Tarot 101: Card Keywords

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One thing many people struggle with when learning to read tarot is keeping track of card meanings. While I don’t recommend learning tarot like flashcards, you certainly can. But don’t think there’s anything wrong will using a guide book or your notes while you read your cards until you start to commit things to memory and develop your intuitive abilities and a relationship with your deck. It’s all part of the process. 

Remember! While each card does have keywords associated with it, cards work together in a spread like words in a sentence. It is incredibly difficult to get the full picture if you read each card only with a handful of keywords. Also, keep in mind that this is a short list of keywords for each card. Each keyword has its negatives, and there are many more that apply to each card. 

Numerical Keywords:

Ace (1): Beginnings, potential

Twos: Balance, harmony, dichotomy

Threes: Communication, interaction (think “three’s a party”), outside influence

Fours: Rest, Contemplation

Fives: Conflict, Loss

Sixes: Growth, challenges overcome, understanding

Sevens: Fate, confidence, truth

Eights: Work, change, perseverance

Nines: Consequences and rewards

Tens: Endings (end of a cycle)

Pages: Messages, youth, information

Knights: Movement, adventure, experience

Queens: Power, potential, advice (think motherly advice)

Kings: Authority, power, structure

The Suits

Cups: Emotions (love, feelings, relationships), Connections, Water, Intuition

Wands: Spirituality, Personality, Illusions, Impulses, Fire, Energy

Swords: Action, Power, Conflict, Judgement, Air, Thoughts

Pentacles: Material (money, property, etc.), Manifestation, Indulgence, Earth

The Major Arcana


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The Fool: Beginnings, naivety, innocence, risks/reckless behavior

The Magician: Manifestation, inspiration, manipulation, talent

The High Priestess: Intuition, divinity, secrets, withdrawal

The Empress: Beauty, motherly nurturing, abundance, dependence 

The Emperor: Authority (fatherly), structure, rules, lack of control

The Hierophant: Wisdom, tradition, culture, religion, freedom

The Lovers: Love, balance, relationships, choices

The Chariot: Control, determination, action, discipline

Strength: Strength, influence, untethered emotions

The Hermit: Isolation, guidance, introspection

The Wheel of Fortune: Cycles, fate/destiny, luck, change

Justice: Justice, law, cause and effect, accountability

The Hanged Man: Martyrdom, surrender, change of perspective, delay

Death: Change, death, endings, transitions

Temperance: Balance, patience, healing, alignment

The Devil: Obsession, shadows, addiction, restrictions/limitations

The Tower: Chaos, dramatic change, awakenings, transformation, fear

The Star: Hope, spirituality, despair, disconnects

The Moon: Illusions, dreams, anxiety, intuition, emotions

The Sun: Positivity, warmth, success, optimism, lively spirit

Judgment: Judgement, rebirth, doubt, criticisms

The World: Completed cycles, accomplishments, movement (travel)

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80 Young Adult Books by Black Authors

Supporting Black authors is something that I definitely need to start doing more, so I’ve compiled a list of 80 YA books by Black authors. I’m putting the ones that I’ve read at the top in bold, and the rest will be books that I have looked up and have put on my list to read. I can’t do much to change what’s going on in our world right now, but I can do my part to support the Black community in any way that I can. These are in no particular order and please feel free to add more!

