keyword: drag

milky winged men
in baptismal pools of pink light.
eyes that look like opals
like souls collapsing at the seams.

cigarette dreams
pizza boxes & $500 bags of

soft green envy.

Kimonos falling off bitten shoulders,
glittered skin in butterfly


Venom is the honey
It is the elixir of eternal youth.

—  sipping tea with drag queens

I was supposed to do this 2 days ago, but with a hellion puppy and trying to get ready for the upcoming bullshit holiday (and depression!!!), I forgot. But anyway, here are my top 10 drag lqqks in the past 7 days (well 7 days from like 2 days ago). I will not be including Rugirls or Dragula girls because I want to focus on those that have yet to be on TV/ pretty popular web show who also deserve just as much love! Starting at the top with their instagram handle, these lovely drag artists are: @ryburk, @gilaroby, @halessiar, @laceymcfadyen , @kaleenamarkos, @ambercadaverous, @gottmik, @sheinaratanjabi, @arielversace, and @cremefatale. Please follow them on all social media especially instagram to enjoy their amazing lqqks!! 

Also watch Dragula on YT if you haven’t already, it needs just as much an audience as RPDR. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY…… support your local drag performers. 


My favorites King Femme and Jupiter Velvet
🖤ANDRO GIN (at Gramps)

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