Why you shouldn’t vote Labour in Scotland.

Ian Murray is Scottish Labour’s only MP and Scottish Labour as a whole is no friend of Corbyn. Ian Murray has not only advised Labour voters to vote Tory to ‘block’ the SNP but he also participated in the coup to oust Corbyn as leader.

The leader of Scottish labour, Kezia Dugdale, has also spoken out against Corbyn on several occasions and claimed he wasn’t fit to be leader.

He is nothing more than a glory hunting bastard. Do not vote Labour in Scotland. Give Corbyn strong allies with the SNP.

To those in England, Scottish labour is not your friend. They will work to stab Corbyn in the back again.


Having a lot of issues with this tablet, it disconnected about 3 times and most of the time wouldn’t connect at all. Hopefully Mightyape can get back to me about a replacement or I’m a bit screwed.

Anyway I managed to draw some Alma, Irene, Kezia and Techiya.