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The view from a cell, Musee de la Grande Chartreuse. The monks of the order have private gardens in which they can commune with God and nature on their own, with large windows affording views of the neighboring mountains.

btw, the new Doctor Who spinoff, Class, is really good. I’m watching it right now. It’s set at Coal Hill Academy, with the premise that, with the Doctor’s frequent visits, the walls of time and space have gotten particularly thin there, so all sort of shit is going to come through. To deal with it? Five seventeen-year-olds (actually, one of them’s fourteen - she’s a genius who jumped two grades) and one physics teacher eternally simmering with rage. (She’s actually an alien.) (So’s one of the seventeen-year olds. Everyone else on their planet was killed, and a Certain Person in a blue box brought them here for relative safety.) There’s a bunch of Tumblr keyword good stuff: main cast includes multiple people with disabilities (both gained in the first ep, but also April’s mom is in a wheelchair), multiple non-white people, PTSD, attractive young men kissing…

what impresses me most, though, is that they all actually talk like teenagers. Like, they bicker and reference pop culture in the middle of tense situations and it doesn’t feel painfully obviously written by some adult who at best glanced at wikipedia and hasn’t talked to a teenager in years. This is rarer than it should be. All the characters are pretty engaging, too.

Steven Moffat produces but doesn’t write or direct, so if that’s your problem, kindly take get-over-it pills and go try out this show. Class, Saturday evenings on BBC 3.

FYI @ Everyone

If you don’t show up when people @ you on tumblr, it may be because you are, in old slang, “invisible to spiders” – google and other search engines are instructed not to index you, but this means tumblr can’t find you either even though you are…on their…site. Tumblr! *jazz hands*

SO the way to fix this and make yourself @ able is:

Go to Settings, click on your primary journal on the right-hand side, and scroll down to the bottom. Make sure “Allow this blog to appear in search results” is active (the switch should be blue, not grey).

This WILL have the side-effect of making you visible to search engines, so if people google your tumblr it will appear in Google’s results, and it may appear if they google keywords that appear in your tumblr. I have no issues with this but of course your mileage may vary, I know people have very good reasons for not wanting to show up in search engines.

But that’s how you do that, so. Yes.

3 Essential Ways for Photographers to Get Inspired

Photography by Dane Papercrane

Written by Dane Papercrane

Have you ever had photographer’s block?  It’s like writer’s block.  When you cannot seem to figure out what to do for your next project.  It is when you rack your brain and find no inspiration.  Here are some tips for overcoming your creative dry spell.

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