dramatic kiss on you and you giggle because Chan’s looking at y'all like ಠ_ಠ

- fighting over what to eat for dinner and seungcheol tries to b smooth like “how about I eat u ;-)” and ur like okay…, but seriously, KFC closes in ten minutes, so I needa go now….if I’m gonna make it

- trying hard to start new dramas together but one of y'all ends up falling asleep, the other one gets mad n leaves, it’s a mess

- jumping on his back a lot, like seungcheol feels you before you even come on like he’s already bent down, ready to grab your legs, he’s good to u

- looking at him with heart eyes whenever he was with seventeen because he acts so in charge and always encourages them and your like fucking dad material (but u don’t tell him, just a mental note)

- choking on your drink whenever you read those rumors about him being a thug, because he can’t even fucking kill a spider in y'alls bathtub, the stories r wild

- late night store runs together because he’s craving peanut butter ice cream and you want some seven up

- using him as a pillow whenever u can, probably even when you sleep too, he’s like “y/n, u got like 3 pillows over there”

- shushing him with kisses whenever he wants to point out the obvious because he does that a lot

- sometimes he snores at night so you end up trying to prop him up on pillows so he won’t but he turns over and pins you under him and you wind up having to fall asleep with his arms squeezing the life out of you

- telling each other stories about your day and getting sympathy from the other, y'all are already like a complaining old couple

- scoups the type to smack you upside the head with a gigantic ass snowball in winter and get all scared when he hit you like fuck cause he wasn’t aiming for you he was aiming for seungkwan

- jeonghan teasing you both whenever you’re together, like he’s always making dirty jokes and pushing you into scoups and you’re like what the fuck jeonghan I thought we were chill

- he gets all blushy whenever you dance in front of him so you do it more often, but then Dino joins and you’re both shaking your ass to some Beyoncé and scoups is probably leaving the room

- taking him on long walks around Seoul at night while he just watches all the colors and lights play on your face and hair and skin and he’s like how did I get this lucky? You’re so cute

- heated make out sessions in his room, you’re on his lap and he’d slowly slide you to lay on the bed, but then seokmin comes in for advice and walks the fuck back out in .7 seconds leaving you and scoups laughing

- sitting on him because with all those boys there’s not a lot of room and he doesn’t mind, he just pulls you in closer

- scoups kissing down your arms and chest when you wake up in the mornings and you just smile down at him while he looks up at you and mumbles how much he loves you against your skin, causing you to shiver

- your mom loves him to bits and pieces, always giving u props for tying him down and you’re like mom omg!! Stop!!! But scoups is on the side shrugging like, it’s cool, I like being tied to u

- seungcheol is so cute and attached to you and loves you so much that he sometimes feels like he’s being too overbearing but he just cares about you too much and it’s fine to you because you feel the exact same way about him and you’re both just a cute pair of giggly babies who just want to kiss and cuddle and be together all the time*:・✧  


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  • scratching his back for him lol sry seungjun
  • he’ll go to ur house and bring you snacks whenever you’re studying
  • like you’d be hours into studying and get a text thats like “hey im outside can u open the door”
  • and when you do he’d be on your doorstep with your favorite drink and snacks
  • his “manse” aegyo when you need motivation
  • “what do you mean that’s not enough motivation for you”
  • the type to be like “if u don’t finish ur hw ur not getting a kiss lol”
  • he’d help you on anything he could !!
  • sometimes he comes over to your house just to sleep
  • invites you to hang out with the boys
  • he wouldn’t get jealous seeing you get too close w the boys tbh he’s understanding
  • random texts outta nowhere like you could be at work or something and get a text that’s like “hey do you know when kfc closes “
  • takes you out on surprise dates!!! and makes them super fun like he’d text you to arrive at a location and when you get there there would be like  glowing arrows to lead the way or something
  • bc he’s not afraid to go all out
  • talking a lot 
  • about anything really
  • like conversations between you two can go from how to properly season chicken to really deep talks like does he feel accomplished in life
  • he always likes to confide with you in everything
  • and he’d always let you know ahead of time if he’s going to be late, or if theres an event that’s happening where he can’t see you in a while
  • whenever that does happen, he always makes it up by showering you with kisses and constant cuddles
  • buying you souvenirs from every city he goes to bc he wants to share the joy of traveling with you even if youre not there physically
  • also buying you cute small things like cell phone cases or charms or bracelets just bc “i saw it and thought of you”
  • the type to fix your hair when it’s too windy
  • like when you’re talking he’d smooth your hair behind your ears
  • and he wouldnt even notice that its kinda romantic until he sees that you stopped talking and theres a tinge of red on your cheeks
  • then he’d be a blushing mess too
  • whenever he sees you he’d greet you with a big smile and of course a big cuddly hug
  • the members would probably be like “how come ur never that happy to see us wtf” as a joke lmao
  • the type to buy you flowers for every date!!!!!!
  • also going on food tours together 
  • bc trying out new things with the person he loves is something he enjoys
  • on cold days you two go out to buy some hot chocolate at the local coffee shop and sit down and talk about how you’ve been doing
  • he’s very attentive!!!! 
  • like if he knows you get cold easily he’d secretly bring along some hot packs and when you’re holding hands he’d slip one into ur hand
  • bc hes smooth
  • doesnt tell you he loves you often with words but always shows you he loves you through his actions 
  • like always making sure that you’re ok, that you’re not sick, that you’re getting enough sleep, that you’re not too stressed
  • when he does tell you he loves you he’d say it softly with so much emotion you’d melt omg
  • like ok the first time he tells u he loves u is when you guys are cuddling on the couch watching a movie and u fall asleep in his arms
  • and he just looks at you sleeping and he feels all these emotions well up in his chest
  • and he’d stroke the hair out of your face as the words “i love you” leave his lips
  • and he doesnt even realize that he really does love you until the words actually leaves his lips and hes like holy shit i do love her
  • and the next morning when you’re in the kitchen making coffee for the two of you he’d just look at you w a soft smile while thinking something like yes, this is the girl im madly in love with
  • “what ? is there something on my face?”
  • “nah, its nothing”
the signs as south park episode summaries

