New song up. Definitely the oldest track on the EP. I wrote most of this a month before I started Coastal Calling which would be last December. Its age kinda shows, and it’s not as complex as the others on the album, but it’s got some sick melodic lines and adds some DnB energy to the line-up.


…Oh yeah! Remnants EP is slated for release Friday evening! 38)

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Alright so I’m pretty sure I’ve finally managed to get my shit together for the most part. I’ve got some tests to deal with but after this upcoming week I’m gonna hit the ground running and get back in the game.

In the meantime, have a WIP that I think is pretty cool–gonna try and get back to my non-resolving melodic loops and other stylistic tendencies.

Messing around in photoshop–made this. I really like this font but this kind of design doesn’t have that basic “vectored” look I’m after. It does demonstrate the separation between the two parts of the portmanteau though and that’s something I would like to fit into the vectored version if at all possible.