  1. On The Come Up by Angie Thomas
  2. With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo
  3. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo
  4. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
  5. Calling My Name by Liara Tamani
  6. Dear Martin by Nic Stone
  7. The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
  8. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
  9. The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
  10. Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann
  11. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  12. Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo
  13. Allegedly by Tiffany D. Jackson
  14. Odd One Out by Nic Stone
  15. Jackpot by Nic Stone
  16. Dear Justyce by Nic Stone - coming out 9/29/20
  17. Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi
  18. Oh My Gods by Alexandra Sheppard
  19. Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America edited by Ibi Zoboi
  20. Love Me or Miss Me: Hot Girl, Bad Boy by Dream Jordan
  21. Spin by Lamar Giles
  22. Black Leopard, Red Wolf by Marlon James
  23. Watch Us Rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan
  24. Opposite of Always by Justin A. Reynolds
  25. The Belles Series by Dhonielle Clayton
  26. The Weight of the Stars by K. Ancrum
  27. Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
  28. Let Me Hear a Rhyme by Tiffany D. Jackson
  29. The Voice in My Head by Dana L. Davis
  30. I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest
  31. The Black Flamingo by Dean Atta
  32. The Evolution of Birdie Randolph by Brandy Colbert
  33. Dear Haiti, Love Alaine by Maika and Maritza Moulite
  34. Kingdom of Souls by Rena Barron
  35. A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney
  36. A Dream So Dark by L.L. McKinney
  37. Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett
  38. The Forgotten Girl by India Hill Brown
  39. Tyler Johnson Was Here by Jay Coles
  40. Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson
  41. Solo by Kwame Alexander
  42. A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow
  43. By Any Means Necessary by Candid Montgomery
  44. War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi
  45. Light It Up by Kekla Magoon
  46. Who Put This Song On? by Morgan Parker
  47. Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson
  48. Finding Yvonne by Brandy Colbert
  49. Learning to Breathe by Janice Lynn Mather
  50. I am Alfonso Jones by Tony Medina
  51. The Stars Beneath Our Feet by David Barclay Moore
  52. Ghost by Jason Reynolds
  53. X: A Novel by Ilyasah Shabazz
  54. The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds
  55. How It Went Down by Kekla Magoon
  56. Dread Nation by Justina Ireland
  57. Deathless Divide by Justina Ireland
  58. Not So Pure and Simple by Lamar Giles
  59. The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe
  60. Monster by Walter Dean Myers
  61. Pride by Ibi Zoboi
  62. Opposite Of Always by Justin A. Reynolds
  63. Buried Beneath The Baobab Tree by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
  64. The Effigies Series by Sarah Raughley
  65. Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves by Glory Edim
  66. Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid
  67. I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan
  68. Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson
  69. Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi
  70. What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours by Helen Oyeyemi
  71. A Phoenix First Must Burn: Sixteen Stories of Black Girl Magic, Resistance, and Hope edited by Patrice Caldwell
  72. This Is My America by Kim Johnson
  73. Punching the Air by Ibi Zoboi and Yusef Salaam
  74. If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson
  75. Nightmare of the Clans by Pamela E. Cash
  76. Black Boy, White School by Brian F. Walker
  77. Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson
  78. Hush by Jacqueline Woodson
  79. Tiffany Sly Lives Here Now by Dana L. Davis
  80. Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson
Sun Sign Keywords

Aries Sun: Fiery, Impulsive, Bold, Dynamic, Independent, Courageous, Assertive, Impulsive, Aggressive, Humanitarian, Daring, Risk-taker, Energetic, Friendly, Careless, Childish

Taurus Sun: Stubborn, Patient, Materialistic, Loyal, Dependable, Resourceful, Thorough, Stable, Cautious, Deliberate, Slow

Gemini Sun: Communicative, Restless, Witty, Indecisive, Adapatable, Imaginative, Sensitive, Alert, Friendly, Superficial, Curious

Cancer Sun: Protective, Caring, Clingy, Family Oriented, Moody, Tenacious, Calm, Sensitive, Nurturing, Shy, Possessive

Leo Sun: Confident, Loyal, Vain, Ambitious, Arrogant, Dominating, Generous, Creative, Flamboyant, Egotisitcal, Selfish, Attention-seeker, Optimistic

Virgo Sun: Perfectionist, Analytical, Crictical, Reliable, Pracatical, Efficient, Helpful, Timid, Skeptical, Fincky

Libra Sun: Charming, Indecisive, Peaceful, Idealistic, Friendly, Superficial, Cooperative, Fair, Tactful, Objective, Lazy, Cultural, Strategist

Scorpio Sun: Powerful, Observant, Manipulative, Passionate, Resourceful, Intelligent, Cunning, Sensitive, Secretive, Possessive, Vengeful, Investigator

Sagittarius Sun: Philosophical, Aloof, Fun, Blunt, Independent, Honest, Intelligent, Straightforward, Careless, Truth-seeker, Traveler, Talkative, Tactless, Over-confident

Capricorn Sun: Ambitious, Conceited, Responsible, Prudent, Patient, Intelligent, Introverted, Untrusting, Mature, Goal seeker, Traditional

Aquarius Sun: Intellectual, Rebellious, Sarcastic, Original, Clever, Logical, Hard working, Cold, Detached, Stubborn, Opinionated, Unconventional

Pisces sun: Instinctive, Imaginative, Escapist, Compassionate, Romantic, Sensitive, Kind, Unconventional, Emotional, Obsessive, Vulnerable, Shy, Unstable, Risk-taker, Self-pitying

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