Aries: cartman turns on old men in a chat room and one of them is mr garrison but then he brings everyone to a nambla meeting and gets kenny’s dad raped by three dozen men
Taurus: eric fakes tourrette’s syndrome to swear whenever and talk about Jews on tv but he ends up not being able to control what he says and starts talking about how he and his cousin touched penises and why doesn’t he just sit down. sit down. right over there
Gemini: butters has the biggest dick
Cancer: ex vice president al gore visits south park elementary to talk about manbearpig. stan feels bad because he doesn’t have any friends and gets kyle, cartman, and kenny to visit his meeting and they end up going to a cave but then al gore shoots the cave walls and the squad gets caved in so cartman ends up eating fake treasure while there’s a funeral and the cave is flooded and they have to haul cartman’s fat ass out and he just. shits fake gold all over the place.
Leo: butters is naked in a glass box in a music video while cartman sings about vagina and boobs and stan gets full of himself and then jesus bullies a movie producer and stan ends up jacking it in san diego
Virgo: kfc is closed down and replaced with a medicinal marijuana store and so randy gives himself testicular cancer by microwaving his balls and they grow bigger than himself so he uses them like those balls that you hop around on and then everyone in town is microwaving their dicks and getting high off weed while cartman is illegally dealing kfc
Libra: oprah winfrey’s vagina doesn’t put the gun down??
Scorpio: stan takes everyone ziplining so he can get a free ipod nano but it turns into a shouldn’t be alive episode and they nearly die of boredom and then they need to escape by riding horses but they scream the whole time and cartman smells like ass and shits his pants and then they try to get back via boat and kenny infects everyone with herpes and dies but mr hankey the christmas poo saves them
Sagittarius: the gay fucking mayor kidnaps butters and terrorists threaten Santa and piss in strawberry shortcake’s eyehole and then the government secretly nukes everyone’s imagination but butters is the chosen one and he saves imaginationland also kyle sucks cartman’s balls
Capricorn: stan is diagnosed as being a cynical asshole and literally sees everything as shit. just. it’s all shit. cartman shoves burgers up his ass. stan ends up in a matrix ripoff club thing where they drink alcohol and shoot guns and he’s running around drunk while cartman is selling ass burgers but everyone ends up accidentally shooting themselves
Aquarius: people piss in the waterpark so much that it literally turns to piss. that’s it. people piss and stan and Kyle have to drink the piss to save each other
Pieces: that one book man rapes a chicken so he can teach officer barbrady to read

Poulterguist (Dean Imagine)

Hi ! Sorry to disturb, but I sent a request few days ago with Dean overhearing y/n tell at sam that she’s in love with dean but she knows that he doesn’t feels the same and dean gets sad cuz he loves her too. So idk if you didn’t saw it or if you just don’t want to write it. Anyway, you’re amazing, keep going 

I didnt see this before, sorry about that! Btw.. don’t be sorry to disturb.. love when my assbutts disturb with brilliant ideas for me to attempt to write. Hope i wrote this ok for you! X

“Get your lazy ass up, y/n its 11:30” Dean shouted to you through the paper thin motel room walls. Waking up to Dean’s voice with out a doubt would brighten your day which had only just begun. You were in love with Dean Winchester, the great hunter but never in a million years would you tell him.You told his brother Sam but he swore that he wouldn’t tell, because you threatened to neuter him if he did. You had never felt like this before, it was beyond a crush but he wouldn’t feel the same, so you suffered in silence.

You did as Dean said and got up, got dressed into skinny jeans, a hoodie and your hunting boots then went next door to the room where Sam and Dean where sleeping.
“What’s the plan guys?” You asked them through a yawn
“poltergeist” Sam said, closing a book that he was previously reading and resting it on his lap.
“Thank god. I’m sick of demons”
“You and me both” Sam scoffed.
“Come on guys, quick i want to get back before KFC closes” Dean said, then put on his black coat and grabbed his keys off the night stand. You followed behind him, leaving all your stuff in your room as you were going to be coming back here tonight, and all your guns were in Dean’s trunk except your pistol that was in the back of your jeans.
As soon as Deans car arrived in the drive way of the poltergeists crib, you didn’t even have time to investigate as you heard screams coming from the house. Dean grabbed his pre-packed bag and ran straight into the house to the aid of who ever was screaming, he was caring like that. You and Sam opened the boot and got a shot gun, salt and some iron then followed in behind Dean.
You met him in the living room beside an woman who was curled up in a ball in the corner. The room was a mess of turned couches, smashed mirrors, and broken vases. Everything was a catastrophe. Dean guided the woman out to his car, where she would be safe then returned to the house again.
“Definitely a poltergeist” He confirmed after talking to the woman.
“Well where the hell did it go?” You asked, but your question was soon answered when a flying picture frame came towards your head. you ducked, barley on time and felt the little glass particles and wood hit around your boots as it landed on the floor.
Sam shot into the air, in the general direction that the picture had came from.
“Come on, don’t be a pussy. Show your self” Dean shouted into the room. Suddenly a shadow appeared on the wall, and then slowly morphed into a more visible face. He was tall with scraggly grey hair, a massive nose and rotten teeth.
“No wonder you stayed hidden” Dean said turning his face up. You went to shoot your gun but it flung it out of your hand.
“Dean stop insulting the ghost and just kill it!” Sam yelled as his gun got flung as well. He picked up and iron bar and swung it, but as he did the ghost flung you and Sam up to the wall.
“Dean he hung himself in the attic” Sam screamed over the noise of the clunking metal of his iron rod hitting the tiles on the floor. Dean left the room and darted up the stairs, but the ghost vanished with him. You were still practically nailed to the wall along with Sam.
“I hope he’s ok” You sighed. Despite being stuck to the wall, i didn’t hurt like when a demon done it.
“I’m sure the love of your life will be back” Sam teased. You just shook your head and returned to trying to get off the wall. After about 15 minutes you dropped to the floor, and your legs tangled up with Sam’s. But you weren’t there for long as you jumped up and sprinted up stairs to find Dean. He was just climbing down the ladder and you reached the landing
“You’re ok” You smiled. He walked down the stairs and drove home, but stopped at KFC first. You went into Sam and Dean’s motel and ate all you food then talked for a while.
“Im going to get a shower, i have ugly dead ghost all over me” Dean said then took his t-shirt off, revealing his abs and toned body. He left the room and you just fell back on the bed and let out a loud moan.
“Still got a crush?” Sam asked you.
“Unfortunately. It’s like he knows, he takes his top off right in front of me as if he’s teasing me”
“Its only his top half…” Sam said trying to help, but managed to make things awkward.
“Imagine Scarlet Johansson walking about here with no shirt on” Sam tilted his head up, picturing the image
“Now imagine your hopelessly in love with her, but can’t do anything about it because she wont like you like that”
“Yeah tough break. I could talk to Dean, find out if he likes…or loves you back”
“Sam, my machete is within arms reach” He gulped and sat back, leaning against the head board.
“Why do i got to fall in love with fucking Dean Winchester” You sighed then sat up from the bed. You heard a door slam as soon as you did. Sam’s ears peaked as did yours, his brow knitted closer together in confusion. You instantly jumped off the bed
“No no no no no no no no” you panicked, You walked over so you were facing the wall and leant your head against it.
“He heard me. Oh my god Sam, please shoot me” You lightly banged your head against the wall, then spun around and slid down it.
“Maybe he didn’t hear” Sam said
“Ok, ill go here and you talk” You jumped off off the floor and walked down to just outside the bathroom door where he would have been standing.
“Im y/n. Im in love with Dean. I suck at soccer and drive bad”
“Ok i heard that perfectly which meant he did too. Also fuck you” You put your hands over your face.
“This is horrible” You whined, suddenly you heard Dean sniff.
“Shit he can still hear me, Sam book me a plane ticket to Africa. I can’t stay here” You joked, but there was some seriousness within the remark. You didn’t want to stay here with Dean after possibly the most embarrassing moment of your life.
The bathroom door opened, and (still topless) Dean was standing in front of you.
“You’re going to Africa?” He asked smugly stepping towards you
“There was something i wanted to do first” Before you could even react Dean had his hands on your hips and his lips on yours. You stood there still in complete awe, taken back by his actions. You eventually reacted to put your hands around his neck, and after a moment he stepped back from you with a smirk on his face.
“So you heard me?”
“I did. You think i am as hot as the male equivalent of Scarlett Johansson and that is the best compliment i have ever received”
“That wasn’t exactly my point, but very true” You smiled, then kissed him again. He kissed your lips, then your cheek and went back into the bathroom to shower. You plodded back over to Sam who was on the bed still and jumped up beside him, squishing his legs.
“Ow!” He flinched his leg up, making you roll off
“Im sorry, Sam. I’m just possibly the happiest i have ever been”
“I’m happy for you, now my privates aren’t under constant threat either so its a win win”
You smiled up at Sam and he patted your back. You lay closed your eyes for a second, you couldn’t believe your luck. You hoped and prayed to god that a relationship between you and Dean would work, so you could live the hunting life with your actual night and shining armor helping you along the way.